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In The News: New World Order, IDF Strikes, Pantheism-Marxism Unite

The Israel Air Force struck two terror targets in the Gaza Strip overnight Monday in response to Palestinian rockets fired at Israel hours earlier.
The IDF said it bombed two targets, in north and south Gaza, and identified accurate strikes.

It was the first instance of Palestinian projectile fire and Israeli retaliation in a month. Over the past 48 hours, two Palestinian rockets fired from Gaza landed in southern Israel. One landed in the Sha'ar Hanegev region on Sunday, and on Saturday, a rocket slammed into the Eshkol region.
In a separate incident Monday morning, the IDF fired artillery salvos into Syria after Syrian shells flew in the direction of Israeli military posts on Mount Hermon. There were no injuries or damages on the Israeli side.
"The IDF responded with artillery fire toward the sources of fire," said a statement by the IDF Spokesman Unit . "The IDF reserves the right to act in any way, and at any time, to protect the residents of the State of Israel," the statement said.

Vice President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel have been in the news in recent days for envisioning the creation of a “new world order.”
The two politicians have a long history of using the phrase to advocate a global rebalancing through shared values, diplomacy and participation in international organizations.
Critics of the Obama administration say major global players – notably Russia and China – are not playing by international rules and may themselves be attempting to create an alternate rebalancing of national alliances at the expense of the West.
On Wednesday, Biden used a speech at the Air Force Academy to urge graduating cadets to help create a “new world order for the 21st century.”
“I believe we, and mainly you, have an incredible opportunity to lead in shaping a new world order for the 21st century in a way consistent with American interests and common interests,” Biden stated.
Last week, Hagel said during a trip to Poland that “a new and early 21st century world order [is] being built.”
Just three weeks ago, Hagel used the “new world order” term in a townhall meeting with Recruit Training Command School student instructors at Chicago’s Naval Station Great Lakes.
Hagel stated: “This is a time of great global transformation. We are seeing essentially a new world order evolving and being built. I don’t think we’ve seen such a time since right after World War II.
“And, again, the United States is an essential architect of this – of this process,” he added.
Last year, the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward quoted Hagel telling President Obama during a private meeting in 2009: “We are at a time where there is a new world order. We don’t control it. You must question everything, every assumption, everything they (the military and diplomats) tell you.”
In April 2013, Hagel told Israeli President Shimon Peres: “We are living through the defining of a new world order, and it’s still within our capability to do something about it.”
Hagel was reportedly referring to turmoil in the Middle East and worldwide.
Hagel again advocated the development of a “new world order” in a March 2010 talk at The Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach, Florida. At the time, the former senator held no formal office.
“Our country’s future as well as the future of mankind in the world today is redefining itself,” the Palm Beach Daily News quoted Hagel as stating.
“We are experiencing a global reorientation. We are building, defining and framing a new world order.”
In December 2010, Hagel told delegates to the Congress of Cities & Exposition: “We are in the middle of building a new world order. We are defining a new time in the history of man.”
Hagel used the term in a September 2009 opinion piece published in the Washington Post titled “The Limits Of Force; Iraq and Afghanistan Aren’t Ours to Win or Lose.”
Wrote Hagel: “No country today has the power to impose its will and values on other nations. As the new world order takes shape, America must lead by building coalitions of common interests, as we did after World War II.”
Hagel’s described new world order encompasses an American “foreign policy underpinned by engagement – in other words, active diplomacy but not appeasement.”
Regarding global engagement, Hagel said “the Obama administration, Congress and the Pentagon must get this right because it will frame the global architecture for the next generation.”
He called for global collaboration to build “seamless networks of intelligence gathering and sharing, and strengthening alliances, diplomatic cooperation, trade and development,” which he asserted “can make the biggest long-term difference and have the most lasting impact on building a more stable and secure world.”
In January 2008, the Washington Post reported Hagel took part in a bipartisan conference in Oklahoma “between moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats who seek to use ‘smart power’ to build a new world order.”
Hagel told the group: “Every one of us in this group this morning believes there are opportunities to turn things around for our country, our future, our children, the world.”
Biden, meanwhile, has been calling for a “new world order” since 1992, when he gave a speech at the University of Delaware titled “On the Threshold of the New World Order: A Rebirth for the United Nations.”
Like Hagel’s conceptualization, Biden see’s the potential for global rebirth through international cooperation through bodies such as the United Nations.
In April 2013, Biden told the Export-Import Bank Annual Conference of international, institutional and global rules: “These institutions that the affirmative task we have now is – is to actually create a new world order.”
Not everyone is buying the rhetoric about a “new world order” of international diplomacy.
In his column last week, prominent pundit Charles Krauthammer mocked the Obama administration’s attempt to impose global norms on Russia and China.
“Chinese and Russians can only roll their eyes,” he wrote. “These norms and rules mean nothing to them. … Obama cites modern rules; Russia and China, animated by resurgent nationalism, are governed by ancient maps.”
Krauthammer warned the “alignment of the world’s two leading anti-Western powers” marks a “major alteration in the global balance of power.”
He said that if the Russian and Chinese global resurgence is “carried through, it would mark the end of a quarter-century of unipolarity.”
“And it would herald a return to a form of bipolarity – two global coalitions: one free, one not.

