Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Ukraine Situation Rapidly Deteriorating: Artillery Fire And Discussions Of 'Nuclear First-Strike'

Artillery Barrage in Ukraine; Russia TV Talks "Nuclear First-Strike"
H Turner

Artillery fire has broken out along the line of control between breakaway Oblasts (states) Luhansk/Donetsk, and the Ukrainian Army this morning.  The exchanges are described as "Heavy shelling."

Meanwhile, in Russia, television shows featuring former Russian Army officers and some elected officials, are openly talking about Russia having to use nuclear weapons over the Ukraine/NATO troop build-up along the Russian border!

The situation is deteriorating very badly, very fast.

Russian TV: (Check the SETTINGS box and select English Close-Captioning)

The following social media postings report the artillery fire:



Other postings report the level of troops on Ukraine side is at the point to resume full scale hostilites:

More info as it becomes available . . .


Anonymous said...

I foresee a nuclear strike, stock market crash, etc. meanwhile a figure in a white robe has appeared in the clouds trumpets blowing and we who believe in Christ long gone.

john said...

“Our future does not consist of living in a deteriorating society and in deteriorating bodies. Soon, we’ll fly away — either at the rapture or when we die. Either way, it will be glorious and good. No matter what you face, keep Jesus and heaven in mind. Then, go on your way rejoicing with the full knowledge that some glad morning, you’ll fly away!”
—Hal Lindsey

Scott said...

John, that other attachment wouldn't load, so I couldn't post it