Monday, October 5, 2009

"Irish vote unleashes flurry of EU activity"

That was the headline of an EU Observer article (here). Quotes from the article:

"With the vote now in the bag, the focus has already switched to the practicalities of implementing the Lisbon Treaty and particularly to the presidents of Poland and the Czech Republic. Their signatures under the treaty, which has already been passed in the parliaments in Warsaw and Prague, are needed for the new rules to come into force across the 27 nation club."

"Polish President Leah Kaczynski's office has already indicated that he will sign the document soon leaving his Czech counterpart Vaclav Klaus as the likely biggest opponent to the treaty."

""The Czech president's delay affects a series of other decisions including the formation of the new commission, whose term expires at the end of the month and the appointment of the beefed-up EU foreign policy chief and permanent president of the European Council, new posts covered by the treaty."

Mr Klaus added, "But my signature is not the order of the day. I will wait for the Constitutional Court's verdict. Czech senators handed a complaint to the court about the treaty last week. The court is expected in three weeks' time to set a date for a public hearing on the case. The hearing is likely to take place towards the end of November."

Along these lines, we also see the following article "Blair under attack in bid for EU top job". Quotes from this article:

"Eurogroup chief Jean Claude Juncker and the British Conservative party have attacked Tony Blair's bid to become the first EU president, as member states start horse-trading for the EU's top jobs after Ireland's Lisbon Treaty Vote...William Hague, the Conservative shadow foreign secretary told The Times that he was lobbying in Paris and Berlin against Mr. Blair, whose appointment would trigger an anti-EU backlash in the UK ahead of a potential Tory-orchestrated referendum on Lisbon."

Perhaps of greater interest is the lobbying for the powerful "foreign minister" position - a position that many consider equal to or perhaps even more powerful than the President's position. For a prophecy watcher, this position holds great interest. Quotes:

"Meanwhile, French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner has signalled he would be interested in another plum job to be created under the Lisbon Treaty: The post of EU 'foreign minister' and European Commission vice president. The Elysee itself is not giving Mr Kouchner a clear run at the post, with French EU affairs minister Pierre Lellouche over the weekend floating two other names, Hubert Vedrine and Michel Barnier. Mr Vedrine was foreign minister under President Francois Mitterand and a staunch opponent of the war in Iraq. Mr Barnier is a former EU commissioner and now and MEP."

"Germany is also eyeing the foreign minister job for its current interior minister, Wolfgang Schauble, according to The Times."

I have long believed that the antichrist, who we know will arise from the revived Roman Empire (aka EU/Med Union), COULD be the individual who actually gives an order for EU troops to "confirm the covenant" found in Daniel 9:27. It is that passage which describes the initial, defining action of the antichrist - "confirming" the peace covenant between Israel and her neighbors. In today's world, particularly in the Middle-East, the only way to "confirm" a covenant (in my opinion) is to send in peace-keeping troops.

Therefore, we closely watch the lobbying process for this powerful foreign policy head within the EU, once the Lisbon Treaty is finalized. This is the position that could be responsible for "confirming the covenant" of Daniel 9:27 - if this theory is correct. Again, its just a theory - no one really knows who or what "position" within the EU will give the antichrist his initial power. The "President" position is of obvious interest as well.

This story is just beginning to evolve. The antichrist will rise rapidly from this revived Roman Empire, and he may begin his ascent from one of several positions within the EU - perhaps a position not even mentioned in these articles. But the top position, the "permanent President" and the "foreign policy" head are two prime spots which will have enormous power - either of which could be responsible for confirming the "covenant" mentioned in Daniel 9:27.

That possibility alone makes this "behind the scenes" lobbying worth watching. I would expect the antichrist to be very effective in the pursuit of gaining power within the EU.

Let the games begin.

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