Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rumors Of War: Iran, China, North Korea All Threatening

Once again we see Iran in a mad rush to complete their nuclear program in their effort to fulfill the promise to destroy Israel, while the world watches and while the U.S. attempts to prohibit Israel from taking any action. Meanwhile, rumors of war are also coming from N. Korea and China. Jesus gave us a perfect description of these signs when He told us that we would see "wars and rumors of war" at the end of this age:

Iran is seeking a major expansion of its nuclear capacity, as is evidenced by an attempt to purchase 100,000 magnets used in centrifuge machines, according to report released Wednesday by Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS).
“They are positioning themselves to make a lot of nuclear progress quickly,” the Washington Post quoted an unnamed European diplomat as saying following the publication of the ISIS report, “Each step forward makes the situation potentially more dangerous.”

Purchase orders obtained by the Washington-based ISIS show Iran's attempt to purchase the highly specialized magnets from China in late 2011, in spite of a UN ban on export of these materials to Iran. "This large potential order by Iran in late 2011 for 100,000 ring magnets ready for use in IR-1 centrifuges implies an Iranian intention to greatly expand its number of these centrifuges," the report stated.
The ISIS called on the international community to be vigilant of  Iranian companies attempting to evade sanctions, and urged the United Nations to take measures against the Jahan Tech Rooyan Pars company, as well as M. Tahmouresi, mentioned in the purchase order.
The report was authored by David Albright, a former United Nations IAEA nuclear inspector, and current founder and head of the ISIS.

Iran had tried to purchase centrifuge parts that would significantly boost its nuclear production capabilities, a report in the Washington Post said Thursday. The parts were special magnets used for uranium enrichment, and would have given a significant boost to Iran's nuclear program, the report said.

Iran announced Wednesday that it would install a new generation of centrifuges at its Natanz facility to produce nuclear fuel. The new centrifuges are supposedly faster and can generate significantly more fuel, Iran said. An analyst told the Post that the report on centrifuge acquisitions could be linked to the upgrade announcement.
The report quoted a European diplomat as saying that the Iranians “are positioning themselves to make a lot of nuclear progress quickly. Each step forward makes the situation potentially more dangerous.”

More rumors of war:

A video link is included with the following preface:

Tanks, one by one, moving along a main road in China’s coastal Fujian province. Driving up speculations that the Chinese military may be warming up for war. 

Local residents took these pictures between February 3 to February 6. At times, the line of tanks and artillery blocked traffic for several miles. 

And it wasn’t just in Fujian province. These military vehicles were spotted further up the coast, in neighboring Zhejiang province. According to dissident website,, these tanks in Hubei province are being transported from a military base to the coast.

The troop movements come after months of escalating tensions between China and Japan over the disputed territory of the Diaoyun, or Senkaku islands and they’re known in Japan. It’s caused international worries that the two countries may be on the cusp of war. Both sides have scrambled jets and warships in the region. In January, during naval exercise near the disputed waters, Chinese warships reportedly directed their targeting radar at a Japanese vessel. 

On February 7, State-run Global Times published this article saying there is a “serious possibility” a military conflict may flare up between China and Japan. It continues to say that fewer and fewer people are hopeful for a peaceful resolution to the Diaoyu Island crisis. 

Are we in a countdown to war between China and Japan? NTD will continue to keep you posted as the situation develops. 

The South Korean military has deployed long-range cruise missiles to target any part of North Korean territory, in reaction to further military provocations by the communist regime, following its third underground nuclear test.

Kim Min-seok, spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, said at a press conference yesterday that the military “has developed and deployed indigenous cruise missiles that have the capability of deep strikes and precise attacks with the most advanced technology in the world so that they can target any North Korean territory immediately at any time.” 

“In order to respond to threats from North Korea, our military possesses a variety of strike forces, including development of cruise missiles and ballistic missiles,” Kim said. “We will soon reveal the information on these missiles.”

Along with cruise missiles, Kim said the military continues to develop ballistic missiles with an 800-kilometer (497-mile) range that was extended by the Korea-U.S. missile range pact, by 2015. 

In April 2012, the South Korean military unveiled two high-end missiles in response to the North’s defiant rocket launch for the first time - a long-range cruise missile and a ballistic missile. Although the ministry didn’t offer details of the exact profile of the cruise missile, experts say it has an estimated range of at least 1,000 kilometers (621 miles).

The military is stepping up its plan to launch a high-end missile interception system, dubbed “kill chain,” by 2015.

“We have a plan to complete the early launch of kill chain, a real-time system that detects, targets and determines to strike a target by itself,” Kim said.

A military monitoring satellite will be also launched, according to Kim, by 2021, with an image resolution of 30 centimeters.

When it comes to North Korea’s third nuclear test, Kim said the military believes that the regime was preparing two tunnels at the test site, so there is still another tunnel available.

Asked if the ministry has any clues of whether Pyongyang indeed succeeded in “miniaturization” of a nuclear bomb, Kim said they doubt it.

In an effort to figure out which fuel Pyongyang used, uranium or plutonium, the military is working in cooperation with the state-run nuclear power institute, Kim said.

“Technically, it takes two days for chemicals to arrive from the North to the South via the East Sea,” Kim said. “Currently, we are working on sampling airborne nuclear material from the ground, the water and the air.” 


Mrs.C said...

Iran is going down for sure. Whew, we are on the very edge of all this, the very edge of all time!
We know by the time the Ezekiel 38 war/invasion occurs, following the Isaiah 17 war, that Iran will be reduced to wimpy remnant tagalongs of Gog.

As said before in Ezekiel Chapter 32 , God lists those that ALREADY that have been sent to the “Pit” by Him, when Egypt goes down. They are Assyria (Syria), Meshech and Tubal, Edom (Southwestern Jordan), and Elam (IRAN)!

The location of ancient Elam, would be the very northern end of the Persian Gulf and down along the west coast of Iran. In present day, one of the main portions of ancient Elam would include Bushehr Province with the capital city of Bushehr. Yes that’s right! BUSHEHR. Iranian nuke plant! Gods Word is so True!...

Mary Dale said...

Halleujah, Praise God. We are getting so close, you can almost hear the "Footsteps of the Messiah"!

David said...

You know Israel has to be near the edge of attacking Iran's fordow facility. I've seen first hand the triggers that set off military campaigns. I know its close. We will awaken one morning soon to the news that Israel has attacked. When the president himself goes to Israel to personally urge restraint, the plan to attack is near. There are to many variables involved to sit idle. Assad transferring chemical weapons, Iran already claiming nuclear bomb material, and now the purchase orders to obtain sophisticated magnets for spinning uranium at a blistering rate. These are not the beginnings, this is almost the end

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to be a tru believer and not be concerned ...since when if comes to Tommorrow, God is already there! Watching prophesy unfold and God at work is breathtaking.

Alice said...

I'm with you, Karen! How great it is to know that it's all in His awesome hands! And we are so blessed to have that peace. Maranatha!