Sunday, February 10, 2013

'The Nations' Attempt To Make Israel Vulnerable To Destruction

We've already seen 'the nations' abandon any support for Israel, as we were foretold by the prophet Zechariah. But now it goes further than a lack of support. As world leaders repeat their mantra that Israel should return to 'pre-1967 borders' (and in the process divide both Israel and Jerusalem), which would force Israel into a very vunerable position to external attack - now we see an effort underway which would force Israel to allow Iran to continue with their nuclear plans. We cannot forget that Iran has repeatedly called for Israel's complete destruction. 

We are seeing the beginnings of Israel's complete vunerability to attack - a position that will set the stage for God's divine and direct intervention in order to protect Israel from such invaders - and in the process reveal Himself to both Israel and the world (Ezekiel 38-39). 

Little do 'the nations' realize that they are playing directly into God's overall plan. The prophetic scriptures have told us all of this in advance. 

Barack Obama will be making his first presidential visit to Israel next month primarily in order to tell Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in person to hold off on any military intervention in Iran, it was reported Sunday.

But the key reason for the visit and its timing, the report said, is that Netanyahu cited spring 2013 in his speech to the UN General Assembly last fall as a notable deadline relating to thwarting Iran’s nuclear drive, and the president wants to tell the prime minister face-to-face that the time is not yet ripe for military action. “Obama fears that the prime minister will decide to strike in Iran now, at a time when he is backed by a new government and can set up a new security cabinet in which two reported [ministerial] opponents of military intervention — Dan Meridor and Benny Begin — will no longer be present,” the Army Radio report said. Meridor and Begin both lost their Knesset seats in the January 22 elections.

The radio report said Obama could have discussed Iran and all other issues with Netanyahu in Washington, DC, in early March, when the prime minister is likely to attend the annual policy conference of the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC. But the president preferred not to be dealing with Netanyahu amid the AIPAC gathering, the report indicated, where the White House fears that Netanyahu will deliver “an aggressive speech on Iran.”

Obama is concerned that the prime minister will decide to attack Iran now when he is backed by a new government and can establish a new security cabinet, without Dan Meridor and Benny Begin, two Likud MKs and alleged opponents of such a strike who lost their Knesset seats in the recent elections.

The officials told Army Radio that the US president subsequently decided to transmit a direct message to Netanyahu: "Don't attack Iran, let me handle matters with the Iranians according to my understanding, and if necessary I will take action, we have capabilities that you do not."  

Like everything else in the Middle East - we can easily see that the 'Arab Spring' is actually about the destruction of Israel:

On Tuesday evening, seven days after Israel reportedly struck a biological weapons development center in Damascus, Islamist fighters in Syria released another of their videos.
No longer standing on the horizontal tips of newly acquired Scud missiles, as they were seen doing last month, a group of four Jabhat al-Nusra fighters, their faces cloaked by kaffiyas, read from a statement. “We will put our hands on those weapons,” the man in the middle shouted of Assad’s biological and chemical arsenal. “We will attack and take over those sites and then use them against the Zionists, from Syrian territory, until we reach Jerusalem.”  

The leader of the group is a man who goes by the name Abu-Muhammad al-Julani – the moniker itself indicating, at least rhetorically, the importance placed on the Golan Heights – and its goal, according to Nuland, is “to hijack the struggles of the Syrian people for its own malign purposes.”

The nature of these malign purposes is clear in the short term and murky thereafter. The Salafist groups in Syria – local and foreign, loosely and directly affiliated with al-Qaeda, experienced in battle and inexperienced – have set as their initial goal the toppling of Bashar Assad’s secular, Alawite regime and replacing it with a Sunni Islamist one.
But what after that? Will they follow the path of their poisonous rhetoric and target Israel? 

Will they stick to the initial focus of al-Qaeda at the time of its founding in the late 80s and focus on toppling the Arab regimes? Will they turn toward Jordan and the long-teetering Hashemite throne? Will they surge into Lebanon and battle the Hezbollah Shiites for supremacy? And in what way will the struggle in Syria, in the heart of the lands holy to Islam, impact al-Qaeda and its ilk in the age of the Arab Spring?

