Monday, July 10, 2017

Breaking: 28,882 E-Mails From Clinton Released Publicly By Hacker

28,882 E-Mails From Hillary Clinton RELEASED PUBLICLY BY HACKER

THIS STORY IS UPDATED AS OF 9:07 PM EDT -- I have received access to 28,882 emails either TO or FROM then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, many of which are stamped as having been sent to the House Select Committee on Intelligence and NOT Subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  

This afternoon I received an email with the following message:

First, I must remain anonymous for now. I would like to forward links to files that were sent to President Trump this morning & may be a big smoking Gun re: DNC hack/Russia, etc. 
I am not the originator of these files and cannot vouch for their authenticity, just passing them along. They can be found here: 

The tweet links to 28,882 Hillary Clinton emails in three different formats.

I am currently analyzing this huge document dump and am making the info available publicly so the world can see whatever Hillary struggled so hard to delete.

Many of these alleged "Hacked" files are actually part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and they are REDACTED, so the credibility of the revealer is already suspect.  If these emails were "hacked" from Hillary's Server, they wouldn't have FOIA redactions.
HOWEVER . . . . other emails contain the following very interesting stamp:

This means the data has somehow come from inside the United States House of Representatives, Select Committee on Intelligence as part of their Benghazi Investigation.  While I have NOT yet seen anything marked "Classified" the stamp above definitely indicates these materials were NOT intended for public release, so there may be dicey stuff here after all!

I have sought and obtained LEGAL COUNSEL from my Attorney, Ronald G. Russo of the law firm SCHLAM, STONE & DOLAN in New York City regarding this material and my use of it.  Ron and I spoke via Cell phone just moments ago.  
I explained to him what the material was purported to be, how I obtained it (via an anonymous Twitter Source who pointed to a Data Upload/Download link located in New Zealand) and asked my attorney if I, as a credentialed Journalist, could report on this material or use it despite the warning above.  
His legal advice to me was "Yes."  He also advised that he would be reviewing the statute, but told me since I did not participate in the theft of, or the illegal dissemination of, the material, that I as a Journalist could report on it without fear of legal problems.  The guy who released it may have committed a crime, but I as a journalist will not be committing a crime if I report on what was released.  
Based upon this official legal advice from a licensed attorney, I am choosing to proceed.  Had my Attorney's advice been to NOT proceed, I would have obeyed that advice.

Hillary and the ENTIRE National Security Staff Intentionally LIED to the American People about the Benghazi Embassy Attack

The attack upon the US Embassy in Benghazi took place on September 11, 2012.   By 6:16 Pm eastern US time the next day, September 12, 2012, Hillary Clinton knew that the attacks upon the Enbassy were, in fact a Terrorist attack and she was told the names of the group(s) involved!
In an email from Tyler Drumheller to Hillary Clinton, Mrs. Clinton was told:

This is now 100% irrefutable proof that Hillary Clinton and every single member of the US Intelligence Community who spoke publicly about the attack, DELIBERATELY LIED to the American people, claiming the attack was a spontaneous eruption of outrage over some Youtube video which insulted Islam.
One day after the attacks, the State Department had this information and so did Hillary Clinton, yet Mrs. Clinton continued to tell the public the attack was due to a video, and all the National Security people - Like Susan Rice - who appeared on the Sunday Morning talk shows days later, perpetuated that deliberate LIE.
The amount of data that has been dumped is monumental: 543 MB.   It is going to take quite awhile for me to get through it.  Loads and loads of repetition; where someone wrote a memo and distributed it to a list of people, then numerous recipients copied Hillary Clinton on that memo.  It's like a giant circle jerk - almost as though people do this stuff to justify their existence.

Another interesting development, quite a number of pages were DENIED to the Intelligence Committee by the State Department!  Entire pages of emails are blanked out with a giant stamp across them like this:

Now that Donald Trump is President, it seems to me that the State Department can give the Intelligence Committee these previously denied documents.  After all, there's nothing to hide . . . . right?  

Within the files dumped today is a notification from the National Archive that a Hard Disk with 2 Terabytes of data from the Clinton Administration was apparently "stolen."  The disk likely contained personally identifying info for most of the Clinton White House Staff.   

More to come, check back.


George said...

Scott I thought this would be all over the alternate media this morning. I haven't seen a thing.

Scott said...

George - i checked this am w same results. Ill keep checking periodicallly esp ith the site above for any updates