Friday, October 9, 2009

EU's Barroso "fears powerful European President"

The EU Observer has a very interesting and revealing article today - one that may open the doors to prophetic fulfillment.

This post contains some level detail which I usually try to avoid, but today it is necessary. I will try to simplify - please, I urge you, read the details below, as they could be HIGHLY significant.

First, to the the article: "Barroso fears powerful European President". In this article we see very revealing quotes:

"European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has sided with smaller member states in trying to restrict the role of proposed president of the European Council, a new post created by the Lisbon Treaty. Addressing the European Parliament on Wednesday (7 October), Mr Barroso chastised MEPs for referring to the post as 'president of Europe'".

"I am sorry, there will not be a president of Europe. There will be, if we have Lisbon, the president of the European Council. It is important to understand that point because sometimes I think there are some ideas about certain [institutional drifts], he said."

"According to the treaty, which is still awaiting full ratification by all 27 member states, the president is supposed to chair the regular meetings of EU leaders - know as the European Council - and to drive forward their work."

So, whats going on here?

This requires a brief primer on the EU political structure - bear with me because this could have huge prophetic significance:

What is revealed here, is the REAL seat of power within the EU.

The EU has three main bodies:

1. The EU Council, 2. The EU Commission, and 3. The EU Parliament.

One can find these bodies defined with roles and responsibilities within the main EU website EU: Institutions and bodies. Here we see the following:

EU Parliament: Members of the European Parliament are directly elected by EU voters every five years. In my opinion, based on following the EU for years, the parliament has little to no power.

EU Commission: Appointed Commission and the EU's civil service. The Commission proposes EU legislation and checks it is properly applied across the EU. In other words, internal policy and legislation.

Now we approach the REAL seat of power within the EU:

Council of the European Union:
National ministers who adopt EU laws. Additionally, the Council contains the EU military and the decree can be found in EU recommendation 666. Personally, I don't take a lot of stock in the fact that it is recommendation 666, but it is what it is. Recommendation 666 not the point of this post (much has been written about this fact alone). You can google "EU Recommendation 666" and find several items specific to the military capabilities of the WEU. Link here:
Recommendation 666. See items #1, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 15 and 19.

Back to the main story. The "EU President", which has received so much discussion lately is actually, technically, the president of the EU Council. Referring to this position as the "EU President" is accurate, as it is generally acknowledged that the EU Council is indeed where all of the power resides within the EU.

So....Why is this important? Go with me a little longer and this will be more than fascinating.

By review of Western European Union (WEU) this link (click on "WEU Today" and turn to page 28 of that link), the WEU functions are detailed.

As quoted "The Council is the WEU's main body".


In a nutshell:

- The powerful, "military wing" of the EU is known as the WEU. This powerful group resides within the EU Council, in fact, in reality the "EU Council" is run by the WEU.

- The "EU President" (granted by the Lisbon Treaty") is technically the president of the EU Council, which is the power base of the EU. This is why it is generally agreed (as shown in the original article above), that this position is effectively the "President of the EU", since the council contains all of the real power within the EU; particularly military power.

- The "EU President" (aka the President of the EU Council, and thus, over the WEU) will have all of the military power within the EU.

Here is the kicker. The WEU has 10 MEMBER STATES....Yes, 10.

United Kingdom

Are you getting the point yet?

The "EU President" will come from and rule over the most powerful group in the EU, the 10-member WEU, which is the military wing of the EU and all military decisions, such as going to war or sending "peace-keeping troops" into a conflict will come from this group.

This is potentially significant because biblical prophecy tells us that the antichrist will come from the "10 KIngs" and the whole purpose of the "10 Kings" is to support and serve the antichrist. Lets look at the scripture:

Daniel 7:24 describes the "10 horns" of the beast (my clarifications in parentheses):

"The ten horns are ten kings who will come from this kingdom (the revived roman empire). After them another king will arise (the antichrist), different from the earlier ones; he will subdue three kings."

In other words, the antichrist will arise from the 10 kings, or whatever is represented by the 10 kings (most "watchers" assume this means the antichrist will come from one of the 10 countries or regions represented by these 10 kings).

Also we see Revelation 17:12 revealing similar information on this power alignment:

"The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who are for one hour (a brief period) will receive authority as kings along with the beast (antichrist). They have one purpose and will give their power and authority to the beast."

So there we have it. The antichrist will arise from the 10 kings, and then rule with these 10 kings. The 10 kings will serve the antichrist, and will give their "power and authority" to the antichrist.

I hope the pieces of this puzzle have come together:

We have the imminent approval of the Lisbon treaty which will dictate a very powerful "EU President" which is actually president of the most powerful group within the EU, the WEU who rules the EU Council; the group who determines military policy and decisions for the entire EU. This group consists of TEN COUNTRIES (aka the "Ten Member States").

Is the EU's WEU the same as the biblical "Ten Kings"? There is no way to know for sure, but it certainly is compelling.

We have the most powerful figure in the EU, the "EU President" ultimately residing over these 10 member states of the WEU - that group who makes the major decisions in the EU and more importantly makes ALL military decisions for the EU, and determines when to send "security forces" into various regions (Israel?).

We also know that the antichrist will arise from the "Ten Kings"; he will rule over these "10 Kings" and these 10 kings will willingly give their power and authority to the antichrist.

Items #1, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 15 and 19 of "recommendation 666" grant this power to the WEU and the EU's president. The 10 member group collected in the most powerful alliance of Europe.

Have we missed anything? Sometimes you just have to close your computer, and after a couple of "wow" moments, just get on your knees and pray.

For a more detailed read on this whole topic, I recommend "Recommendation 666: The Rise of the Beast from the Sea"

While I don't endorse every statement in this book, it does give a fascinating look into the genesis of the WEU and the intriguing development of the power-base within the EU.

We may be seeing the final consolidation of power within the EU, the revived "Roman Empire" of biblical prophecy. We also may be seeing the pathway of the rise of the antichrist. I say "may" because its still speculation at this point. But to ignore these developments would be inconsistent with Jesus' command to "watch" these signs.

We should see the Lisbon Treaty fully ratified in November as the Czech Republic's Constitutional Court makes its final decision.



Anonymous said...

I agree this bears careful watching. This could be a big part of scripture fulfilled.

Scott said...

It could be. Again, it still involves some degree of speculation, as we don't know for sure, but the number of "coincidences" seems pretty high to me. The WEU could have been 5, 12, or 7 countries, but it is 10.

Only time will tell - we may or may not be around to see this situation "resolved".