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Sarin Materials Brought To ISIS Via Turkey, Evangelical Pastor On Trial For Branding Islam 'Satanic', Where Is The 3rd San Bernardino Shooter?

EXCLUSIVE: Sarin materials brought via Turkey & mixed in Syrian ISIS camps – Turkish MP to RT

Islamic State terrorists in Syria received all necessary materials to produce deadly sarin gas via Turkey, Turkish MP Eren Erdem has told RT, insisting there are grounds to believe a cover up has taken place.

The main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) member, Erdem, brought up the issue for public discussion in parliament last week, citing evidence from an abruptly-closed criminal case. He accused Ankara of failing to investigate Turkish supply routes used to provide terrorists with toxic sarin gas ingredients.

“There is data in this indictment. Chemical weapon materials are being brought to Turkey and being put together in Syria in camps of ISIS which was known as Iraqi Al Qaeda during that time," Erdem told RT.
Sarin gas is a military-grade chemical that was used in a notorious attack on Ghouta and several other neighborhoods near the Syrian capital of Damascus in 2013. The attacks were pinned on the Syrian leadership, who in turn agreed to get rid of all chemical weapons stockpiles under a UN-brokered deal amid an imminent threat of US intervention.
Addressing parliamentarians on Thursday, Erdem showed a copy of the criminal case number 2013/120 that was opened by the General Prosecutor's Office in the city of Adana in southern Turkey.
The investigation revealed that a number of Turkish citizens took part in negotiations with Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) representatives on the supply of sarin gas. Pointing to evidence cited in the criminal case, he said that wiretapped phone conversations proved that an Al-Qaeda militant, Hayyam Kasap, acquired sarin.
“These are all detected. There are phone recordings of this shipment like ‘don't worry about the border, we’ll take care of it' and we also see the bureaucracy is being used,” continued Erdem.
Based on the gathered evidence Adana authorities conducted raids and arrested 13 suspects in the case. But a week later, inexplicably, the case was closed and all the suspects immediately crossed the Turkish-Syrian border, Erdem said.

Speaking to RT, Erdem said that according to some evidence Turkish Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation was also involved, with some unconfirmed reports pointing in the direction of a government cover up, with Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag’s involvement.

“When I read the indictment, I saw clearly that these people have relationships with The Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution of Turkey and they don’t have any worries about crossing the border. For example in Hayyam Kasap's phone records, you hear him saying sarin gas many times, saying that the ateliers are ready for production, materials are waiting in trucks which were supposedly carrying club soda,” he told RT.

Furthermore, Erdem argues that the West purposely blamed the regime of Bashar Assad for the August 2013 attacks and used it as part of the pretext to make US military intervention in Syria possible. The MP said that evidence in Adana’s case, according to his judgment, proves that IS was responsible.

“For example the chemical attack in Ghouta. Remember. It was claimed that the regime forces were behind it. This attack was conducted just days before the sarin operation in Turkey. It’s a high probability that this attack was carried out with those basic materials shipped through Turkey. It is said the regime forces are responsible but the indictment says it’s ISIS. UN inspectors went to the site but they couldn’t find any evidence. But in this indictment, we’ve found the evidence. We know who used the sarin gas, and our government knows it too,” he said.
“All basic materials are purchased from Europe. Western institutions should question themselves about these relations. Western sources know very well who carried out the sarin gas attack in Syria. They know these people, they know who these people are working with, they know that these people are working for Al-Qaeda. I think is Westerns are hypocrats about the situation,” he concluded.

A pastor is facing a court trial this week on a government charge that his message, delivered through a public electronic communications because it was online, was grossly offensive to the point of being criminal.
The decision that results from the case, which is based on the pastor’s description of Islam as a “doctrine spawned in hell,” could determine whether Christian pastors will be allowed to preach biblical doctrine in the United Kingdom going forward.
U.TV in the United Kingdom reports that Pastor James McConnell, 78, of Shore Road, Newtownabbey, is facing a three-day trial for charges stemming from alleged violations of the 2003 Communications Act.
There are two charges pending, the improper use of a public electronic communications network and causing a “grossly offensive message” to be distributed, the report said.
His sermon, delivered from the pulpit of Whitewell Metropolitan Chapel of north Belfast, will be the subject of the Belfast Magistrates Court case.
The Daily Mail reported some weeks ago that hundreds turned out in support of McConnell, when the pastor made an initial court appearances.
“I believe, for the prosecution, this is a hot potato,” the Mail reported he said at the time. “They don’t know how to handle it.”
He said he was “looking forward to testifying if they give me a chance. Either they try me and put me in prison or I am free to preach the gospel.”
The report said hundreds of supporters turned out to stand with the pastor.
“Some of whom were carrying banners and placards which read ‘We Support Pastor McConnell’ and ‘evil Shariah law is not welcome in our country,’” the report said.
They cheered and sang hymns.
The report said as he shook hands with supporters, McConnell said, “I will stand firm for the gospel. I will not relent one inch.”
His lawyer said at the time there was a multitude volunteering to speak on behalf of the preacher.

Like many shocked and horrified Americans, I watched the events of the San Bernardino jihad massacre unfolding in real time. Several eyewitnesses were certain: There were, from the very first, three shooters. Police scanner broadcasts and news reports all said the same thin

Scott Pelley of CBS Evening News interviewed one eyewitness, Sara Abdelmageed. She said: "I heard shots fired and it was from – you know – an automatic weapon. … As we looked out the window, a second set of shots goes off … and we saw a man fall to the floor. Then we just looked and we saw three men dressed in all black, military attire, with vests on. They were holding assault rifles. As soon as they opened up the doors to building three, one of them started to shoot into the room."
Pelley picked up on the number of shooters, asking her: "You are certain you saw three men?" Abdelmageed answered: "Yes. It looked like their skin color was white. They look like they were athletic build, and they appeared to be tall."

