Saturday, February 23, 2019

Yellow Vests Protesters March In France For 15th Week: Turns Violent Near Eiffel Tower

WATCH LIVE: Yellow Vests Protesters March in France for 15th Week

Large-scale demonstrations against the government's decision to raise fuel prices and increase fuel taxes started in France in November. Even though the French authorities later discarded their plans, the yellow vests protesters, dissatisfied with the government's social policies, turned into a nation-wide movement.
The yellow vests take to streets of Paris and other major French cities on 23 February protesting for the fifteenth straight weekend.

    Protesters Gather at Chambord Castle

    Several hundred yellow vests protesters have gathered at Chambord Castle in central France for a picnic in the sunny weather while activists have reportedly blocked access to an Amazon platform in the southwestern city of Toulouse.

    Yellow Vests Take to the Streets in Rouen

    Yellow vests protesters walk in the streets of the French city of Rouen to mark the fifteenth week since the start of their anti-government movement.

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