Friday, December 18, 2015

Approaching The Tribulation As The Stage Is Being Set

It is relatively easy to see what the world will look like during the Tribulation just by reading Revelation 6-18 and various scriptures contained in the book of Daniel. The movement towards totalitarianism and a tyrannical form of government is taking shape, not only in the U.S. but also in Europe. Recent news only confirms these trends:

"What was once unthinkable is now unstoppable," boasted U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.  More ominous words were never spoken. 

Ban was congratulating himself and nearly two hundred of his global elite cohorts on their achievement in signing the Paris Agreement on climate change.  In classic progressive style, however, his pep rally sloganeering was also a none-too-subtle threat, à la "Forward."  For as the Agreement makes perfectly clear, the "what" that was once unthinkable, but is now seemingly unstoppable, is the world's drunken march into international neo-Marxism, aka global tyranny. 

The great revolution of political progressivism was its creation of an intermediary mechanism, the administrative state, to filter the relation between the oppressors and the oppressed.  The regulatory bureaucracy depersonalizes tyranny, diluting its real meaning with legalistic paperwork and soporific incrementalism.  

The bureaucratic labyrinth, with its officious, abstract, uncommunicative language, is the perfect guardian for the craven greed and power lust that occupy the offices on the top floor but dare not show their true faces in a "democratic" society. 

With obscure jargon and banal committee reports, the administrative state trivializes the property-obliteration of confiscatory taxes, the horror of government-normalized mass killing (from "abortion on demand" to "palliative care"), the moral outrage of state-controlled child-rearing ("public school"), and the freedom-slaying thousand cuts of state-micromanaged daily life, recasting them as mere annoyances, equivalent to household chores. 

History will someday show that the great coup of progressive authoritarianism was its translation of despotic decrees into the language of white papers, statistical analyses, and policy proposals.

In the spirit of this world-historical transformation, the United Nations' Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change, at the conclusion of its twenty-first session, has issued the document, "Adoption of the Paris Agreement."  True to form, the document is dominated by nineteen pages of procedural hokum before finally getting around to including the twelve-page Agreement itself.

But the true heart of the Agreement, and its clearest concrete achievement, appears in Article 2, paragraph 2:

2. This Agreement will be implemented to reflect equity and the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, in the light of different national circumstances.

This statement, parsed carefully, is just a clunky, bureaucratic rendition of the principle Karl Marx borrowed from French socialist Louis Blanc: "From each ['common but differentiated responsibilities'] according to his ability ['respective capabilities'], to each according to his needs ['different national circumstances']." 

This sentence, in nearly identical phrasing, is repeated throughout the document to reinforce the point that this Marxist collectivist ideal, applied at the global level, is the guiding principle of the entire Agreement.

In other words, the commitment to economic control is total, though the implementation of that control will of necessity be gradual.  For a touch of progressive nostalgia, perhaps, the Agreement even adopts the old communist methodology of five-year plans:

The globalists are elated because they know they have taken their greatest leap forward, with the world's most powerful government, having access to the world's biggest cookie jar, now officially on board and fully committed to the goals of supra-national government and global redistribution. 

 This really is historic.  It symbolically ends progressivism's long struggle against all national resistance to its twin goals of global rule by an unelected elite and the gradual dissolution of national sovereignty.  

Climate change may finally fulfill its promise as the vehicle whereby traditional nationhood -- the ultimate bulwark against the universalist dreams of tyrannical souls -- is weakened beyond repair. 

For those newly disillusioned by the disjunction between progressive declarations and progressive reality, here is a simple translation, though not the kind they feed through the earpieces at the U.N.  When progressives say they desire equality, they mean power and wealth.  When they say they want to save the planet, they mean they want to protect their power and wealth.  When they say "people over profits," they mean all people other than themselves should live without profits.  When they talk of peace, they mean universal submission.  When they speak of sustainability, they mean coercively restricted growth and development for "the masses."  

And when they speak of "global governance," well, they mean global governance -- a world under their collective control in which, ultimately, there is nowhere for a free soul to hide, no unviolated frontier to which one might escape, no hope of living beyond reach of their regulations, their propaganda, their childhood indoctrination, their denial of property rights, and their disposal of your earnings, your labor, and your life as they see fit, for the purpose of perpetuating their power and wealth.
So Ban Ki-moon may be right: "What was once unthinkable is now unstoppable."  Or nearly so; to the progressives' chagrin, a lot of people still own guns.