A fascist movement of environmentalists, spearheaded by the EPA, is currently leading the way among those intent on permanently destroying the capitalist economic system that has given us the modern society we have grown accustomed to.  In the process, they work to more and more control our lives. After all, as they see it, humanity as a threat to the world - a threat that can only be alleviated by an elite group of bureaucrats in a centralized national government. Anyone who opposes this cult is seen as absolutely evil, someone to treat as less than human and deserving of no respect.

They are literally forcing us to regress to a less developed civilization, brought about by heavy-handed control of a centralized bureaucracy, unhindered by such “trivial” things as participatory government and political debate. Shut down coal mining, coal-fired electric plants, drilling for oil and natural gas, and for heaven’s sake, find a way to control cow flatulence and the methane it emits.

How convenient that the world, as they describe it, is on the verge of a catastrophe that will wipe out humanity, something that supposedly can only be stopped by greater control of government by the bureaucrats and political elite. As their tried-and-failed political strategies become more and more discredited, reason and logic have no place on their arguments - the more hyperbole and outright lies they can use and get away with, the better.
Al Gore set the template for 21st Century liberalism during the 1992 presidential election, with his bombastic style of attacking his opponents with outright lies. It didn’t matter how far his statements were from the truth, as long as he could successfully damage the support base of his political opponent.

California Governor Jerry Brown has recently been busy blaming global warming on forest fires in his state. According to him, all scientists (at least those who supports his position, anyway) believe heat-trapping gases are warming the planet. Therefore, he explains, “we get heat, and we get fires, and we get what we’re seeing.” Adding false information onto false information, he makes a simple deduction, ignoring the fact that law enforcement officials are going after the real cause of the fires - people!

The leadership of environmentalist organizations more and more consists of those who are motivated by an aggressive anti-industrial ideology that can only function effectively through a centralized government.
Funny how atheistic communists infiltrate a movement of pantheistic Earth worshipers. But the one thing both political causes have in common is that they require the people of a country to submit to a small group of bureaucrats in a centralized government who rule by telling everyone what to do and believe.

We have discussed the massive risks which are present in the system and they are more ubiquitous now than ever — Japan, EU, UK, US, China, and geopolitical risks.  The financial system has the same problems today as it had in 2008, but the money printing over the last few years has achieved a calm and complacency that will lead to massive shocks in the world financial system in coming years.

A lot of the economic indicators in the U.S. are very weak.  Retail sales are plunging, bank profits are falling, home sales are falling fast, both existing and new homes, and 56 percent of Americans have sub-prime credit today.

Global debt is now around $275 trillion, or 385 percent of world GDP.  That’s $38,000 of debt for each and every person in the world.  Even the average American is one paycheck from bankruptcy.  So how does anyone ever believe that any of this debt could ever be repaid?  Well, it won’t be, that’s absolutely guaranteed.
All this will lead to unprecedented money printing and hyperinflation.  Thereafter we are likely to see a deflationary collapse of the financial system.  We will certainly be looking at a very different world in coming years.

The notion that the global economy is in recovery and that the United States has exited the recession of 2008/2009 is a facade.
Michael Snyder at the Economic Collapse Blog and Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform recently noted that despite the purported success of government cash infusions, America’s death rattle is growing louder as household retail brands are being absolutely pummeled by a lack of consumer spending.

Second, Williams predicts that come July 30 the second quarter will verify that the United States has entered another recession, which is officially defined as two consecutive negative growth quarters.
Once these data are released it will confirm what we’ve been warning about for many months – that there is and has been no economic recovery. The U.S. (as well as China and Europe) are about to hit the next wave of this broader depression.
There is, as Williams noted, no way of saving the system at this point, echoing Von Greyerz’s assessment that we will soon be living in an unrecognizable world.
It won’t all happen overnight, but a collapse is all but assured at this point.

The collapse of the monetary system awaits the world in the near future, says financial expert James Rickards. Russia and China’s desire to rid the US dollar of its global reserve currency status is an early sign of the “increasingly inevitable” crisis.

As one of the key events in support of his forecast, Rickards points to the words uttered by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the 18th International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg that took place earlier this month.
“Putin said he envisions a Eurasian economic zone involving Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Russia. The Russian ruble is nowhere near ready to be a global reserve currency, but it could be a regional reserve currency,” he said, as quoted by ETF Daily News.
Rickards’ book about the demise of the dollar was released in April under quite an apocalyptic name – ‘The Death of Money.’ However, the author is surprised that the events are unfolding much faster than he predicted.

“If anything, the tempo of events is faster than expected. Therefore, some of these catastrophic outcomes may come sooner than I wrote about.”
Last Wednesday, China and Russia signed a historic US$400 billion gas deal which will provide the world’s fastest growing economy with the natural gas it needs to keep pace for the next 30 years. Experts say this could be the catalyst that dethrones the greenback as the world’s reserve currency.
The best-selling author writes that the “linchpin” of the collapse is the approaching failure of the dollar since it is at the foundation of the system. Powerful countries such as Russia, China, Iran, and India do not rely on the US in their national security and would benefit from the US economy being weaker, thus desiring to break free from the dollar standard.
He elaborates that the dual collapse “looks increasingly inevitable.”
“The mistakes have already been made. The instability is already in the system. We’re just waiting for that catalyst that I call the snowflake that starts the avalanche,” he said, as quoted by ETF.

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