Monday, February 11, 2013

The Pope Resigning February 28th: St Malachy's Prophecies In Play?

As much as I hate to discuss any prophecy which is not included in the Bible - St Malachy's prophecies regarding the various popes is very hard to ignore. Is it possible that God revealed certain things about the succession of popes to St Malachy? 

Personally, I have no idea. My job is to point to biblical prophecy and then point to current news and events and let the reader decide. In this case I'll do the same. 

Below is a list of various websites and blogs that are covering the story, and I'm sure in the coming days there will be much more written. 

One thing I will say, is this: If you read these prophecies and compare to the various popes, the accuracy is uncanny. Additionally, if correct - then it is clear that the next pope will be in "office" during the Tribulation, and may take part in the Tribulation government/religious system - perhaps even as the false prophet, as proposed by some. 

You decide:

He became Pope in 2005 following John Paul II's death.

Resignations from the papacy are not unknown, but this is the first in the modern era, which has been marked by pontiffs dying while in office.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti is quoted as saying he is "greatly shaken by this unexpected news".
The BBC's Alan Johnston in Rome says the news has come "out of the blue", and that there was no speculation whatsoever about the move in recent days.
A Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, said that even the Pope's closest aides did not know what he was planning to do and were left "incredulous".
At 78, the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was one of the oldest new popes in history when elected.
The Vatican says it expects the period between the Pope's resignation and the election of his successor to be as brief as possible, but there has been no confirmation on when cardinals will meet to choose a new pontiff.

Approximately 900 years ago, Pope Innocent II summoned Saint Malachy, a popular archbishop, to Rome to update the Vatican on the status of Malachy's Northern Ireland diocese. Malachy made the arduous journey from Northern Ireland to Italy and gave his full report.

As he was leaving Rome to return to his church he had what he described as a “frenzied vision.” In this vision, Malachy was given the descriptive information of every pope that would ever exist, beginning with Pope Innocent II all the way to the final pope, Pope Petrus Romanus.

Malachy's vision tallied 112 popes, ending with Pope Petrus Romanus, and the current pope,Pope Benedict XVI, is number 111, which means there will only be one more pope.
Whether we choose to believe in the prophecy or not, states Horn, “It's historic in the sense that we have this medieval prophecy and the very next pope will be the last one on the list.”
When host, George Noory, asked Horn the significance of the prophecy and the last pope, Horn explained the prophecy states this final pope will be the pope who leads the church into the great Tribulation.
He then provided an English translation of the prophecy for the last pope:
"In extreme persecution the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations. When they are over, the City of 7 Hills will be destroyed and the terrible or fearsome judge will judge his people."
In his research for his book, Horn spoke with many Catholic theologians who believe the final pope will not be the anti-Christ, but he'll be a false pope, under the influence of Satan. Horn believes this final pope will be the person who steers the religious community into following a great political figure who will be the anti-Christ.
Horn's research also indicated that the third secret of Fatima, as well as other Marian prophecies, stated that the last pope would be affiliated with Satan.
According to Horn, Pope Petrus Romanus, or Peter of Rome, won't necessarily have to be named Peter. Every pope who ascends to the Throne of Peter becomes a direct descendant of Saint Peter. However, if the next pope is Italian, then the prophecy will be fulfilled.
But, why should this Catholic prophecy be of concern to people of other religions? If you're not Catholic, who cares if there's only one more pope or one hundred?
According to the prophecy this final pope will signal the beginning of the Tribulation period, the time when the anti-Christ starts coming into power. This will effect everyone on the planet, no matter your religion.
The 900-year old prophecy predicting the final pope is close at hand.

Brother Hal Lindsey weighs in - and this may be the best/most reasonable review of the situation:

Hal Lindsey Report: 11-04-11

Below is a fascinating video update by Hal Lindsey, also recorded on 11-04-2011 and is very germane to today's news and is well worth watching for perspective:

Video Update: St Malachy Prophecies And The Last Pope


Anonymous said...

Isn't Pre trib teach that the false prophet will rise during tribulation." IF" the prophecy of Malachi is true and the coclave will vote in march for the next pope, does that mean we are already in the tribulation?

