Sunday, February 24, 2019

Venezuela Live Updates: Mike Pence To Announce 'Concrete Steps' On Monday,

LIVE UPDATES: Venezuela Tensions Rise Over US Humanitarian Aid Move

Colombian President Ivan Marquez, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera and their Paraguayan counterpart Mario Abdo Benitez are expected to meet with Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido in a new attempt to deliver humanitarian aid across the border into Venezuela via the Simon Bolivar Bridge in Cucuta.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has strictly opposed the US aid delivery, blasting it as a Washington plot to disguise an intervention in the Latin American country.
  • Colombian Consular Staff Has Left Venezuela by Crossing Border on Foot

    Colombian consular staff has left Venezuela by crossing the border on foot while being accompanied by the police, Sputnik correspondent reported.
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    US Vice President Mike Pence Set to Announce 'Concrete Steps' on Venezuela - Reports

    US Vice President Mike Pence plans to announce "concrete steps" and "clear actions" on Venezuelan crisis during his meeting with regional leaders in Bogota, Colombia on Monday, Reuters reported citing a senior US official. The official also told the outlet that "What happened yesterday is not going to deter us from getting humanitarian aid into Venezuela".
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    Venezuelan Forces Conduct Operation on Border With Colombia

    The TV Venezuela broadcaster published footage of armoured vehicles of the National Guard driving through the streets of the city of Urena, which is located on the border with Colombia. According to the media, shooting is heard in the area and tear gas grenades were used in the operation.
    Venezuelan Minister of the Prison Service, Iris Varela, is now in Urena. The VPI TV channel published a video showing Varela standing on the border bridge from the Venezuelan side, surrounded by armed guards and taking photos of people on the Colombian side on her mobile phone.

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