Thursday, March 28, 2019

Guaido To Launch 'Tactical Action' Starting Next Week

Guaido To Launch Venezuela-wide "Tactical Action" To Topple Maduro

Is Venezuela heating up again or is this just more desperation setting in for the Juan Guaido-led opposition after recent failed efforts to gem up popular support for an anti-Maduro coup? 
The US recognized "Interim President" has announced plans for his supporters to launch "tactical actions" starting next week as part of his "Operation Freedom" to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro. The opposition is now telegraphing their regime change maneuvers, in what appears more of a desperate strategy to maintain external and international pressure and visibility on the continuing political crisis in the country, lately felt in a series of major nation-wide electricity outages. 
Guaido said via Twitter that such tactical actions are to begin April 6, which will involve "freedom cells" set up across the country rising up in mass protest when the order is given.
He began publicly referencing the plan earlier this month at opposition rallies and described it as a "full-fledged revolution in all states of Venezuela simultaneously." 
This has even included talk of "Operation Freedom" operatives and mass protesters ultimately marching on the Miraflores presidential palace – home to President Maduro.
Tweeting with the hashtag #VamosOperaci√≥nLibertad, Guaido further appealed to "constitutional forces" within the Venezuelan army to rise up and switch loyalties. 
All of this comes the same month that hawkish Republican Senator and staunch Guaido supporter Marco Rubio told a Senate Foreign Relations committee hearing that “Over the next few weeks, Venezuela is going to enter a period of suffering, no nation in our hemisphere has ever confronted in modern history.”

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