Mary Dale said...

You did an outstanding job of posting all of the pertinent info about this.

Thank you!

Later today, when I have time I want to come back and read allllll of it.

I do appreciate the time it took for you to gather this.

Scott said...

No. It just means that the new pope would be in place during the tribulation.

Anon - I don't think this is where you are going - ie that we are in the Tribulation - because clearly we are not.

To future posters in comments today - I am lifting moderation at this breaking news - so I am asking in a very nice way to please respect this blog and the readers by not using these comments for your personal agenda. I am asking for your maturity and ANY respect you may be able to muster up today. We'll see if that is possible.

Gary said...

Hi All!
I just spoke to a co-worker. I asked her if she had heard about the pope stepping down. She had not. I told her about the St. Malachi prophecies. She said that was pretty eerie because when she was in Vatican, she said that there was a wall with the pictures of all of the popes. She said that there was only one space left for one more picture. When she said that I got a chill down my spine.

Ally said...

I came right over here quickly when I heard da news! I figured this was too "non biblical" to make it in here . Scott, you are very cautious and a great steward of us and the Word!
But boy o boy, this was a bell ringer for me!
I also found this drone killing LA ex cop hunt to be a wake up dingdong for the US, like thats going to happen? Lol
However, my "avowed atheist" daughter, both of these things, she pointed out to me this morning, and I gave her this uh oh, its getting close, please reconsider talk.
I also told her I wss too dumb to understand the Tom Horn book in the hope she wil read it.
I think I wil have difficulty today concentrating on driving since I will be LOOKING UP! Teeeeheeeeeheeeee, I'm getting excited!

Mrs.C said...

Brother Scott :)
Looks like the Romper Room class let out early today. They are mocking you in the thread below :(
The typical slip in the backdoor tactic they always us. They have so much darknes...:(

"U.S. Withdrawal From Europe-Based Missile Shield Will Impact Israel's Defense"

God Bless You Brother for all you do, and for ALL you put up with!

Anonymous said...

In fairness to st malachi prophecies, the catholic church is in many tribulations, the butler issue, the bank issues, the pedophile and sexual abuses... The next pope will be busy.

Anonymous said...

We know that there are lots of earthquakes throughout the history, but my. Oh my... The latest earthquakes comes more and more, extreme weather around the globe, war in mali, syria, egypt, north korea, china, japan, russia.
Kingdom against kingdom, war and rumours of war, with perplexity, signs in the moon, stars ( 4 blood moons) , comet ISON.
And now pope with a bonus prophecy of malachi. all converging in this generation.
They may laugh at us if we warn them about the coming destruction... But that's what probably noah at lot have experienced during their days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

I think your doing a great job. I read your blog everyday from Ireland.
May Jesus bless you in all that you do.

Your sister in the Lord

Angie from Ireland.

Scott said...

Angie - thanks so much. That means a lot - especially today. God Bless you sister.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know about what the 3 child seers from fatima said about the next pope? I still take all this pope prophecy stuff with a grain of salt, but its still interesting. I only truly trust the Bible! Anyway thanks for all you do Scott. Sometime I will set up a username so I don't look like an anon, but I always sign my name with a B
MayGod bless everyone on here

Seek But Don't Hide said...

As it turns out that Benedict is the first pope to resign in hundreds of years (just an interesting fact). I don't think that I will take Malachy's prophecy too seriously unless there is a Peter the Roman announced as pope soon. Either way, we know that our time here is ticking away.

Sophie said...

I just discovered your blog, searching for any connection out there between the Pope's resignation to prophecy. Thanks for the great information! How amazing it is that we live during this historic time!

Seek But Don't Hide said...

I agree Sophie that it is amazing. I'm praying that all believers keep our focus on God and on true prophecy so that all of us will not be distracted by other conflicting stories.

Paul had warned others in his time not to be easily shaken or believe false prophets and even though I think that all of us will not believe false things prayer is a good thing right now.

Seek But Don't Hide said...

