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Will Syria And Iraq Become Washington's Stalingrad?

Christmas 2015: Will Syria & Iraq Become Washington's Stalingrad?

73 years ago on Christmas Eve 1942 German troops sang Silent Night on a European wide radio Christmas programfrom the distant battlefields of Nazi conquest outside Leningrad in the North and from surrounded Stalingrad on the southern Eastern Front to the Middle East. Also all across Nazi occupied Europe, from Italy and Norway to the Atlantic coastlines of Fortress Europe the soldiers sang to their families and listeners back home starting to question the promises of Nazi victory propaganda.
The Dangers of Empire Overreach in 1942 & 2016
Yes Germany excelled at propaganda, as does the establishment cable and print news media in the United States today. Although the radio show had the intended propaganda effect of temporarily raising civilian morale, Germany and their fair weather allies were already stretched way too thin around the expansive parameter of Nazi conquered and occupied territory.

Now on Christmas 2015 there is a Washington military effort also stretched too far among our many distant conquests, peacekeeping missions, occupations and attempts to secure oil resources and pipelines. Our foreign policy is designed to perpetuate the failing petrodollar system. Like the Germans 70 plus years ago, our allies and local populations generally hate us and our attempts to go after local resistance groups only results in the growth of more anti-American groups we describe as terrorists.
In America Today Political Correctness Is Just Fascism By Another Name
Unlike the German's singing Christmas hymns in the 1940's, in the Washington politically correct military today the songs would certainly be secular rather than religious in nature. American soldiers are not permitted to promote Christianity because in the modern US military soldiers are often court martialed even for failing to remove Bible verses from their computers.
But there are some scary parallels between the Nazi Empire of the 1940's and the Washington Empire and conquests today that revolve around the Petrodollar system that has maintained the dollar reserve currency status since the end of World War Two. This dollar world reserve currency model required that oil was only priced and sold in dollars forced all foreign nations buying and importing oil to keep major dollar reserves to pay for their oil imports guaranteed a permanent and expanding demand for dollars around the world.
Three Middle East countries first broke the oil/dollar requirement and threatened the petrodollar system including Iraq, Libya and Iran hence the US military attempts to violently overthrow these governments to maintain Washington hegemony and the dollar.
Washington's War Fever 
America has plenty of population to increase military forces unlike Germany in 1942 but we are reaching the limit to voluntary military enlistments in a time of permanent war and repeated overseas assignments. Also the continuous terror threats since 9/11 as well as real and orchestrated plots are being questioned by a growing number of alternative Internet media sites and polls show Americans no longer trust Congress or the media establishment.
I fear the political leadership has determined a real war of limited scope and duration may be the best way to regain control of the situation and inspire the American people to sacrifice and support their political leadership. Also a war scenario will allow Washington, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve to transfer the blame for the looming death of the Petrodollar to foreign adversaries like Russia, China and Iran. This will provide political cover to a decade long recession and dramatically reduced economic growth and prosperity as the death of the petrodollar works its way through the US economy over the next few years.
Looking Back To 1942
Few military historians would question that the German Wehrmacht was the best led, trained and most highly motivated military force in the world. But remember Germany still lost the war because they were out numbered and fighting on too many fronts.
The German weapon superiority was complete until the Soviet T-34 and KV tanks entered the picture and the overwhelming manufacturing power of the US, Soviet Union and the British Empire doomed Germany to eventual defeat although it wasn't necessarily apparent at the time.
Today on Christmas 2015 the well-led and highly motivated American forces with the best in weaponry, aircraft and carriers are also stretched far too thin across Afghanistan, Asia and the Middle East. While Republican politicians in the presidential debates want to put "boots on the ground" in Iraq and Syria, the Obama Administration has reduced funding for weapons and soldiers resulting in far too few troops, air and naval forces to cover the multiplying trouble spots across the Middle East and Asia. This is even more concerning when you see our aircraft and naval vessels goading China into a fight or military incident in the Spratly Islands.
Like the Germans 70 plus years earlier we want to control oil and gas reserves, resources and pipelines while keeping the military pressure on China, Russia and Iran. Our previous actions have already destroyed the countries of Iraq and Syria and more nations in the Middle East are now considering switching to Russia over the US.
Remember the German Reich didn't have enough troops to defend its conquered lands and had to rely on weak allied troops. Thus when the Soviet's encircled Stalingrad they attacked the weak German flanks held only by second-rate Rumanian troops without the modern weaponry required to hold back the Soviet attack and the rest is history.
It is much the same for outnumbered American troops today in or near the Shia Crescent. Bush invaded Iraq to overthrew Saddam but took out the leading country able to hold the Sunni line against Iran. Although we had much freedom of action earlier after the fall of the Soviet Union but now with Putin's leadership and a modernized Russian military the Washington days of having a free pass to pursue our goals in the Middle East without Russian hindrance and pushback are over.
Washington's Petrodollar System Is Dying!
Today the Washington Petrodollar system is in terminal collapse with China, Russia, Iran and many nations trading oil and natural gas with a wide variety of currencies and credits. In addition, the refugees from our Middle East actions have weakened the euro and now threaten the stability of Europe. This has made the dollar rise in value temporarily against the euro and I believe this is a planned outcome. All designed to weaken the euro and provide the appearance of near term strength to the dollar in a desperate attempt to buy time for US political leadership.
In closing, Washington is in a race to create instability, possibly a military incident and even a limited war before the final Petrodollar collapse in order to put the blame of a future dollar and debt crisis on a foreign adversary rather at than at home where it belongs. The problem for them in early 2016 is time may be running out as markets and currencies are reacting to the consequences of too much world debt, market and central bank manipulation and a global recession resulting in the collapse of oil demand and prices.
So my suggestion for investors is to follow China and Russia and increase your personal gold holdings now at record low prices. Also consider diversifying portfolios outside US stocks and jurisdictional, regulatory and presidential executive order risks.
I hope I'm wrong but I fear Washington is trying to provoke a war in the Middle East to cover the coming collapse of the Petrodollar system and the American economy when the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency. The war is necessary to blame the coming dollar and debt collapse on Russia and China rather where it belongs on Wall Street, the central banking cartel and Washington political establishment.
Remember while a Washington provoked war or conflict is likely to start in the Shia Crescent; it could spread across the Middle East and into Europe.

