Sunday, November 25, 2018

Russian Jets Attack Militants Area North Of Aleppo After Chemical Attack

Russian Jets Hit Targets at Militants' Staging Ground for Aleppo Chemical Attack

Syrian media reported on Saturday that militants based north of Aleppo bombarded the city with chlorine-filled shells, causing over a hundred people to be delivered to hospitals with symptoms typical for poisoning such as suffocation.
Russia's Defence Ministry confirmed that Russian jets hit the targets of terorrists who had reportedly shelled Aleppo with deadly chlorine gas on Saturday.
According to the ministry, intelligence services identified in the Idlib de-escalation zone the fire weapons that were used in the Aleppo gas attack. They also found that the terrorists were preparing for another poisonous shelling. All the targets were destroyed; Turkey was warned about the strikes in advance via a hotline.
Earlier in the day, Damascus accused unnamed western countriesof supplying weapons to armed terror groups so that they could stage false flag chemical attacks and then blame them on the government. Syria also urged the UN to take "punitive measures" against the countries that were supporting the Aleppo attackers.

Russia's Foreign Ministry, in turn, described the Aleppo shelling as an "attempt to damage the Syrian normalisation process", adding that it should be "unconditionally condemned" by the entire international community.
Syria's state-run news agency SANA reported on Saturday that neighorhoods of Aleppo had been bombarded with chlorine-loaded shells, poisoning at least 107 people.

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