Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Evening Update: War Preparations - Israel Deploys Another Iron Dome In North

Apparently Israel knows where it will all start, and from the looks of things, it may start quite soon:

Israel Deploys Third Iron Dome Battery In The North

A third Iron Dome battery was deployed in the north of the country on Tuesday as a precautionary measure in light of the increasingly volatile situation in Syria.
It is the largest deployment of the anti-missile system in the north of the country since the system became operational in 2011.
Channel 2 reported Tuesday that Israel had also deployed longer-range Patriot missiles in the Galilee over the past week.
Army Radio said the development was not in response to any specific threat, but rather due to the tension in the region following last week’s airstrike on Syria, which has been widely attributed to Israel. Iran has threatened that Israel would regret the attack that reportedly destroyed advanced SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles that were being transported from Syria to Lebanon.

At the end of January two other batteries were positioned near Haifa and Safed.
During the Second Lebanon War in 2006 Hezbollah targeted both cities with missiles.
Meant to protect strategic assets and heavy populated areas, the Iron Dome system proved effective during Operation Pillar of Defense, intercepting 84 percent of the rockets fired from the Gaza Strip at residential areas in Israel’s south and center.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu released a statement Tuesday after Bulgaria officially blamed Hizbullah for a terrorist bombing in the country that killed five Israelis and one Bulgarian last year.

Netanyahu called on the international community to recognize Hizbullah as a terrorist organization.

Both Canada and the United States urged the European Union to take a harsher approach to Hizbullah. Shortly after the Burgas bombing, the EU decided not to list Hizbullah as a terrorist group.

We urge the European Union and all partners who have not already done so to list Hizbullah as a terrorist entity and prosecute terrorist acts committed by this inhuman organization to the fullest possible extent,” Baird said, according to AFP.

United States counter-terror advisor John Brennan said the attack exposed Hizbullah as “a terrorist group that is willing to recklessly attack innocent men, women and children, and that poses a real and growing threat not only to Europe, but to the rest of the world.”

On Saturday, the Obama administration’s efforts to maintain the fantasy that diplomatic efforts will get Iran to abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons was again on display for all the world to see, courtesy of Vice President Joe Biden. During a speech at the Munich Security Conference, Biden contended that the United States “would be prepared to meet bilaterally with the Iranian leadership.

One is forced to ponder what outcome Biden could possibly be envisioning that would rise above the level of a futile “exercise,” given Tehran’s continual intransigence and the Obama administration’s indulgence of the regime’s games. The latest failure to move the needle occurred as recently as January, when nuclear inspectors from the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) were denied access to the Parchin military complex southeast of Tehran. Parchin is where it has long been suspected that the Iranians are working on a nuclear trigger for a bomb. IAEA deputy inspector Herman Nackaerts expressed his frustration at the time

Thus it was completely unsurprising that Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi was pleased with Biden’s offer. ”As I have said yesterday, I am optimistic, I feel this new administration is really this time seeking to at least divert from its previous traditional approach vis-a-vis my country,” Salehi told the German Council on Foreign Relations. Salehi, who also attended the Munich conference, went further. “I think it is about time both sides really get into engagement because confrontation certainly is not the way,” he added.

So what policy should the United States be pursuing with regard to Iran? Writing for PJ Media, Middle East expert Andrew McCarthy explains that focusing solely on nukes is “delusional.” “Exportation of their Islamist revolution, hatred of America and, within that sweep, the destruction of Israel have been the operating premises of Khomeinist Iran since 1979,” he writes. “The facilitation of terrorism–a barbaric way to pursue national interests–has been the regime’s principal means of operation. The mullahs have killed or aided and abetted in the killing of thousands of Americans, and every day they try to kill more. The regime is an incorrigible enemy of the United States. There should be nothing they can do at this point, after over 30 years of this, to convince us otherwise.”
Apparently the Obama administration remains unconvinced. Though ten years of pursuing diplomacy have produced no tangle results, this administration still believes it is capable of getting an apocalyptic regime to alter its divine objective: hastening the second coming of the Twelfth or Hidden Imam whose re-emergence must be preceded by a period of chaos. And as the U.S. continues down the road of appeasement, expect fanatical Iran to respond accordingly.

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