In February 2012, in his first call to join the battle against Assad, he tasked his warriors with establishing a state that “seeks to free the Golan, and continues Jihad until the flag of victory is raised above the usurped hills of Jerusalem.”
In September, in an audio address, he reiterated the message, saying “supporting jihad in Syria to establish a Muslim state is a basic step towards Jerusalem.”
This reporter asked several experts if it did not make sense for a battered organization, newly entrenched in the high country to Israel’s northeast and the desert to the southwest, and in control of the sort of ungoverned country that terror requires in order to thrive, to shift the lion’s share of its efforts toward battling Israel, perhaps trying to pry the Golan Heights from Israel hands, and in that way to revive the organization.
Israel “is the glue,” said Dr. Boaz Ganor, the founder and executive director of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism, of the shared animosity among all Islamist factions. “And it is possible that the rhetoric is like the gun in the first scene that must be fired in the last scene,” 
Instead, Ganor predicted that al-Qaeda would stick to the first part of its mission – toppling the non-Islamist Arab regimes. “Personally, I’m worried about Jordan,” he said.
Barak Ben Zur, an intelligence analyst and counter-terrorism expert also at the ICT, described the global jihad groups as “pooling water,” saying that they act impulsively. “They’re not like the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said. “They want revolution now.”
Ben Zur, who agreed with Ganor that there would likely be a “certain drip” of fire toward Israel, estimated that the main thrust might be turned toward Lebanon or Iraq, taking up the battle with the organization’s Shiite foes.
Schweitzer, assessing the risks of al-Qaeda affiliates controlling the Sinai Peninsula, entrenching themselves in the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, and shaking the foundations of the Hashemite control over Jordan, wrote late last year in the journal Strategic Assessment that, “it appears that what was once considered a dark and unlikely scenario of al-Qaeda and the global jihad turning into a direct threat to Israel on its borders is becoming a reality.”
As to whether or not that reality would develop into the sort of battle spawned in the valleys and ridges of south Lebanon, which has led to two wars and a global battle against Hezbollah, Schweitzer said, “that is a question only history will answer.”


WVBORN56 said...

My mother passed away last night at age 85. It has only been nine months since dad died but this was a blessing as mom has been suffering these past few weeks. She is now home with Jesus and my Father. God is good and always perfect in his timing.

With the ways things are progressing in Israel and the ME I'm thinking it won't be much longer that I will be seeing them again!


David said...

Ohhh! My prayers go out to you brother. May you find comfort in your loss.

David said...

Ohhhh! My prayers go out to you brother, for your loss. May God comfort you and your family.

Waterer said...

Dear Wv,
I am sorry for your loss and rejoice too in the safe and glorious Presence that your Mom now beholds by SIGHT.
May the Lord kepp you and yours in His hope!

Ally said...

I love you WV! And I'm thinking what you are thinking! Searchin for that trumpet sound!
This had been a rough year for you brother, but God has sustained!
Remember: tree of life! I will be the one with the pitcher of sweeeeet tea make with the waters of life! Can't wait to meet you finally!
When the shofar sounds, I shall think of you!

Dutch Treat said...

To WV, A WORD OF COMFORT: Deeply saddened to hear that a loved one passed away; and for your well being I'll continue to pray. For whenever you are lonely and need someone to call, just remember that there's someone who's watching over us all. All tou have to do is bow down and kneel, and have a talk with Him. He'll know the hurt you feel. Just give Him a ring. He won't mind you calling; and He'll always be able to keep you from falling. For via the Cross His relationship with us He has restored; and not even death can separate us from the love of our Lord. For He has conquered death and made it glorious and triumphant, so we could live with Him in total peace and contentment. Because He lives there will always be a tomorrow, when we will be forever free from pain and sorrow. For she is with Him now with many loved ones and friends, in that great glorious land where the day never ends. So do not mourn or be filled with grief. For your parting will be ever so brief. For when your're inside that Golden Door, you'll see her again forever more. For our Lord in His power supernal, promises all who abide in Him life eternal! with love, Dutch.

mary said...

So sorry to hear about you mom
I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers today.
As you always say "maybe today? :)

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks guys. friends are kidding me that Dad met mom at heavens gate with a Dr. Pepper. It was not uncommon for her to pull one from her purse when we went out to eat at restaurants. :)

She taught 3-4 year olds at our church for 35 years well into her 80's. She did not believe in retirement when it came to serving Jesus! I'm thinking our reunion is looking to be very very soon!


Gwenny said...

Hello everyone--Gwenny here! I haven't posted in a while but still come here everyday for news and encouragement. I just wanted to include my sympathy to WVBorn56. I lost my dad 13 months ago and understand your feelings. I look forward to seeing all of my family again and the extended family of fellow Christians.
Praying for all who have not come to Christ. My posts go untouched on Facebook but I feel like I am planting seeds! Praying for all on this blog who are sick or have unsaved family members including my own. I would appreciate your prayers for my son who has drifted from his faith.
The headlines everyday take my breath away & I get so excited & restless. Hold on dear brothers & sisters! Love, Gwenny

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks Gwenny! I will say a prayer for your unbelieving son. I know what you mean about the non-responses to Facebook. Other than my Pastor and a few others they seem to fall on deaf ears....but you are correct, I feel we are planting seeds and God will honor that! God Bless,

WVBORN56 said...

Yes Mary, Perhaps Today indeed. I think I need to be saying that every day now as it appears we are surely in the very last of the last days!

Looking so forward to meeting everyone on the other side...oh what a glorious day that will be. That is our reality as washed in the blood followers of Jesus!

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks Dutch for the wonderful poem! Amazing!

Ally, looking forward to meeting you s well in our heavenly home! Yes in some ways it has been a rough year but also a very blessed year. My son got married. My middle daughter is going to have twins and my baby girl just got engaged the day before mom passed away and my business is thriving. I have no complaints God is good, Blessings!