Sunday, August 2, 2020

Huge Rally In Germany For 'End Of The Pandemic'

Thousands gather for 'end of the pandemic' protest in Berlin, ignore coronavirus safety measures

Thousands gathered in Berlin on Saturday to protest coronavirus restrictions as authorities raise concerns about a rise in new infections.

The demonstration, called “The end of the pandemic – freedom day,” drew people from various parts of Germany after weeks of planning. Police used bullhorns to ask participants to adhere to safety precautions, including social distancing and wearing masks.

“We’re here and we’re loud, because we are being robbed of our freedom,” the crowd chanted. The protesters held up signs with phrases such as “We are being forced to wear a muzzle,” “Natural defense instead of vaccination” and “Corona, false alarm.”

The end of the pandemic - freedom day' - against coronavirus restrictions in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, Aug. 1, 2020. It comes amid increasing concern about an upturn in infections in Germany. Posters in center reads: 'Stop it! Enough is enough'.

The recent protest was largely devoid of the standard safety measures that the government has enforced, with many refusing to wear masks or keep their distance.

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