Friday, February 8, 2013

War Preparations In The Epicenter

There are several interesting headlines from around the world today, but the war preparations keep coming back to the news. 

Lebanon, Hezbollah 'Upping Preparedness For Attacks'

The Lebanese Army and the terrorist group Hezbollah are reportedly upping their preparedness in the southern part of Lebanon in response to flyovers by the Israeli Air Force this past week.
The pan-Arab London-based daily al-Quds al-Arabi reported Friday that Lebanese officials fear that an Israeli strike, similar to Israel’s alleged strike on Syrian targets last month, is imminent in light of multiple “mock raids.”
According to the report, there is also suspicion among Hezbollah’s ranks that Israel intends to kidnap one of the organization’s senior members. The paper cites sources in southern Lebanon who said the suspicion is based on increased Israeli threats, and the blaming of a July bombing in Burgas, Bulgaria — in which 5 Israelis were killed — on the Shiite terror group.

A ship seized by Yemeni authorities last month carried a wide variety of Iranian-made weapons, Yemen's Defense Ministry said Wednesday.
They included material for bombs and suicide belts, explosives, Katyusha rockets, surface-to-air missiles, rocket-propelled grenades and large amounts of ammunition.
In a statement, the ministry detailed contents of the Iranian ship seized in Yemen's territorial waters in mid-January. It described contents as "large, diverse and dangerous" weapons that also included night vision binoculars and goggles, remote devices, circuits, wires and rifle silencers.
Yemen state TV showed Interior Minister Abdel-Qader Kahtan and top military officials inspecting the ship, named Jihan 1, docked at Aden port in southern Yemen.
In Washington, U.S. State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said, "This is obviously extremely troubling." She added, "We commend the Yemenis on their interdiction's success."

 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tried Thursday to entice Egypt into a new alliance that could reshape the turbulent Middle East, speaking of forging “comprehensive” and “unfettered” relations after decades of distrust.
A warming of ties between the two regional heavyweights could have uncomfortable repercussions for the US and its wealthy Gulf allies, giving Iran a foothold to spread its influence in Egypt. In turn, Egypt could gain an avenue to influence the fate of Syria, a key ally of Iran, as well as economic benefits.
The Iranian president arrived in Egypt on Tuesday to attend a two-day Islamic summit hosted by Egypt’s president, Islamist Mohammed Morsi.

Syrian government jets bombarded the Damascus ring road on Thursday in a bid to halt a rebel advance which threatens President Bashar Assad's hold on the capital, insurgent commanders and opposition activists said.

Warplanes fired rockets at southern parts of the route where rebels have spent the past 36 hours overrunning army positions and road blocks encircling the heart of the city, the site of key state security and intelligence installations.

Opposition sources said the fighting has spilled over into central Damascus, and the Al-Arabiya network reported of fierce battles in the area. At least 109 people, including 12 women and eight children, were killed throughout Syria on Thursday, many of them in the Damascus area.

Iranian-born American pastor Saeed Abedini is being tortured in an Iranian prison, and is being denied any contact with his family on the outside, according to reports.
American Center for Law and Justice Executive Director Jordan Sekulow said in an interview with WND that he and his organization are apprehensive about the pastor’s future.

“We are concerned about the fate of American Pastor Saeed Abedini, who is facing eight years in a brutal Iranian prison because of his Christian faith,” Sekulow said. “We know that his health is not good. We know that he continues to be beaten and tortured in prison. And, we know that he is being subjected to psychological abuse now as well.”
Further, ACLJ spokesman Gene Kapp said the pastor is being denied phone contact with the outside.
“Iranian officials refuse to permit Pastor Saeed to communicate with his family via phone and have been pushing propaganda to try and convince him that efforts to secure his freedom have ceased,” Kapp said.

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Mary Dale said...
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Mary Dale said...

I have just read this article by Jack Kelly on Psalm 83 and it seems to be easier to understand. Would some of you check it out and let me know what you think of it?
When you have time of course.
I really appreciate being able to read here on a daily basis.

The news is sure looking like it is going to all come together soon.

Mrs.C said...

