Saturday, February 2, 2013

In The News Saturday: Turkey FM Urges Syria To Fight Israel

Predictably, Turkey is now voicing their anti-Israeli sentiment:

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Saturday slammed both Israel for reported strikes in Syria earlier in the week, as well as Syria for its failure to respond to the attacks, Turkish daily The Hurriyet reported.
"Why didn't [Syrian President Bashar] Assad even throw a pebble when Israeli jets were flying over his palace and playing with the dignity of his country?" The Hurriyet quoted Davutoglu as saying.

"Why didn't the Syrian Army, which has been attacking its own innocent people for 22 months now from the air with jets and by land with tanks and artillery fire, respond to Israel's operation? Why can't Assad, who gave order to fire SCUD missiles at Aleppo, do anything against Israel?" the foreign minister said to reporters.

He further suggested that Assad's inaction was due to "a secret agreement" with Israel and vowed that Turkey would not sit still in the face of an Israel attack on any Muslim country.

Outgoing US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta accused Iran of an intensified campaign to destabilize the Middle East by smuggling anti-aircraft weapons to militant allies, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

"There is no question when you start passing MANPADS around, that becomes a threat, not just to military aircraft but to civilian aircraft," Panetta told the newspaper in an interview. "That is an escalation."

MANPADS are shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles. Western officials have worried about the spread of such weapons and the risk they pose to airline passengers as well as to military helicopters and jets.

Yemeni forces intercepted a ship on Jan. 23 carrying a large cache of weapons - including surface-to-air missiles - that US officials suspect were being smuggled from Iran and destined for Yemeni insurgents.

The presumed Israeli airstrike within Syrian territory on Wednesday has elicited threats of retaliation from both Syria and Iran. Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul-Karim Ali, quoted at al-Ahd, a Hezbollah-run news website, contended that his nation could make “a surprise decision to respond to the aggression of the Israeli warplanes,” adding that ”Syria is engaged in defending its sovereignty and its land.” In Iran, a deputy foreign minister was quoted by English-language Press TV as saying the “strike on Syria will have serious consequences for Tel Aviv.” He did not elaborate.

Hezbollah condemned the attack as “barbaric aggression,” expressed its “full solidarity with Syria’s command, army and people,” and claimed the strike was aimed at preventing Muslim and Arab forces from furthering their military development. Syria continued to insist that a “scientific research facility” in Jamraya, ten miles from the Lebanon border, was attacked.

Russia, which has consistently supported Assad’s murderous regime despite a current death toll of more than 60,000, also expressed its condemnation of the attack, saying it was engaged in “urgent measures to clarify the situation in all its details.” ”If this information is confirmed, then we are dealing with unprovoked attacks on targets on the territory of a sovereign country, which blatantly violates the UN Charter and is unacceptable, no matter the motives to justify it,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The Arab League also chimed in, calling the attack “flagrant aggression and a glaring violation” of Syria’s sovereignty.

Israel’s goals are simple: they are not about to let the ongoing disintegration of Bashar Assad’s government and the subsequent chaos threaten their existence, even as they remain well aware of the reality that Western powers currently have little interest doing anything concrete to help. Last Monday, when Netanyahu was meeting with a three-member bipartisan congressional delegation, warning them that the  available policy choices for dealing with Syria “are between bad, bad, and worse,” the New Republic published an interview with President Obama who managed to turn reality into a philosophical exercise wondering, “how do I weigh tens of thousands who’ve been killed in Syria versus the tens of thousands who are currently being killed in the Congo?”

The IDF has made it clear: any threat to Israel’s existence will be handled with whatever measures are deemed necessary. There is no clearer “red line” than that.

