Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rumors of war...again

In today's news we see more rumors of war:

"Israel may attack Iran after December". According to a report in a French magazine, Le Canard Enchaine, Israel is making preparations to "carry out military attacks in Iran after December". Apparently, Israel has already ordered "high-quality combat rations" from a French food manufacturer for soldiers serving in elite units and has also asked "reservists of these units staying abroad to return to Israel."

Also, we see the following interesting quote:

"The magazine further reported that in a recent visit to France, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi told his French counterpart Jean-Louis Georgelin that Israel is not planning to bomb Iran, but may send elite troops to conduct activities on the ground there. These, according to the magazine, could involve sabotage of nuclear facilities as well as assassinations of top Iranian nuclear scientists."

This is interesting, because rumors (theres that word again "rumors") have circulated for months that Israel would covertly send in elite troops to conduct this military effort.

Then, we see two articles relating to possible war on the northern border, the area which is controlled by Hezbollah, who is under the direction of Iran:

"Another Lebanese War on the Horizon?".

In this article we see the following:

"The IDF intelligence video released this week showing Hizbullah terrorists stockpiling long-range missiles is the proof that Israel needs to 'take off its gloves' in the next round of warfare. So says long-time military analyst Yisrael Katzover..."

"The video footage, released on Tuesday of this week, shows the terrorists taking missiles and other weaponry out of a southern Lebanon warehouse, where an explosion had occurred the day before, and loading them onto trucks."

"The video shows clearly the terrorists closing off the area so that the UNIFIL forces can't get there. It also shows that the missiles are long-range ones that can apparently reach deep into Israel - important testimony regarding the type of threats we will face in the next round."

"Katzover predicts that in the next battle with Hizbullah, Israel will be more aggressive: 'We are currently busy proving to the world that Hizbullah is a major threat to Lebanese stability, because in the next round, Israel will take off its gloves; we have learned the lessons of the last war, and this time there will be a massive entry of Israeli ground forces into Lebanon."

If that isn't enough, then we see this:

"Syrian long-range missiles in Lebanon". Quotes:

"Syria has transferred nearly a quarter of its long- and medium-range missile arsenal to Hizbollah, the Kuwaito al Jarida reported on Thursday. According to the report, security sources in Jerusalem told the paper that the missiles, now held by Hizbullah, could hit every part of Israel."

More rumors of war. Just as Jesus stated in the Olivet discourse, an important sign during the season of His return would be rumors of war - items that we see daily in the news. Not only that, but it has been rumored for years that Syria possesses "gas-tipped" missiles, something Israel has stated that they would consider and respond to, exactly the same as nuclear weapons. Such a reaction by Israel, to "gas" weapons is not surprising.

We must also recall that according to Isaiah 17, Damascus will be destroyed - completely - and cease to exist as a city.

More signs - this time involving "rumors of war". All while we see this surge in earthquakes (another 6.0 yesterday in Samoa), while we see the last stages of formal European consolidation, a world economy forming with the constant discussions of a world-currency, as we watch America's dominance in the world declining, the so-called "economic crisis", the continuing rise of China as a world-power and the alliances of Gog-MaGog strengthening by the day.

Birthpains. The contractions are more frequent and more intense as we watch the signs progressing.

Just as Bible prophecy informed us.

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