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One World Coming

The recent progress that has been made towards a one-world government and unified financial system is stunning and it is very much part of what we would expect. Every day we see progress being made in this effort - some of it is obvious but the main parts are being accomplished very quietly. Additionally, we continue to see the growth of the EU with plans being made by unelected 'officials'. This first article underscores this point.

This is not insignificant. In fact, of all the signs that we watch and track, this is very significant. 

Keep in mind where we are headed:

Revelation 13:7

"He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation."

Daniel 7:23

"It will be different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it."

Such power cannot happen overnight. There has to be an infrastructure in place when he comes into power. We are watching this preparation for the world-rule of the biblical figure known as the antichrist. And it is barely being noticed. 

Negotiators in Washington, D.C. are working on a trade pact this week, and it isn’t the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
Representatives from the United States and the European Union are hammering out the details of a purported trade pact called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Despite its name, this bundle of commercial compromises has little to do with trade and a lot to do with the slow transfer of sovereignty to bodies of globalists outside the United States.
Notably, the men and women chosen to enforce the myriad TTIP provisions will be unelected by the American people and consequently unaccountable to them. This is in direct violation of the Constitution’s grant of sole legislative power to the Congress of the United States.

On December 16, The New American was invited to participate in a telephone press conference discussing troubling details of the TTIP agreement. 
To begin the conference, it was admitted that in the official document outlining the deal, the Obama administration has made clear that an agreement will not be chiefly focused on matters related to international trade, but rather “behind-the-border” (read: domestic) policies such as health, environmental, and monetary policy. As with so many of the other panoply of recent trade deals, multinational corporations operating within the United States and the EU are achieving quasi-governmental power and using that authority to limit the ability of U.S. and EU courts to enforce domestic laws, particularly those that the corporate interests deem detrimental to their bottom line.

Apart from reams of regulations promulgated by European apparatchiks, the real assault on liberty lurking in the TTIP is its acceleration of economic and, ultimately, political integration of the United States and the EU.

As The New American’s senior editor, William F. Jasper, wrote:
The architects and promoters of the TPP and FTAAP frequently point with admiration to the “integration” process of the European Union (EU) as the model they would like to see implemented for the Asia-Pacific rim nations. As with the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the Trans-Pacific Partnership has been designed to follow the EU example of relentless widening and deepening, constantly eroding national sovereignty, while building “transnational governance” that is not restrained by the checks and balances of national constitutions.

In an earlier article published in August by The New American, Jasper reported on some of the early indicators of the anti-American intent of the TTIP promoters:

On June 17, at the G8 Summit in Lough Erne, Ireland, President Obama joined British Prime Minister David Cameron and Messrs. Barroso and Van Rompuy to again pitch the jobs-and-prosperity promise in a press conference to boost the TTIP.
Van Rompuy gave a hint as to the deeper nature of the proposed EU-U.S. partnership.
“The positive ramifications will even go beyond the economy as such,” he said. “We are making our economies all over the world more interdependent.” For those familiar with globospeak, “interdependent” and “interdependence” are instantly recognized as favorite terms of one-world activists who abhor national independence and sovereignty. It is the basis of “The Project” — which is how EU insiders refer to their burgeoning superstate. Although it was originally sold to the public of the six original member nations merely as a coal and steel collective, the architects had planned from the beginning to keep “widening” (adding more member states) and “deepening” (usurping more and more national powers). The deepening process involves “integration” and “harmonization,” which means completely intertwining the economies, political structures, policies, laws and regulations, and bringing them all under the authority of the EU institutions.
Barroso provided another hint, stating that the TTIP is “a powerful demonstration of our determination to shape an open and rules-based world.” Yes, but many observers would point out that if we are to go by the “rules-based” model imposed on the EU by Barroso and his confreres, we are talking about arbitrary international rules that will be fashioned by faceless, unaccountable international rule-makers, and enforced by international bureaucrats, regulators, and tribunals.

U.S. and EU trade representatives will wrap up this round of TTIP negotiations on Friday, December 20.
With the conclusion last week of similar talks in Singapore concerning the imminent presentation of the still-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership pact, the integration of the United States with regional blocs in the Pacific and Atlantic is on pace and the ultimate surrender of sovereignty is rapidly marching over the horizon.

Iran’s foreign minister said Wednesday that his country could imminently resume enriching uranium to 20 percent should Western powers fail to uphold their end of an interim nuclear deal inked last month in Geneva.

“The structure of our nuclear program has been maintained and the 20 percent enrichment can be resumed in less than 24 hours,” Mohammad Javad Zarif told a gathering of Iranian students in Tehran.

He added that “the structure of the sanctions and the antagonistic atmosphere created by the West against Iran is falling apart,” according to the semi-official Fars news agency.

And even if that circle were somehow to be squared, Kerry would need to appoint further teams of experts to work out (among other things): how Jerusalem can be both undivided (the position of Netanyahu and most of his government) and divided (the position, repeated with mantric insistence, of the Palestinian Authority); how millions of descendants of Arabs who left Israel over sixty years ago can both not “return” to Israel (Israel’s position) and “return” to it (the Palestinian Authority’s position); and how Abbas can both recognize (Netanyahu’s demand) and not recognize (Abbas’s demand) Israel as a Jewish state.
And what would be the “prize” if all the miracles could somehow be achieved? An indefensible Jewish state, pushed back to a nine-mile width by the “diplomacy” of a country with a three-thousand-mile width; the  reversion of Judea and Samaria to total Muslim rule; jihadists from Syria and elsewhere spilling over the porous borders of Palestine and turning Palestine itself, Israel, and Jordan into a cauldron of instability and danger.
Israel already has a precedent, none too encouraging, of Secretary Kerry’s diplomatic skill, as Iran pockets the Geneva deal along with billions of dollars of sanctions relief while not even pretending to give up its nuclear plans.

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