All these unprecedented military exercises in our urban areas, are they even legal?*
Someone like you and me, a concerned (sovereign) citizen of the USA, took the bull by the horns to collect and collate the published accounts of them.
They are so pervasive that it looks less and less like training exercises for the purpose of letting our military become familiar with operating in urban areas overseas. It has begun, by the signature of the behaviors themselves, to seem more and more like exercises for the following purposes.
  1. Make actual military operations within the United States seem more “normal” to our own, patriotically motivated military personnel.
  2. Familiarize our military of the ins and outs of operations specific to each “urban zone” city in our nation.
  3. Condition American citizens to the “new normal” of our military operating for the sake of authoritarian government, against our people (especially patriot activists) who may be labeled “suspected terrorists” – by fiat, without our 4th and 14th Amendment rights, of protection against unreasonable search and seizure, of habeas corpus, and due process overall (see NDAA 2012 and 2013 and these reports in Gulag Bound: ABC).
  4. Prepare for massive firearm confiscations and the resultant resistance from the actually patriotic Americans, ready, willing, and able to obey the mandate of the Declaration of Independence and the purpose of the 2nd Amendment: to if necessary, “throw off” government which has become “despotism,” by means of free, “well regulated militias.”
  5. Provoke our freely armed patriots who heed the stern mandate of our Declaration and Constitution as referred in #4, to be engaged in free, well-regulated militias (and/or, whatever few kooks are really out there) into taking action which could become, in turn, actionable by national or nationalized, anti-American forces (see Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.).
  6. Could this be, too? To do #5 as a actual pretext for further false-flag attacks, which would give Obamunist/NWO led forces pretext for martial law. (We have written about false-flag ploys, here.)
  7. Test for repercussions and blow-back in general, right down to this article.

And to confirm just how it looks, those military exercises are, in at least some cases, being made jointly with police forces. 

They (our government) do purport something about a reason for some of this. They say it is for disaster preparationnuclear war, for example – even as they target as “suspected terrorists”  those “preppers” who prepare for disasters.  “Go figure.”
So now, We the People have to do just that: go to the information and figure out what it means, together.
Here is the list in Facebook, compiled by my new friend, Nanette White, who publishes Michigan’s News & Views. Below it, we re-publish the Gary Franchi interview with Dr. Jim Garrow, of January 23rd, which attests to key military officers being asked whether or not they will fire on U.S. Citizens who refuse to give up their firearms.

In his February 1 column, Dr. Steven Lambert reprinted in part a section of testimony that was given before the House of Representatives in 1963; this cited 45 declared goals the Communist Party in America had in their strategy for taking the country over. The entire reprint is available in several places online, so I won’t use up space to include them here.

What’s chilling is that while reading them, it quickly becomes apparent that most of the 45 goals have been achieved, in whole or in part, and they are well on the way to realizing those that have not. Given the stated goals of compromising the press and their practice of obscuring their own political roots and motives with semantics (i.e., changing labels such as “liberal,” “progressive,” and so forth), it becomes easier to understand how millions of Americans – perhaps a majority – have no idea whatsoever of what is transpiring. A majority of those to the right of center, who most definitely perceive the symptoms of the malady, are unable to make an accurate diagnosis of the 

Indeed, it is a plan more ambitious than anything that was accomplished in Europe, whereby prosperous market economies and democracies were transformed into democratic socialist states. No, this will be more along the lines of what occurred in Russia or China, except that in the US, the radicals will have gained control of the infrastructure prior to seizing total power. I have already stated that there will be a bloodbath as this occurs.


David said...

I don't doubt that Syria will retaliate in some way. However, Assad has his hands full with the rebels. No way he can take on both....unless he gets help.

Anonymous said...

Turkey's remarks about Israel are so disappointing! All the articles are interesting and concerning; kinda like what some third world countries have with both police/military on guard in the cities, urban areas, etc. Intimidating with being armed, and on high alert. I did some missionary work and witnessed this; its coming here sounds like in the guise of mock exercises for other agenda's. Crazy world we are living in. Think I'll go work-out, take my dog for walk in park, try & act normal?

Mrs.C said...

Whew! Knew this was coming. This is BIG, Unity Governement can be used for possible war prep...

"Netanyahu Calls On All Factions to Join Unity Government"

Anonymous said...

I wonder how close we are to Isaiah 17 & Ezekial 38,39 are fullfilled. My educated guess: weeks...

Anonymous said...

Anon, Is it because of Purim?

This is what happening in egypt.
Isa 19:14 The LORD hath mingled a perverse spirit in the midst thereof: and they have caused Egypt to err in every work thereof, as a drunken man staggereth in his vomit.

Watch: by last week of November or early week of December 2013, a chemical attack that will decide the fate of the Syrians.
Followed by a terrible war in the last week of Apr 2014.
My take in all of these.

WVBORN56 said...

How do you come up with those dates anon? Seems a little odd to me to give us a verse form Isaiah 17 and make that time frame speculation?

Anything time wise is possible but it sure does not look to me that things will hold off that long for Israel. I can't see Assad lasting much longer and it would appear to me he will go down swinging

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't believe me if i told you directly.
40 years they travel in the wilderness, 40 years King saul, king david and king solomon reigned.
40 years ago a star fall from heaven and the water became bitter.
I tell you look up.

Anonymous said...