At the risk of this being a bait question, by one of the anons that clearly are now using names, I will respond for the sake of others. :)
Psalm 83 is an imprecatory Prayer, and in no way a war. Isaiah 17 is Gods answer to that Prayer. Isaiah 17:2-3, yes, Israel will take down Jordan and the West Bank. However, Israel has not been, nor will be any kind of conquerors. The condition of this land after battle, will not make it habitable. From this point on, he skips (as many others do) the continuation of Gods description of what happens next. Israel will suffer a sever blow, to the point of "desolation" as God tells us.

They are not "powerful" nor do they become "wealthy", or God wood say it within the context of these Scriptures, and He doesnt at all. In addition, they will not be surprised when the Ezekiel 38 invasion occurs. Israel will be full aware of this. In both cases, Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38, Israel is weak and baring hanging on. They have NOTHING to defend themselves against the surrounding nations rushing in to finish them off in Isaiah 17. Then again, with the quickly following Ezekiel 38 invasion, they are completely defenseless. God makes it very, very clear. It is HE, and HE alone that has to step into the Isaiah 17 war, in order for the remnant of His People to survive. And then again, it is HE and HE alone, that fully reveals Himself to His People and the world, when HE defends and takes down Gog. God will take ALL THE GLORY, NO ONE ELSE. HE is the Orchestrates both wars, for HIS PURPOSE only...

Mrs.C said...

P.S. Please forgive me for the typo's...lots to do...and not enough sleep :)

Mary Dale said...

I assure you that I am not an anon. I truly don't understand the Psalm 83 thing that everyone is speaking of. I am glad to hear you say it is not a war, because I couldn't read that in the Psalm at all. Thank you for your response and I am going to copy it and read it on paper where I can understand it better.

Again, thank you for taking the time to answer.

Bella G. said...

Hi everyone.
Scott or Mrs.C
I have a question. I havent done any research & since you guys are have much more knowledge than me in the Bible, I was wondering if you could explain the Wormwood thing. Today I read on CNN that an asteriod will be passing the earth on the 15th. Could that be related?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Scott said...

I'm not sure what you mean by the 'wormwood thing'?

Mary - there are several good articles on psa 83 - let me see if I retained any of them

Bella G. said...

Oh sorry. I just read it again its in Rev 8:11, so I guess I just answered my own question, that doesnt happen until a later time. :) I should I have read it before I posted.

Scott said...

As far as that verse in Rev 8, there are many many theories on that. In its purest sense, its just a bitter taste, which could indicate some kind of impurity or something that makes the water undrinkable, for whatever reason. Personally, I don't know. There are some really tangential and "reaches" when people discuss wormwood, some of which are pretty interesting, but I personally don;t take them to heart.

Anonymous said...

Hard to know for sure...any guesses on wormwood being Planet X or Nibiru??
All I need to know is that God is in control!! Thank God, literally!!

Mary Dale said...

Thank you Scott. I would appreciate it. (of course, when you have time)

Maybe I can search your blog. I will try that now.

Mary Dale said...

I just did a 'google' search of "Prophecy Psalm 83" and a lot of stuff came up.

This is the first one I opened and he has some disagreement with Bill Salus who evidently has a book on the subject. I will go ahead and do some reading on all of this and see what conclusions I can come up with.

Thank you so much. It is exciting times we are living in.

Mrs.C said...

Bill Salus - is in great error in his interpretations, which change. In other words, he sells books, is promoting his interpretations, and then changes his mind. Or as some of his peers would say "his ideas", cherry picking Scripture to fit his fantacy.
Its all well and good to have sincere discussions, but not when the teachings become a false witness and lead those who are on the fence or undecided, astray. It is too critical now, we are too close...the best for all of us to do is open His Word, Pray, invite the Holy Spirit for discernment...

Mary Dale said...

Thank you Mrs. C.
I am going to take my time and sift through all of the articles and of course see which Scriptures they are using, (and whether they are in context or out of context)and I know this will take some time, but, I am looking forward to it.

Thank you again Scott, the daily news items are very good and helpful.

They keep us "looking up". :)