If you don’t know who Cass Sunstein is, or what he does now would be a good time to do some research. Not only because of his position with the White House and the power that entails, but because he understands quite clearly what problems are posed by people who, in his own words are, “…neither ignorant, not ill-educated. On the contrary they can be spectacularly well informed…”

Those who sit at the top of an empire in decline often employ the same tactics that their predecessors have used throughout history in order to remain in power; suppression of dissent, violent retaliation against those who resist, open condemnation of those who are often the most stalwart supporters of the earlier forms of the same government and eventually the emptying of the treasury and plundering of resources while the masses suffer. The employ various techniques of coercion and dependency as well as draconian measures in security and intelligence. One of the hallmarks of a failing regime is the way they turn a blind eye to the flagrant criminality of those at the top while increasingly stifling even the mildest forms of dissent at the bottom. Employing men like Cass Sunstein to float the idea that conspiracy theories are the seedbed of violent terrorist cells is only the beginning.

Many people believe that the restriction on free speech, the rise of the PC movement, the talk of microaggressions and safe spaces are about protecting marginalized minorities when in fact they are nothing more than tools used to entrench the positions of power, to eliminate resistance to their aims and objectives and to silence, once and for all every voice that fails to sing in the chorus of the State. The reason men like Cass Sunstein are employed by the State is because the veil has begun to fall. 

When people begin to question the veracity of the government, the next step, logically, is to question the legitimacy of the institutions that keep it in power. It is not a safe or reassuring thing to believe that your government is capable of plotting to kill you or those you love for it’s own ends, it is frightening, and demoralizing. It is also the first step in reclaiming our sovereignty. Just as no rational person would want to remain in a relationship with someone who repeatedly lies and cheats, neither would they be expected to offer allegiance to a State that would do worse.

American citizens who have been paying attention to what is going on in Washington, District of Corruption, realize what the Ryan Omnibus bill has sold the American public south. The sheeple and those who are oblivious to the activities in our nation's capital do not realize that the united States is lost, unless Americans are willing to stop the insanity and chaos created by Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah.

According to author Diana West, America is witnessing an alignment of Democratic and Republican elites that work toward moving this nation toward socialism.Speaking with Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon, West stated the latest omnibus bill, costing over $1 trillion, reflects the priorities of the Democratic and Republican elite instead of real conservatism. She claims the budget deal is "the definition of what the party elites are, the people in power are, but I don't think it's the definition of what a conservative is."

"There has been this movement really for 80 years in our history, of socialization….in terms of introducing the tools and mechanisms and practices of socialism into our economy, into our thinking, into our culture" West said. "Even on the right side of the spectrum there is very little consciousness that there's anything else or that there ever was anything else. "

Simply put, it is time for united States citizens to decide if they want to be a citizen of the nation established under the Constitution of the united States of America or a subject of a nation ruled by a monarchy, dictator or elite group of people who "rule," not govern, based on their needs.

If readers remember, a while back I penned an article published here at Freedom Outpost entitled, "Is What the Media Tells Us Truth or is there Another Plausible Explanation?" In that article, two statements were made telling readers, "What I believe or do not believe is irrelevant. What is relevant is the truth." The problem right now is Americans do not know what the truth is, and honestly, they care not to find out. We, as a population, have grown arrogant, ignorant and self-serving, turning away from God in favor of our own misplaced superiority. Many, even in so-called conservative circles, were sucked into the disastrous web of collectivist internationalist globalist enterprise thinking.

The terrorist attack in San Bernardino is being used for Obama to issue additional restrictions on gun purchases through using the "no-fly" list. Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy is petitioning the Obama administration for that list to restrict then confiscate guns from those on that list. If you've been paying attention, you read Tim Brown's article where he stated, "Though there are laws against the federal government maintaining a registry of gun owners, it appears the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is being used to create a national registry, and the feds basically admitted openly in news reports that they have been violating those laws."

Once on that list, you have no due process rights to use in order to have your name removed. There is not one thing that prevents the federal government from adding anyone's name to that list, then the State using it to confiscate firearms. So much for, "if you're not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about."

Confiscation will not be done en masse. It will be done a little at a time to acclimate the citizenry into thinking the government is taking weapons from potential terrorists. It will be law-abiding citizens who have never committed a crime that will have their firearms confiscated just because their name was on the list. When the federal government hits your neighborhood, there might not be anyone to stand with you, including the Sheriff. Criminals, law enforcement, the military, Secret Service, FBI and other government agencies will still have their weapons, but law-abiding citizens will not.

The United States of America, as we know her, is lost, unless we ditch our arrogance, ignorance and pride, return to God through repentance, request forgiveness for our folly, and begin to unify across all divides to challenge the ones who seek to make us subjects instead of citizens. For, if we do not, a genocide is coming committed by government through unconstitutional, illegal, unlawful and criminal acts and we will be defenseless to stop it. Many warnings issued have come to pass and warnings are still being ignored. Poo Poo and raspberry all you want. It won't change anything.

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