Sunday, February 10, 2013

'U.S. Withdrawal From Europe-Based Missile Shield Will Impact Israel's Defense'

U.S. Withdrawal From Europe-Based Missile Shield Will Impact Israel's Defense

US and European sanctions have not just failed to stop Iran in its tracks but accelerated its nuclear progress. Iran is now estimated to be within four months of a nuclear bomb capacity from the moment a decision is taken to build one.

Those months are critical: On February 25 the five UN Security Council’s permanent members plus Germany sit down with Iran in Kazakhstan for a fresh round of negotiations. Former rounds in this format led nowhere and no breakthrough is expected this time either beyond, at best, a date for a continuation.

On March 20, President Barack Obama arrives in Israel for the first foreign trip of his second term. The purpose of his visit is plain, except to Netanyahu’s domestic rivals: Facing a 50 percent cutback in military spending, the Obama administration cannot credibly threaten to go to war against a recalcitrant Iran. But the US president may still wave the Israeli military option in Tehran’s face.

Not that the ayatollahs are likely to be impressed. Khamenei and Ahmadinejad have both dismissed talks with Washington "with a gun" at their head, meaning that they are not scared of the Israeli gun the Americans are putting to their heads.

In fact, the Islamic rulers of Tehran are reported by DEBKAfile’s intelligence and Iranian sources to be fully confident that they are home and dry as a nuclear power after a secret US Pentagon research study was leaked that “casts doubt on whether the multibillion-dollar missile defense system planned for Europe” (originally by the Bush administration) “can ever protect the US from Iranian missiles as intended.”

Clearly the missile shield against Iran, which aroused ire in Moscow, looks like falling under the defense budget axe.

The missile shield in Europe was also designed to defend Israel and Turkey against Iranian ballistic missile attack. 

Leaving it unfinished because of “flaws” exposes both those countries to such attack.

President Obama will not doubt tell Netanyahu that the system for intercepting medium-range Iranian missiles is to be scrapped. However, he will have to take into account that if the Iranians do finally manage to put a capsule in orbit at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers, they will be able to fire a ballistic missile at any point on earth as well, including the United States.


Waterer said...

Yay! I have been trying to get back on for a couple of days.
Hope JH is better.

Seek But Don't Hide said...

Thank you Waterer. I'm not totally better. I actually found out that I have the flu combined with esophageal spasms. My fever is hovering at the ninety nine point nine mark I really hope tomorrow is better because if I miss my college class on Tuesday that'll be a lot of money down the drain.

Waterer said...

Will keep praying JH . This flu is a bad strain..

Mrs.C said...

Moving EVER CLOSER to Bibi's "red line"...
With all that is happening in the combination with everything else...whew...Jesus is at the door just waiting for the Fathers permission to come get US! Praise You Father Forever!

Just breaking, the Pope will resign at the end of this month! Wow, its amazing to witness ALL of this!

Caver said...

1. So this pope is resigning and we all know the semi prophecy concerning the number of Popes and their place in history. March is the time frame.
2. Many economic indicators are pointing to the late March time frame for collapse in the Western world.
3. Spring (March) is Bibi's self described time frame for a "Red Line" being crossed by Iran and action to stop their nuclear advancement toward nuclear weapons.
4. Spring is the time frame for severe military cutbacks by the US
5. Obama is now....finally...planning a trip to Israel and reports indicate its to prevent Israel from attacking.
6. Obama is relieving senior Military Officers of their positions left and right. The rumor is that the acid test of who stays is their response to one question...."Will you give the order to fire on American citizens?" if ordered to do so.

Time is short folk. Time is short.

Anonymous said...

Scott >>>>

please post this right away >>>

Feb. 11, 2013, 6:30 a.m. EST

Pope Benedict XVI to resign due to health reasonsStories You Might Like
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By William L. Watts FRANKFURT (MarketWatch) -- Pope Benedict XVI will resign effective Feb. 28, a Vatican spokesman said Monday, according to news reports. The spokesman said the 85-year-old pontiff is leaving because he doesn't feel he has the energy to continue in the job. The pope, the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was among the oldest new popes in history when he was elected at the age of 78 in 2005, succeeding Pope John Paul II, the BBC noted. "After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry ...," the pope said, in a statement, the BBC reported.

got it off of marketwatch...

this means the NEXT POPE to take
over in MARCH 2013 will be the
false prophet, #266.....

This is a VERY SERIOUS development.

check cbs marketwatch or yahoo...

it appears that the rapture is
getting very close.....

bulls continue to buy stocks
tonite, but I think it is a
trap....for them...

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

thank you for numbering all your points that I believe are so true !and what shocks me is how many people in this country seemingly are totally totally unaware !you try to tell people the truth about what is going on and they become angry. but I have to tell myself their nger is based on fear .they don't want to know the truth because it scares them .admittedly sometimes I feel a little uneasy myelf .but all I have to do is remember how Jesus tells us these things must come to pass and how God is in complete control .Obama's agenda is so incredibly obvious destroy this country ! and yes ,the question of who will fire up on Americans? But then the government must disarm Americans first ......... thank you for your articulate post! May Jesus come soon!

David said...

Wonder who will be the replacement pope? I'm curious as to how he will play into the end times scenario .

Anonymous said...

Oopps, the anons are back.miss us?

Mrs.C said...

so disrespectful to Brother Scott...ah...but you never really went away...amazing all the new names...what a coincidence...glad to see you made it through your Romper Room class for the day...

WVBORN56 said...

David the papal prophecy to be true apparently has to be an Italian. I'm like Scott on this one... I find it interesting but hate to put too much faith in a non-biblical prophecy.

Caver nice list of summing up where we stand on the prophetic time line. I'm still holding out for a pre-Isaiah 17 rapture. :)

March would be perfect!


Anonymous said...

You never fail to amaze me.

Scott said...

Wow anon. Thats really cute (and so clever!).