Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Note About Comments Section

When I started this blog, I never envisioned or planned for a comment section, but it came as an option for this site and it seemed worthwhile, particularly for people who had questions or comments. There have been some really great and informative discussions over the years, and it has also led to a community of prophecy watchers who are well-informed and who offer very interesting perspectives on the news and events around us. 

The use of registered ID in the comments section has become necessary for a variety of reasons. However, it seems difficult for some of the frequent posters and that certainly isn't the goal.

Therefore, I plan on using this ID system when I am unable to keep an eye on things. Moderating every comment is very difficult in the midst of busy days, and I don't want people's comments to have to wait. 

When I do have frequent access to the blog (depending on time of day, day of the week etc.), I'll open it up for anyone to comment (and/or activate the moderation option). This will be easy to do and hopefully it will present a workable solution. 

So if the registered ID isn't working for you, just be patient and at some point it will flip back to 'open comments' and the ID won't be required during those periods. So if you are struggling with the registered ID, just check back periodically and at some point,  it will be switched back to open comments.

There are other ways around this and some other options, but until there is resolution on a few things  that are currently being done, we'll stick to this plan for a while. 

I hope this works for everyone. 

This is an awesome community of prophecy watchers and I am greatly blessed by coming to know so many of you here - and the support, the encouragement, the information/knowledge that is shared. 

New Jerusalem awaits!




Waterer said...

Hey Scott,
Thank you so much for this way to keep those of us technically challenged still in the "fold".
I very much appreciate your blog and the community here.
Blessings in Jesus,

Mrs. C said...

Just curious as to the issues that some are having posting? Is there anything specific?

Scott said...

There was a thread in the comments section a few posts back where people were giving me their problems.

Waterer said...

Mrs.. C,
When i try and use google my real name shows up. I cannot find anyplace to change that. The ID will say That I will have the chance to sign in after posting but it automatically posts using my real id. When I tried just using a new gmail It would disappear and go to an ad everytime zi posted. It just went away. I cannot figure out the open Id thing at all. If there were steps to follow it would be great.
Also if the innocent anons knew that they just make up a name and type in into the bname box and stuck with that name they would have so much respect from us.I remember that this was hard for me when I first started and No Fog specifically said how to do it. Some need this.

Mrs.C said...

Ok, thanks Brother Scott. I saw the few posts about it :) Im by no means any kinda tech expert, but Ill give it a try. :)

If you are logging in under Google do the following BEFORE you begin to post a comment.
Go to Google login and log in :) Logging in to your Google account BEFORE you begin to post, will cause your name to automatically show up in the selections under "Google Account" in the "Choose Your Identity" section.

If you want to edit your Google display name, or other information in your Google Account you can do the following. Logging into your Google Account, should then display a screen in the left corner stating "Accounts" .
Next look to the right of your screen, scroll down a bit and select "Go to the Dashboard to see all data stored in your account"

Under "Blogger" you can select "name", or to the right "edit blogger Profile”. The screen will then display all the information in your Profile. In addition, you can leave for example, the "Privacy" information unchecked, so as not to share all your information in your Profile. Scrolling down, under "Identity" is where you type in your "Display Name", the name you WANT to show when you make posts.
You can continue to scroll down the Profile information, and make which ever selections you would like. What is IMPORTANT, is that at the very bottom of the page you have to SAVE all the information you posted.
You can then just close the page, and take it from there :)

As for the "Open ID" option. If you look closely, there are five options to select from: Word Press,Live Journal,TypePad,& Aol. The Open ID option however, appears to have a red line through it, so perhaps if you try to select that option, it wont work?
Hope this helps somewhat :)

Scott said...

That should be very helpful! Many thanks for that

Waterer said...

Okay Mrs C! Here goes. I trust this will work..Thank you so much!

Waterer said...

It worked but do you know why I have a little bucket after the time on my post above?

Mrs.C said...

Your very welcome Brother Scott :)
Sister KR, that "little bucket" its a "trash bucket" :) and accompanies being logged in under your Google Account. It gives you the option of deleting your post on here if you choose. Glad it worked for you...