Juan Hernandez, another eyewitness, saw the same thing: three men. He said the shooters were "three white men in military fatigues" who "took off" in a "black Impala or SUV."

CBS Evening News titled one of its early reports: "Officials: 2 of 3 suspects dead in San Bernardino shooting."
And then the third man disappeared. Media reports stop mentioning him. No law enforcement officials appear to be searching for him. He is gone without a trace, and no one has even noticed that he is missing, or was ever there in the first place.

The vanishing of this third man recalls the disappearance of the third man who was involved in the Oklahoma Federal building bombing with Timothy McVeigh. Jayna Davis of KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City reported on an FBI alert for "Middle Eastern-looking" suspects – an alert that was later canceled.

 I watched in real time what happened to the jihadis' apartment in San Bernardino. I was shocked, and livebloggedwhen the unthinkable happened after the murders: Reporters were let into the jihad killers' home in large numbers, contaminating evidence left and right and obstructing an investigation that was ongoing. The Spectator reported:

Former NYPD Det. Harry Houck said, "This apartment clearly is full of evidence," he explained. "I don't see any fingerprint dust on the walls where they went in there and checked for fingerprints for other people that might have been connected to these two. You've got documents laying all over the place – you've got shredded documents that need to be taken out of there and put together to see what was shredded," Houck added. "You have passports, driver's licenses – now you have thousands of fingerprints all over inside this crime scene."

David Bowdich, the assistant director of the FBI's Los Angeles office, tried to explain why this happened, and only ended up arousing more suspicion. He said: "Once the residents have the apartment and we're not in it anymore, we don't control it. Once we turn that location back over to the occupants of that residence or once we board it up, anyone who goes in at that point, that's got nothing to do with us."
Houck, the former NYPD detective, didn't believe that, and explained why: "I tell you I am so shocked. This is detective 101 for crying out loud. It looks like there are dozens of people in there totally destroying a crime scene which is still vital in this investigation because we don't know how many other people that they were connected with in this thing. There might be tons of fingerprints in there that we need to look at to see if there is any kind of connection to those fingerprints or some people that may be on a watch list or something else."
Where is the third man? Why was the apartment opened up and the fingerprint evidence destroyed?
Something is rotten in San Bernardino.

The National Women’s Studies Association has voted by a huge majority to join the worldwide Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

Their annual conference passed the measure by a 653-86 vote, and their full membership of 12,000 will vote on it in the next two months.

That means the NWSA is on the verge of becoming the fifth American academic association to boycott Israel since April 2013. It began then with the Association for Asian American Studies, and since that time the American Studies Association, the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, the American Anthropological Association, and now the NWSA have joined in.

The BDS movement is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and other radical and terror-supporting groups. Its aim is to “solve” the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by putting an end to Israel. Its leader are quite explicit about that.

For example, As’ad Abu Khalil: “Justice and freedom for the Palestinians are incompatible with the existence of the State of Israel.” Or Ahmed Moor: “OK, fine. So BDS does mean the end of the Jewish state…. In other words, BDS is not another step on the way to the final showdown; BDS is The Final Showdown.”
None of this, of course, deterred the women’s-studies scholars from signing-on to the movement. Considering that the vote was initiated by a group called Feminists for Justice in/for Palestine, the nature of BDS was undoubtedly an added attraction for many.

“As feminist scholars, activists, teachers, and public intellectuals,” the NWSA pontificates, “we recognize the interconnectedness of systemic forms of oppression. In the spirit of this intersectional perspective, we cannot overlook the injustice and violence, including sexual and gender-based violence, perpetrated against Palestinians and other Arabs in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, within Israel and in the Golan Heights, as well as the colonial displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians during the 1948 Nakba.”

The talk about “colonial displacement” puts the NWSA squarely in the camp of Fatah, Hamas, and the dissolve-Israel effort in general. The 1948 war resulted from the Arab side’s rejection of the UN partition resolution. Most of the Palestinians who left did so voluntarily. In that period 800,000 Jews were forcibly expelled from Arab countries.

Even more striking, though, is the reference to “sexual and gender-based violence.” Yes, there is such a problem in the Palestinian world. It doesn’t stem from Israel.

In February 2014 the Associated Press reported that:

Twenty-six women were slain by relatives in the West Bank and Gaza in 2013, twice as many as the year before, according to official figures. The rise stems from…ongoing leniency for those killing in the name of “family honor” and social acceptance of violence against women, women’s rights activists said….
They urged Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to repeal sections of a penal code that allows for short sentences of at most a few years for the perpetrators….
In Gaza, the longest sentence has been three years….

[Not to mention female genital mutilation, stoning, refusal to allow women to drive or to be in public alone etc etc etc]


D. Pearson said...

I agree with the shooter's apartment. That should have been sealed off with round the clock police standing by for at the very least, one month.

ally said...

San Bernardino is one if the poorest places in California. And southern California is well known world wide for its thug like police behavior. Huge gang connections in the LAPD and other local police. Im assuming the Feds should have taken over that investigation. But look who is in charge of them now. Justice will not be forthcoming with that Crew

D. Pearson said...

The FBI did take over the investigation. That's text book 101 crime scene preservation. This doesn't accidentally happen.