Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lebanese Sniper Kills IDF Soldier

We'll see where this leads:

The gunman was a member of the Lebanese Armed Forces, who fired six or seven bullets at a vehicle on the Israeli side of the fence, first reports said.

Initial reports said Israel regarded the attack as a “terrorist incident,” and believes the soldier was acting alone. IDF troops who witnessed the incident reportedly saw other Lebanese Armed Forces personnel converge on the gunman after he opened fire.

The incident happened near the spot where a bomb blew up an army jeep, injuring four soldiers, in August.
According to the ZAKA rescue and recovery services, the IDF soldier was evacuated to a local hospital and died of his wounds en route.
The IDF issued a statement saying it “reserved the right to respond at a time and in a manner” of its choosing.”
The gunman was said to have “disappeared,” Army Radio reported.
The IDF statement added: “At approximately 20:30 this evening, shots were fired at a civilian vehicle traveling along the Israel-Lebanon border, near Rosh Hanikra. The IDF has confirmed that the sniper is a member of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). An investigation of the incident is underway.”

"We are sending messages to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon regarding the severity of this incident. There is no indication that an infiltration into our territory occurred," an army source said. "The IDF is prepared in the North," he warned.
The shooting occurred at around 9 p.m., and immediately afterwards, Lebanese soldiers were seen gathering on their side of the border. The IDF has launched an investigation into the cross-border shooting.Israel has lodged a complaint with the UN force in southern Lebanon and had heightened its state of preparedness along the border in response to the killing of an IDF soldier by a Lebanese military sniper, spokesman Peter Lerner said.
"We will not tolerate aggression against the State of Israel, and maintain the right to exercise self defense against perpetrators of attacks against Israel and its civilians," he said.
Lebanese sources said they had lost contact with the Lebanese soldier after the shooting, which took place at the western tip of the border region across which Israel and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia fought a 34-day war in 2006.
The UN force, UNIFIL, said they had been informed about "a serious incident" at the border.
"We are now trying to determine the facts of what happened and the situation is ongoing," spokesman Andrea Tenentisaid.
"UNIFIL's force commander is in contact with counterparts in the Lebanese and Israeli army, urging restraint."

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