Wednesday, March 27, 2019

40 Minutes Of Airstrikes In Syria - Explosions Over Nayrab Air Base, Allepo And Najjar Industrial Area

Loud explosions heard near Aleppo airport

Loud explosions were heard near the Aleppo Nayrab Airbase in Syria, Syrian media reported on Wednesday night.    

The source of the explosions is unknown at the time of this report, Walla reported.

Early reports suggest that ammunition warehouse were struck, it is unclear at this point if Syrian air defenses were engaged or not. 

Syrian state media claimed air defenses were confronting Israeli air strikes and defending targets.

Ten people died and the city of Aleppo in Syria is in chaos due to the Israeli strike, the Syrian Human Rights Center reported on Thursday, Maariv reported. 

The report is in contrast to official Syrian media reports that suggest Syrian air defenses defended the area.  

Separate reports said explosions rocked areas near Aleppo, including an air base and possible storage warehouse linked to Iran.

The explosions began after eleven in the evening on Tuesday.

The explosions took place near Aleppo’s main airport. SANA, Syrian state media, claimed that there had been an “aerial aggression” and that explosions his an industrial area as well northeast of the airport. 

Later SANA blamed the attack on Israel and said that Syrian air defense was defending the area.

A local witness said they had seen at least one air defense missile according to the @WithinSyriaBlog.

Explosions were reported in Sheikh Najjar industrial area, at Nayrab air base and in Aleppo

Electrical outage was also reported and drone activity over Lebanon at the same time. 

It appears that the airstrikes continued for almost forty minutes as new explosions were reported just before midnight. 

This included an alleged fourth explosion near Nayrab air base.

Previous reports on social media indicate the presence of Iranian forces at Sheikh Najjar and Nayrab airbase, two of the sites where explosions were reported Tuesday night.

Several Iranians were reported killed last July at Nayrab airbase during 

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