I have never seen more buzz about a potential terror attack during the holiday season than I am seeing right now.
Over the past couple of weeks, the mainstream media and the alternative media have both been full of headlines about the possibility of terrorism on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve.  And personally, I have had numerous people contact me with their concerns or regarding something that they have heard from others.  In addition to threats from ISIS, there are many out there that are completely convinced that we could soon see a major false flag incident in the United States.  So are any of these rumors true?  Will we soon see a major terror incident in America?  I want to make it very clear that I do not know.  As an attorney, I have been trained to come to conclusions based on the evidence, and at this moment I do not have anything completely solid to report to you.  But I do believe that it is noteworthy that there is so much buzz about a potential terror attack that is coming in from so many different directions.
For example, earlier today a mainstream news report indicated that authorities had discovered a “credible threat” against New York City.  The phrase “credible threat” was later retracted, but it is a fact that NYPD Commissioner William Bratton did hold “an emergency meeting” on Tuesday to address the threat of terror…
Top NYPD brass including Commissioner William Bratton held an emergency meeting Tuesdayto discuss the need for increased vigilance, sources said.
All New York City police officers received a bulletin Tuesday afternoon outlining the department’s tactical plan and warning officers to stay vigilant, according to sources. That internal memo mentioned social media being used as a tactic and that a possible attack could come without warning.
Expect to see increased police presence at iconic locations across multiple boroughs, including Times Square, St. Patrick’s Cathedral for Midnight Mass on Thursday, and Barclays Center in Brooklyn, marking the first time a threat has sparked a swell of police presence in a borough other than Manhattan.
In Germany, it is being reported that a former ISIS fighter is telling authorities that ISIS is planning “coordinated attacks across multiple European cities”
ISIS are threatening coordinated attacks across multiple European cities, a former militant who escaped from the terror group has revealed.
The former Islamic State fighter – called Harry S – recently escaped from the group in Syria and is now being questioned by the authorities in Germany.
He says, along with other fighters, he was asked if he would “bring jihad to their homeland”.
Could he be telling the truth?
You never know.  He might just be blowing a lot of hot air.  But after what recently took place in Paris and San Bernardino, we all need to be more diligent.
And without a doubt, it is quite probable that the next attack could be bigger than anything else that we have seen so far.  That same ex-ISIS fighter told the Germans that ISIS wants “something that happens everywhere at the same time”
Worryingly, as reported by Der Spiegel, he told police: “They want something that happens everywhere at the same time.
“All you need is to take a big knife, and go down to the streets and slighter every infidel you encounter.”
And there is some evidence that radical Islamists have been planning just such an attack inside the United States.  Just check out what authorities found when they recently raided the home of a 19-year-old jihadist in Pennsylvania
Thursday, The U.S. Department of Justice announced the arrest of 19-year-old Jalil Ibn Ameer Aziz, who lived in a home with his parents in the 1700 block of Fulton Street in Harrisburg.
According to an affidavit, Aziz was preparing to conduct or assist in an attack in the U.S. An investigation also revealed that Aziz attempted to aid ISIS supporters in traveling to Syria for the purpose of becoming ISIS fighters.
On November 27, investigators raided Aziz’s home and found five loaded M4-style high-capacity magazines, a modified kitchen knife, a thumb drive, medication and a balaclava inside a backpack Aziz’s kept inside a closet.
We also know that the San Bernardino shooters had accumulated quite an arsenal in their home as well.  Mike Adams of Natural News believes that this is yet more evidence that a “multi-city ISIS attack” was being planned…
I have reason to believe that a massive, multi-city ISIS attack will be unleashed across America in the near future.
Why do I believe this? Because the evidence points to the likelihood that the San Bernardino ISIS terrorists disobeyed orders and prematurely initiated their attack on a relatively small group. The twelve pipe bombs and thousands of rounds of ammunition found in their apartment point to the realization that they were preparing for something much larger.
If you’re a terrorist, you don’t build twelve pipe bombs and then leave them behind during your attack. You use them in large crowds, of course, to maximize the bloodshed and terror factor. The very existence of these pipe bombs — if indeed they weren’t planted by the feds — means that another, larger attack was in the planning stages and approaching activation.
Whether we see a major attack within the next couple of weeks or not, it is inevitable that the next one will happen at some point.  I think that the holidays are a flashpoint in particular because they have a great deal of symbolic meaning and because there are such large public gatherings of people around Christmas and on New Year’s Eve.
And the federal government recognizes this as well.  As Christmas draws closer, FEMA has been helping churches prepare for “active shooter incidents“, and the feds will be keeping a very close eye on New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York City and elsewhere.
Of course many Americans do not have much faith in the ability of the federal government to protect them.  In fact, there are some that are simply going to avoid any large public gatherings of people until after the holidays are over.
So are those individuals being paranoid or prudent?

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