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California Quakes Today: Latest Updates

California earthquake today: Latest update along San Andreas fault, map and news

CALIFORNIA has been rocked by a fresh earthquake measuring 3.4 in magnitude while Alaska continues to be hit by mid-sized earthquakes after a 7.9 magitude earthquake struck off the coast of Alaska this week. Here are the latest news and updates.

  • New earthquakes have hit California and Alaska after seismic activity remains unpredictable along the San Andreas fault line.
  • The latest mid-sized earthquake to hit Alaska was a 5.1 magnitude shock south-east of Nikolski at 12.11am.
  • An earthquake measuring 3.4 magnitude struck El Ceritto, California at 12.47pm yesterday (4.47am local time).
  • A massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit 233km off Alaska on Tuesday, triggering a tsunami warning for Alaska and the US west coast.
3.30pm: Four small earthquakes hit California in just over an hour
Four mini quakes shook California in the last 80 minutes, data from USGC's live map shows.
The last and biggest one was a 2.3 magnitude earthquake 12km west-south-west of Durham at 3.24pm (7.24am local time).
The first one to hit was near Pine Valley, California at 2.07pm (6.07pm local time).

2pm: Hawaii rattled by small earthquake
The latest earthquake was in Hawaii, according to UCGS data.
The 2.2 quake at 1.41pm was recorded 22km north-east of Honaunau-Napoopoo, which sits at the west side of the island. 
12.30pm: Two 4.4 quakes rock Panama and Dominican Republic
Panama and Quisqueya in the Dominican Republic have been hit by 4.4 magnitude earthquakes just 10 minutes apart.
Panama, which was , was the first affected with the medium-sized quake landing 54km east-south-east of Pedasi, Panama, at 12.09pm (4.09am local time).
At 12.19pm (4.19am local time) another 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck 8km north-east of Quisqueya.
The municipality is in the San Pedro de MacorĂ­s province in the Dominican Republic and is home to just under 25,000 people.

10.20am: Another tremor strikes Alaska while 5.1 quake recorded in Argentina
Seismic activity in the Alaska region is continuing with the latest earthquake measuring 3.9 magnitude hitting 264km south-east of Kodak, Alaska at 9.56am (12.56am local time).
Almost 30 small earthquakes have hit this part of Alaska in the last 24 hours as the Pacific Ring of Fire continues to be active.
A moderate 5.1 magnitude was felt 89km north-west of Vinchina, Argentina.
9.58am: Gulf of California hit by 4.2 magnitude earthquake
A fresh earthquake rocked the Gulf of Earthquake at 8.26am (12.26am local time).
Earthquake-tracking website EMSC-CSEM recorded the mid-sized tremor.
9.16am: Earthquake measuring 5.1 magnitude hits Alaska
Two mid-strength earthquakes, one 5.1 magnitude and the other 4.6 magnitude, have struck in and around Alaska over the last few hours as the region continues to be rocked by almost continuous earthquake activity.
The biggest quake struck 67km south-east of Nikolski, Alaska at 12.11am (4.11pm local time yesterday) followed by a 4.6 magnitude earthquake at 4.42am (8.42pm local time yesterday).
The most recent earthquake was 85km west-north-west of Skagway.

10.15pm: Panama hit by 5.7 quake
Now Panama has been rocked by a strong earthquake with the capital city of Panama City suffering "strong shaking". 
No damage is expected and no tsunami alert has been issued. 
8.45pm: Japan rocked by earthquake
The 5.2 quake hit off the coast of Honshu - the same location of a 6.2 quake earlier this week. 
No reports of any injuries or damage have been reported. 
7.30pm: Earthquake strikes off Alaska
Another mid-strength earthquake has struck off the coast of Alaska.
The US state has been rattled by dozens of tremors since last week’s huge 8.0 quake. 
This evening a 4.2 magnitude quake struck in the Gulf of Alaksa. 
7.00pm: Hawaii rattled by small earthquake

Hawaii has been hit by a small earthquake this evening.
The minor 2.7 magnitude quake struck at around 8.45am local time (6.45pm GMT). 
It struck at a depth of around 3.5 miles some 200 miles away from the state capital of Honolulu. 
It hit just 17 miles from the town of Hilo, which is home to more than 40,000 people.

4.15pm: Alaska hit by just under 50 small earthquakes in 24-hour period, UCGS data shows
A gigantic 46 quakes have rocked Alaska in just 24 hours, according to the most recent statisitics from the United States Geological Survey (USGS).
Although the vast majority of these were small, two of the earthquake measured 4.6 magnitude.
The first one took place at 4.42pm yesteday (8.42am local time) and the second one was at 11.25am today (3.30am local time).
Both were positioned approximately 250km south-east of Kodiak, Alaska.

3.45pm: Second earthquake measuring 2.7 magnitude felt in California
A 2.7 magnitude is the second of two earthquakes to hit California in under three hours today.
The latest quake was at 3.19pm (7.19am local time) 14 km north west of San Simeon, California. 
Alaska continues to be hit with earthquakes, with the last one 236m south-east of Kodiak at 3.06pm (7.19am local time) measuring 3.6 magnitude.

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