Monday, December 2, 2013

Netanyahu In Rome: Sanctions Against Iranians Already Unraveling

This update from the Jerusalem Post reveals an interesting new development in the recently signed nuclear agreement between the 'world powers' and Iran. PM Netanyahu is putting a new twist on this situation as described below (see bolded statements):

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s criticism of the world powers’ interim agreement with Iran went from warning the accord would lead to an unraveling of the sanctions regime, to stating in Rome on Monday that this is already happening.
“There appears to be general relaxation of sanctions, and a rush to accommodate Iran, and to make it legitimate as if Iran has changed anything of its actual policies,” Netanyahu said after meeting Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta.
Netanyahu continued speaking out against the agreement even as he faced criticism of this tactic from home and as US Secretary of State John Kerry, a champion of the deal, was set to arrive on Wednesday for a two-day visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

If the sanctions regime against Iran collapses, Netanyahu said, that would signal the end of chances to peacefully stop Iran’s nuclear program. And the program, he stressed, will be stopped.

Netanyahu flew home Monday evening after two days in Rome, which included a meeting with Pope Francis and an annual government- to-government meeting, along with five other Israeli ministers, with their Italian counterparts.

“When people wonder why we have been so loud against this agreement with Iran it is because for us it is not academic or theoretical, it is existential,” he said. “Here is a regime that has been loud, not about a dispute with Israel, but rather about its wish and commitment to the destruction of Israel.”

This may end up being quite interesting. Initially, it appeared that Israel was backed into a corner, as this "agreement" with Iran seemingly prevented Israel from launching an attack - at least from a political point of view. It would have been difficult to fight the tide of "international support" for this agreement with Iran and go on the offensive. 

Now, however, Netanyahu may be turning the tables. Obviously Iran won't comply with any terms of the agreement and will continue to delay all inspections, and prevent inspectors from access to sensitive sites. Once that happens, as it already has, then PM Netanyahu can declare the agreement null and void, and then express that we have definitive proof that diplomacy simply will not work. 

This is just one episode - but we can safely assume we'll hear more and more of this the theme in the coming days and weeks. If so, we may be seeing the rationale for Israel to take military action against Iran's nuclear facilities. 


harnessandleash said...

(Forgive repetition if Scott has already posted on this, I may have missed it.)

The FRA (European Union’s organization on fundamental rights) recently removed a long standing “working definition” of Antisemitism. The FRA states, “...the FRA has no legal competence to develop definitions, but undertakes its work on fundamental rights on the basis of EU definitions and standards.” 

How is this possible, if the EU has no “established definition of antisemitism and there is no policy to create one”?

As one of the NGOs who strove to achieve the “Working Definition,” says, “Despite its initial delays and antagonists, we consider the publication of the definition an achievement for the EU and an even more valid instrument today as anti-Jewish attacks increase across Europe. Its removal can only comfort and encourage anti-Semites.”

James 5:12b came to mind… "All you need to say is a simple 'Yes' or 'No.' Otherwise you will be condemned."
Certainly a working definition of Antisemitism would benefit a "fundamental rights" organization(?) Only when the topic concerns the Jewish people do we get vacillation in speech & action.

Full article:

Waterer said...

wow. Our times are unbelievable. at the box office is an excellent movie The Book Thief highlighting the Holocaust from inside Germany.
Yet in Practice the world powers are starting it up again. There is such overkill on Pc issues particularly in our country yet the outcome is to almost want to tune all of the justice out of everything because there really is no such thing in men's dealings.
There are too may things to be offended about now.
That is how it feels. But the danger is in truly overlooking what we should be standing up for.
Everything seems upside down.

harnessandleash said...

"But the danger is in truly overlooking what we should be standing up for."

How true is this? Like Scott pointed out yesterday, it takes a certain personality to be a Watchman, we have to think "outside the box." Another comment , yesterday, was that we get desynthesized to an avalanche of corruption & evil in the world. At the end of the day I guess we all just reflect on what choices we made.. how did I handle that conversation? what movie did I choose to tae my kids/grandkids to? did I take a stand for Israel/Jesus with that issue? That we won't be held accountable is Satan's ploy. I just finished reading in Matt 19:29 where Jesus tells the disciples of the rewards for those who choose Him over other things. I find myself asking, have I taken such a stand for the Lord that it has cost me something? The answer should be yes.

Scott said...

Everything is upside down right now - literally everything. One of the signs of our times, sadly.