I agree with WV on that....anon...
think about your timing, really.

Stocks are WAY TOO HIGH, no way will they hold up until NOV 2013.
the DOW above 14,000 on a close is a
BIG JOKE as it is....

we have another HUGE bubble now...
NOT in November....

prophecies are VERY CLOSE to being
fufilled. Wall Street always gets
it wrong when bulls go to excess.

like now.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

WVBORN56 said...

I am indeed looking up, anon. We can agree on that. :)

Anonymous said...

No one knows when Assad will fall, we can speculate its going to be soon with the Intell coming in. With Israel already launching military assaults on Syria and flying spy missions over Lebanon, its very likely we are within days of a major war breaking out.

Anonymous said...



STEPHEN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen look up Peter Schiff been follow him for years.

Mrs.C said...

Sigh...anons talking with anons...once again...(or one person talking to themselves- choose either one) and even feeble attempts at date setting...just throw anything out there seeing what will stick. Then hoping others will take the bait...then the switch...bait and switch...classic...sigh again...

Robin said...

Stephen, you're right. The markets are being artificially propped to give the appearance all is well while the Fed continues dumping billions of fiat bills into the economy each month, I simply see no way these balls can remain in the air until next fall.

If anyone is familiar with Arnold Fruchenbaum, he's conducting a Bible Stufy Tour in Isarel in May. It's about three weeks long (May 12-31) and the material to be covered, quite extensive. But I think there may be a spot or two left. My mother in law and I are signed up to go.

Keep looking up . . .

Waterer said...

Robin!!! Wow I wish I could go on this tour! But Scott, is there anyway you and Deb can do this?
I also saw where Fruchie is speaking in Hawaii for an extended time among the churches there for any out in that region.
His matter of fact approach to truth is grounding and very helpful. Thanks for the heads up on this.
Blessings Robin !

Anonymous said...

Mrs.C,hum,are you not anons? Seem so to me; ah for the record,was not me in your sigh reference to mention others are date setting. But I thought others were doing what you do, speculate Bibical verses in correlation to current events? Now, not being God, of course this is subject to change if speculation is off, this is why its called,speculating, and others appeared to me to state they were just speculating, and several talking to each other even. You were talking to self. Don't you enjoy reading others feedbacks? I do, even yours, but lighten up because we all are in this together, not trying to control fate, rewrite history, but adapting mind-set to help ourselves and others along this journey with being informed. A passion comes in all forms, even walking with God, so embrace that we all are on the same page. Look more objectively at blogging as feedback,educational, certainly in these articles, well written,to read daily,and in my opinion, uplifting to know like minds connecting!!Have great day, I am going to church!

Robin said...

Thank you, Waterer, it is a blessing of an opportunity, for sure. He offers so much insight from a Jewish perspective, reading his books has helped me tremendously in the way I read the Bible. It would be nice to meet some of you if you can attend. The Ariel Ministries website says its limited to 25, but ve been told that number could increase with demand as they're getting another bus for this tour.

Robin said...

There's a difference between signing on with a pseudonym and leaving an anonymous post. We know when Mrs. C is commenting because she attributes her posts to herself. But there are a number of Anons who I consider "drive bys" who post anonymously leaving everyone to wonder if its the same person or a group. But frankly, anyone not willing to stand behind what they post, should be taken with a grain of salt.

Mrs.C said...

Thank you Sister Robin, so true...

Mrs.C said...

Um no Im not an “anon”, but you already know that. More importantly, Brother Scott knows who I am, yes in real life too. Well, if its so obvious that your supposedly not the same anon as the “date setter”, for the sake of the other Brothers and Sisters here, why not use a name so as not to sew confusion. Unless of course that is your intentions. Its pretty obvious who you are, and this anon game along with multiple fake characters has been going on for quite some time as you are well aware. That’s why you hide behind your anon, to sew confusion etc so know one knows which anon they are talking to.
Um, I do not “speculate” concerning His Word, but then with your flighty interpretations and twisting of Scripture we could expect no less. The Holy Spirit Blesses us with discernment, have you invited the Holy Spirit into your studies? There is a difference between discussing, sharing and learning His Word together, and just throwing anything out there without backing it up with Scripture. But then again, you know that also, part of the game. “Lighten up”? Really, is Scripture a joke to you? Wake up, God is not mocked, this isn’t a joke. You are NOT trying to “help others”, other than to lead them down rabbit trails that are in error.
To you perhaps, “blogging” is a past time and you just float from blog to blog blurting out whatever pops up in your mind. “Embrace that we all are on the same page”? We are not on the “same page” as you so causally state. This is serious, not a game. There are many undecided people who read Brother Scotts blog, and you can easily be misleading them with your “whatever goes” kinda statements. Do you want to lead someone astray who may accept Jesus as their Savior int this case, based on the Truth of His Prophetic Word? We are talking Eternal Salvation here, this isn’t a whimsical past time nor a joke. When we are so close to His coming for us? Oh I know, you don’t care because hey, your just going to leave all your stuff at the “Bema seat” right? How bout winning another Soul for Jesus? Interesting you bring up “Church”. Thought you had said you didn’t go to Church. Either way, does everyone there know who you are? Or do you go to Church as an anonymous person hiding in the back of the Church. Kinda hard to fellowship that way, isn’t it? The Internet provides an anonymity for all, that can be very tempting and lead those to say things and behave as poor Witnesses for Him. Try to keep in mind, face to face would you say and do the things you do as a Witness for Him? Tine is very, very short…