P.S. to all of you that have had recent deaths of your family members you are also in my prayers.

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks JH for the prayers.

I don't know what to think about malachy prophecies. While they seem very accurate they are not scripture. Except they reinforce what we are already are thinking about the closeness of the rapture based on what we know from God's Word. We are very very close and now we see the pope resigning?
Could this be satan counterfeiting God's prophecy because he also knows the season? I just hate to give any credence to something non-biblical yet it is uncanny in it's accuracy? This is a bit of a conundrum for the church IMHO. Other thoughts?

Anonymous said...

The first line of the article says its not biblical but I argue it is. The whore sitting on the beast is the catholic church. The crowns represents 'kings' (or popes). The kings they refer to are the popes that have 'reigned' since the treaties which established the soverign territory of the vatican city as a soverign nation. The biblical prophecy of these 'kings' and the tenure of their reign is extremely good news and certainly biblical.

Seek But Don't Hide said...

I agree WVBORN, Satan is the ultimate counterfeit and so is everything that he does. I don't know but I do know that the enemy knows we are so so close to Jesus's return. He may be evil but he sure isn't stupid.

Dutch Treat said...

I'm like most of you concerning the Malachi Prophecies. If it comes true it comes true; and if it doesn't it doesn't. I prefer to focus on what is 100% true: The Word of God. HE has this whole thing figured out; so why should I worry over every little detail? Besides, if you've trusted Jesus as your personal savior you have nothing to worry about.

Anonymous said...

exactly Dutch... It's no matter whatever endtimes doctrine we believed, the Important is we keep the faith and conitnue keeping the faith as He is able to. We do not know what tomorrow may bring, as long as we are sure before we close our eyes and we can proudly say, I have kept the faith and there is a crown of righteousness for me waiting in His Kingdom.

By the way, in chinese this year is the year of the Snake / Serpent.Amazing isn't.

Anonymous said...

With Damascus going up like a Nuke Bomb, America racing for the bottoms up Club, and the EU wanting to go to 10> Peter the Roman is the Ice on the cake > The Bride of Christ is gone. Jesus Bless Israel is Gods Time Line.

Anonymous said...

There is only one source of truth and that is the Word of God!!!! We know it is true because hearing the Word changes lives!!! It is the only document or source one can go to and see all that God has said would happen - actually happens or will happen. Predictive prophecy of the Bible is true!!! In the last days we are warned in Matthew 24 and other places to watch our for false teachers that even the elect can be persuaded!!!! Stick with the only source of truth!!! Live Isaiah 26:3 "He has perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you!!!!" Live a life poured out for others to the glory of God!!!! I've read this blog a long while and have learned much. Thank you Scott and the others explaining current events fulfilling the Scriptures!!! As we patiently wait on The Lord, let us continue to lead others to Christ, obey the commands of God and worship our Almighty God and King!!!! Grammie

Ally said...

I always take non biblical prophecy wirh a big grain of salt! And he sure gave us enough stuff to look for already in his GOOD BOOK! But I also find it quite interesting that so many clues outside the Bible are lining up.
And I dint necessarily discount them. For instance, non believers may read Tom Horns book. What if the next chosen pope is Peter Romanus? What if that its enough to astonish the non believer into seeking more and ends up with him getting saved?
I think God leaves us hints all over about his majesty and glory! And we would be fools to lose opportunities to witness.
Are any of you going to the Prophecy in the News conference in July in Colorado?

Anonymous said...

There are many paths that could lead this world forward from here.
in terms of timimng that is.


and I have seen it time and time again.

WHEN PEOPLE with BIG money start to bet one way, look out.

like the two traders that took on
HUGE bear bets in the vix and the

People do NOT GET rich by doing
nothing. this is no exception.

True, stocks are STILL SETTING PRETTY up near 14,000 on the dow,
but the bear side is IN play...

BULLS are just too stupid to see it. the vix bet ALONE was for
150,000 contracts on each side.

I checked the open interest, These
trades DID HAPPEN...

I am not sure when the PLUG gets
pulled on bulls BUT I can tell
with HIGH CERTAINTY it will be
before options expire on 19 APR 2013.

