Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random updates

Thus far, this week has been a little slow as far as groundbreaking prophecy news. This is somewhat welcome right now, as the news has been fast and furious over the past week or two and its been hard to keep up. Just like birth pains, its often nice to have a little break between contractions. However, there are a few interesting commentaries that I have stumbled upon this week:

"Standing Firm". In this commentary, as found on the Rapture Ready site, Todd Strandberg has written about prophecy watching, and how endurance is a key factor. We would all like to see the rapture occur immediately, and when it seems to lag forever, prophecy watching can become tedious. Todd calls us to be persistent and to keep watching. I believe these difficulties in "watching" are one of the many reasons that we are offered a special "crown" or reward, once in heaven, for our waiting and longing for Christ's return (2 Timothy 4:8).

"Hamas calls for renewing bombing attacks on Israel". Here we see Hamas threatening to renew the bombings directed towards Israel. Israel isn't in the mood to tolerate additional bombings. We are always looking for the "triggering" incident to ignite things (once again) in the Middle-East.

In a very unrelated commentary, I stumbled on a review of the Swine Flu situation, as written by another physician. This drew my interest, because his thoughts are almost exactly in line with mine. This whole Swine Flu "crisis" continues to mystify me, and this physician captured my recent thoughts:
"The threat of mandatory vaccinations".



Anonymous said...

Don't believe we are in the end times? I have thought from the very first time I heard about swine flu that it was some kind of a man made/government agenda to create panic and it is surely working. It is all you hear about, why aren't we talking about what scares me more than the flu, super inflation? I would rather have the flu than paying five million dollars for bread! But Christians all know not to worry. We have been told to watch, beacuse all these things must happen.

Scott said...

Good point. I believe that we're headed for an economic collapse and a much deeper recession/depression than we have experienced thus far.

Not only that, we know that early on, in the Tribulation, it will take a days worth of wages to buy a days worth of food. Definitely due to famine, but presumably super inflation as well.

That isn't far off.