Saturday, July 8, 2017

German Intelligence: Iran Seeks Nuclear Weapons Technology, ISIS On Christian Killing Spree, New Videos From Venezuela Show Descent Into Anarchy

German intelligence: Iran seeks nuclear weapons technology

Damning German intelligence reports emerged in June and July revealing the Iranian regime's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons and missile technology in defiance of international sanctions and UN regulations to contain Tehran's jingoism.

The federal intelligence report stated the Islamic Republic also targets Jewish and Israeli institutions for espionage purposes. 

According to the German state of Hamburg's intelligence agency, “there is no evidence of a complete about-face in Iran’s atomic policies in 2016” [after the Islamic Republic signed the JCPOA accord with world powers in 2015, designed to curb Iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief]. Iran sought missile carrier technology necessary for its rocket program.”

Germany's federal domestic intelligence agency - the rough equivalent of Israel's Shin Bet - stated in its report on Tuesday: "The State of Israel, its representatives and supporters as well as members of the Jewish religious community are among the declared enemies of Iran. Even the agreement made between Iran and the Western world to settle the nuclear conflict has not changed this attitude. Therefore, Iranian intelligence-related organizations continue to spy on Jewish and Israeli targets in Germany."

COPTIC Christians in Egypt claim they are suffering a fresh spate of murders as part of a jihadist campaign against them after three were killed in the space of eight days.

The three men were found murdered in the space of just eight days from the last week of June with a fourth man also slaughtered in late May.
Coptic groups in the country fear that the killings may have been carried out by extremists with loyalties to groups such as Islamic State (ISIS).
ISIS claimed back in February that they wanted to “wipe out” the Coptic Christians but, so far, no group has claimed responsibilities for the murders.

Urologist Albert Fekry, 67, was found dead by a patient in his clinic in Tala with a single gash to his neck.
His priest, Fr Youstos Joseph, said nothing had been taken from the clinic, and suggested the killer had known the doctor worked alone. 
He added that it was “strange” that the killer had managed to pass the security guards at the church just behind the clinic shortly before he carried out the attack.
Jeweller Girgis Bushra, 55, was found dead in his home on the same day, according to local police, who have made no arrests so far.

Eight days earlier, a Coptic artist was found dead in the city of Minya, capital of Minya Governorate, which is home to many Coptic Christians.
Michael Nabil Bebawy, a 32-year-old artist, did not return home after attending Mass.
His brother-in-law, Michael Adel said his body had been dumped on railway tracks near the station and his head was found beside his body.
Mr Adel, a lawyer, said: “A train driver reported seeing three people dumping a body on a section of the tracks. But the police alleged it was a train accident that severed Michael’s head from his body.

The late June story over at the Washington Post warned us why Venezuela may be rushing headfirst into a civil war after a surreal and movie-like scene had unfolded for Venezuelans and the world to see: A police helicopter circling the capital of Venezuela carrying a banner that read 'Libertad', or 'freedom'. 

While govt officials of Venezuela confirmed that the chopper dropped several grenades on the Supreme Court building in the city of Caracas, leading President Nicolas Maduro to claim a coup was being attempted, he darkly warned of more violence ahead. As we see in the ghastly new videos at the bottom of this story, his warnings of more violence have exploded across the starving nation with one confrontation after another and bloodshed everywhere. From Maduro.:   

Only days after Maduros warning, dozens of pro-government activists stormed the National Assembly of Venezuela, carrying sticks, and injured at least 5 opposition politicians. Getting as far as the corridors of Venezuela's Congressional building, it's easy to see that the opening salvo's of civil war are being played out before our eyes.

The opposition-controlled legislature was holding a special session to mark independence day when the government supporters burst in. 

Two politicians were seriously injured and bleeding heavily from head wounds. 

"Protests by government supporters have become the norm every time the opposition-controlled assembly is in session, but we have never seen this kind of violence before," he said. 

Tension is high in Venezuela after three months of anti-government protests in which 91 people were killed in clashes with police.

While Maduro still has the backing of the military high command, what analysts claim is a key factor in helping him stay in power, at least 123 soldiers of Venezuela have been detained since the protests began with the bizarre and surreal police 'helicopter attack' upon the Supreme Court becoming a galvanizing force for the starving masses.

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