If you know your English well, you
can be VERY SURE this next pope will NOT be called Peter outright.

His name will PROBABLY be translated as such. The idea
is to sucker the masses into
deception. the Devil is good at that. In any case, his number is
266, that is all i need to know.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Waterer said...

My 2 cents.
On the malachy thing. I think that the test of prophecy is 100 per cent accuracy. We cannot judge this yet until this Pope is elected. If it is a Peter then malachy will have been 100 percent correct.But even then if this Peter is not the last Pope he still will have been wrong. If what he predicts conflicts with Scripture then that is an even bigger (run from) No No.
I find it pretty incredible that in a vision someone could predict every hundred plus popes all this time with accuracy and then not be listened to at tleast to see if the end justifies the whole.
The Word is always right and that is where we have our faith increased and our hearts fed. Still the Lord uses many things where there is not a knowledge or access to His Word and He uses them to bring people to Him and His Word.So I will wait on the Lord
with all the rest of you.

Seek But Don't Hide said...

I have a question that many of you will be able to answer and it's kind of caused me some inner conflict. Well here it is: should women preach? Will all that's happening, I can't help but want to share all I know about the word of God and warn others about what's going on. But I'm a female. What to do?

Anonymous said...

Actually the Trib dznt begin until false peace treaty is signed with Israel.

Dylan said...

So a Pope is Pope until he dies, right? So with an acting Pope and a nonacting Pope living, what happens when they disagree?

David said...

The doctrine of some denominations prohibit women from being ministers, or elders. You are covered by the great commission. That's not something you need to pray about. Its commanded for all of us to do it. Go and share to all you can. May the Holy Spirit quiet your inner conflict. You may be the difference between Heaven and Hell for someone.

Anonymous said...

Preach in the Church No, presides over a women group Yes, witness to unbelievers Yes.
There are many men in the Church, Men should lead, women must learn to keep in silence.

David said...

My only thing with secular "predictors" is where do the visions come from? Nastrodamous visions or quatrains were some what right. However he never would reveal how or from what source he gained his knowledge. It has been said that he consulted the occult for his information. Makes sense, Satan knows his future. He has known his future, which leads me to believe he can see into the future, to an extent. My thing with Malachi is what is its origin. From God or Satan? Just my rambling thoughts.

David said...

Anon. You should take your own advice

Anonymous said...

As a male in the Church david, I participate and take my chance to lead when oppourtunity presents before me. As a believer, sharing the gospel of the kingdom to unbelievers.

Brad said...


I have not posted in quite some time. I am Messianic and sometimes my views conflict with the pre-trib I want to make sure not to offend. Do you realize that Obama is scheduled to go to Israel on March 20 (Nissan 10)? He has stated previously that he would not visit Israel until there was a potential peace deal. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on Nissan 10-4 days before Passover to confirm the new covenant. It is eerie to us that Obama will also ride the back of a donkey (democratic party) into Jerusalem on Nissan 10.......will he confirm a in Daniel 9? If he does....we believe that we will follow the pattern of Exodus.

Scott said...


I wasn't aware of those dates.

This used to be a pet topic of mine, so let me elaborate.

Based on some research I did a few years ago - I was digging deep into Dan 9:27. I believe 'confirm' the covenant in this sense means to not necessarily "sign" a covenant, but quite literally to 'confirm ' it. That could mean some kind of military presence, it could be someone who gives orders to certain troops (for instance) in the EU who have been created to control borders where there is disputer territories. ---> more

David said...

Really, ......women need to keep silent?

Scott said...

that should say 'disputed' above. Anyway, there have been several 'covenants' signed since 1948, most notably the Oslo accords. The problem is, these weren't 'confirmed' , because soon after, violence ensued. The only way to confirm a covenant will be to control the borders and keep the peace.

So this is more nuanced than most people give credit to.

Additionally, there is no way that Bibi would sign anything Obama comes up with - you can count on that as well, so its probably moot at this point. But it is an interesting topic IMO.

Robin said...