Back to asprin and napping...

Anonymous said...

God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ

Shazza said...


Whenever I read the comments page I pray for the Lord Jesus to give me discernment and he does. I understand everyones posts but I dont understand yours or the other Anons.

I agree with Mrs C, we all have a duty here as Christians NOT to cause confusion but speak the truth according to Gods word.

Anonymous said...

Its true that We have a duty as Christians Not to cause confusion but rather bring those who err to the truth, and also we have the responsibility to discipline a brother or a sister who causes as a stumbling block to others.
Scott have seen what i posted recently, i pray that the Lord would not discipline him as well for he tolerate her shameful act.
ANON'S speculation may not come true, but it does not mean Mrs C is above all. ANON'S speculation maybe false but that is why everyone here must read the bible.
Will you trust your soul in the hands of A.F, hal L, or C. Misller without reading the bible?
IT is not wrong to have a conversation.

Mrs.C said...

And yet another "anon" surprise there. You have been doing this swarming /set ups for quite a while now. Upset that your confronted on your games? Still using the same verbiage, just astounding. Thanks for prooving us with who you are. Still hiding behind "anon". Why is that? There ya go. Do you know this other "anon" personally? No you dont, unless of course its you talking to yourself pretending to be a different anon which that has been happening for a while now along with other fake characters. Thats so old too. Do you also go to Church "anonymously"? How does that fellowship work for you?
Fellowship does not apply to those who INTENTIALLY are deceptive and misleading with other innocent Brothers and Sisters, and only try to draw attention to themselves, not God.
"Brotherly love", right! and to beat you to your own words, next it will be the "un-Christian" nonsense. Always the same. "Anons dont require attention", oh yes they do when you see them deliberately engaging innocent Brothers and Sisters into their nonsense. Then again, you are fulfilling the Prophecy that Jesus warned us of. Again, we are at a critical time in all of time. Do you understand that? The time for your games and charades are over. Interesting how you slide over the fact that the un-Saved may be affected by your shenanigans.
Yes indeed, I have had the great and awesome privilege to lead people to Jesus. Not that I buy into your attempted deflection comments, or that its any of your business. You have been rude and disrespectful to the owner of this blog, Brother Scott. Is that ok with you? Is that your demonstration of fellowship? Yes, it is angering when you see darkness working through those that embrace it, especially under the guise of being "Christian". What "Christians" deceive and manipulate innocent Brothers and Sisters and call it a good steeling their precious time? Time is very short, and that is according to His Word, not mine :)
No ones claiming, especially me to be above anyone. That is another way you manipulate. Doesnt sound very pretty. You are not trying to have a "coversation" at all, and you never have. Its all about your own self promotion and distracting Brothers and Sisters from His Word. Its not ok to post false teachings, it is damaging and can cause an un-Believer to not pursue Salvation in Jesus. As said before, Jesus warned of this in these Last Days and we can see it clearly...

Anonymous said...

Mrs C,,
No, I do not know the other anon personally, and also you.
We do not know if you are mistreating a brother or a sister only God Knows.

I will repeat it again, heed and repent and do not let the discipline of God in double portion.
but If I on the other hand in err, let the discipline of God be upon me.

Anonymous said...

My comment " ANON'S" by the way refer to anons in general that means including me.

Anonymous said...
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Robin said...

Scott, is there really no way to block posts from those cloaked in darkness? Considering the hoops we have to jump through to prevent bot posts, I should think anonymous posts would be similarly treated. It does nothing but divide this community.