Saturday, May 21, 2022

Klaus Schwab Pledges World Can Find Salvation At Davos '22

Eve of Destruction: Klaus Schwab Pledges the World Can Find Salvation at Davos 2022

Famine, floods, pestilence, drought, plague, war, and rumors of war. These are the key issues facing the world today and the invitation-only World Economic Forum (WEF) next week in Davos, Switzerland, is just the place to find the answers provided by the select globalist elites, founder Klaus Schwab declared Wednesday.

“The return of war, epidemics and the climate crisis, all those disruptive forces have derailed the global recovery,” Schwab, the forum’s executive chairman, told journalists in an almost biblical prognostication ahead of the convention’s start on Sunday.

“Those issues must be confronted in Davos, and the global food crisis in particular needs our immediate attention,” he added in an online briefing, according to the Irish Times.

The return of a 2,500-strong in-person gathering after the coronavirus pandemic comes as the world struggles to meet the challenge presented by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It all comes down to trusting in the WEF to find the correct outcomes and implement them as instructed, Schwab and his unelected workers submit.

“In a world which is becoming more fragmented, more divided, and where many of the traditional multilateral organisations tend to become dysfunctional, or at least mistrustful, a global platform based on informal, trust-faced and action-oriented co-operation will be ever more relevant, more important than before,” Schwab declared.

More than 50 heads of state and government will attend the meeting next week, including NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, the WEF lists.

All will be flying in for the week at the luxury ski resort before flying home again, just as they have done in the past.

Also scheduled to be there are heads of government including Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, Ivory Coast Prime Minister Patrick Achi, Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Colombia’s President Ivan Duque Marquez and Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame.

Schwab warned anyone who sought to trivialise the event or hijack its key messages, including the often-mentioned Great Reset, will be treated with contempt.

Contrary voices will simply not be tolerated.


Anonymous said...

Take note -the Anti Christ just revealed himself by offering salvation. He places himself as an equal to GOD.

Anonymous said...

Grace is the unconditional love that God has for everyone. Salvation does not need to be earned. Instead, it can be achieved by believing in God and his son Jesus Christ.

And Now the anti-Christ declares himself and his methods and means is the way to salvation.
Humanity is on the verge of a Great Awakening not the Great Reset of the anti Christ. GOD's creation can not be saved by what comes out of Davos!

Anonymous said...

If the rapture occurs during the WHO proceedings the savior of the world 666 will show up proving Klaus Schwab correct.

Anonymous said...

The anti_Christ creates the problems he promises to solve. He offers salvation when he has no authority to do so. He will offer what ever the naïve want to hear to further his agenda. He gathers around himself person's of wealth and power to push his agenda because in reality he is powerless in the face of GOD. What he gains are souls of those that turn to him and away from GOD. He presents himself as the only option for humanity. Watch.