Satan knows the future as well as his own future . . .only as it pertains to the written Word. He knows what the Bible says, which is clear about both. That doesn't mean he "knows the future" any more than someone who's studied the Bible knows the future. Only God TRULY knows the future.

The Malachi Prophecy is interesting, to be sure . . .but doesn't replace The Word. It's possible, I suppose, that God revealed things to this Bishop to let the church know it will one day be the subject of Judgement. I do believe the church in Rev 17 is the Catholic Church. But it should serve as nothing more than an interesting story to non-Catholics. There's enough prophetic events unfolding daily to keep our eyes focused on The Word and that glorious day that's soon to arrive . . .and reach as many of the unsaved as we possibly can.

Alice said...

Brad, that's fascinating! I had seen that O is arriving on, or the day before Nisan 10, but hadn't thought about the donkey/democrat party connection. Wow!

Robin said...

According to March 20 is the 9 Nissan. Unless he's arriving after the sun sets that day, it might be a stretch.

Gary said...

Okay, I have been studying prophecy for years....I have no idea what a "Nissan" is except for a Japanese auto.

Robin said...

Gary . . .God's calendar that He set up from the beginning and commanded Jews to keep, was the Hebrew Calendar. Nissan is the month that coresponds with the month our Easter fall in each year. You'll note the date of Easter changes each year . . .because its our only Holy Day that's still in tuned with the Hebrew Calendar.

Robin said...

Incidently . . .i did read that Obama plans to arrive on March 20 and depart the 21 . . .so theoretically, his stay spans 10 Nissan.

Gary said...

Thanks Robin.

Waterer said...

I agree that the source of prophecy should be God. Absolutely . And that the enemy loves to take partial truths and deceive. IF the prophecy is 100 per cent though and does not conflict with God's Word and is given by someone who spent their life in the church, I would take it for what it was worth,.Compared to Scripture it is not worth alot.
The reason I said to wait to see is that I believe God still uses the prophetic gift in teaching and discernment. But I believe it is in concert with the Word and that we can judge it through the Word.
Jh, I think a woman can preach under the headship of male leaders
at their invitation. I find that there are many opportunities to teach woman though and it has the same effect. (ie a woman trusting God can transform her home and environment even when it is difficult. ) kr

Anonymous said...

Scott, Obama said today he stands by a 2 state solution. Maybe THAT agreement?

Anonymous said...

And now a nuke from N.Korea??? Oh my....the end is near!

Chris said...

Hello all, I have just been reading in the UK news thatcardinal angelo scola an Italian is favorite to take over.

Thanks again Scott for keeping us upto date with all the latest news, your doing a stirling job.

Praise to God


Mrs.C said...

The Hebrew Calendar is inaccurate, and has been for centuries.
Gods Festivals are True without question, and will be completely filled. However, any current dates assigned to Festivals are not accurate due to the date changes that have been made over the centuries by Rabbis. No one truly will ever know the exact day, and hour accept for God Himself :)

Anonymous said...

David read and understand 1 cor 14:34-35

Mrs.C said...

Legalism abounds still in you...why is that so familiar?
According to your extreme interpretation, I guess the Disciples should have told Mary to shut up when she came to announce that Jesus had Risen! Oh, and btw, God Almighty, Jesus Our Savior, chose a WOMAN to announce the very hinge of ALL Christianity, JESUS WAS ALIVE! She relayed HIS FIRST MESSAGE to them after His Resurrection! Pretty important, don’t cha think! She should not have spoken? She should have remained silent? After all, it was an “assembly” of men that according to you, that she would have spoken over.
A very slippery slope you chose with your comment, "women must learn to keep in silence" So according to you, women cannot do the following in Church:
Confess Jesus as her Savior to the congregation before she is Baptized?
How could she confess her sins?
How could she tell her children to be quiet?
How could she say Amen?
You "anon" (obvious who you are) need to read ALL of 1 Corinthians 14, and see who exactly Paul is speaking to, and under what circumstances...
Nuff Said...

David said...

That's exactly why I didn't respond back to him Mrs. C , you can't fix ignorance.