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Hamas Official Urges 'More Knives In Jews' Chests', Palestinian Attacks Shift To West Bank, The Coming 'Interfaith' Movement

WATCH: Hamas official urges more knives in Jews' chests

A top Hamas official in the Gaza Strip has called on all Palestinians to turn their weapons against Israelis, saying god created man “only to wage jihad” and “to plunge knives in the chests” of enemies.

In an address broadcast on Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV on October 19, former Gaza interior minister Fathi Hammad praised Palestinian “martyrs” who had committed themselves to the killing of Jews, who he called “the slayers of the prophets, the bloodsuckers, the killers of the martyrs.”

He called on Palestinian Authority security forces to turn their weapons against Israelies.

“If you are true Palestinians you will use (your) weapons not to carry out detentions, not for destruction and not to bury the intifada alive. If any Islamic, Palestinian, Arab, Jihadi blood runs through your veins you will turn (them against Israel).”

Hammad’s speech was uploaded and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The Hamas official praised the role of social media in promoting attacks on Israelis. “We salute the Facebook of Jihad, the Twitter of Jihad, the Whatsapp of Jihad. We salute anything wih Jihad in it.”

Allah, he said, had pledged to persecute the Jews and had created man “only to wage jihad, only to move forward, only to plunge their knives in the chests and bellies of the enemies.

“This intifada and this Jihad will never stop,” he cried.

Hamas has consistently encouraged terror attacks and violent demonstrations throughout the West Bank and Gaza throughout the recent period of unrest. The past month has seen near-daily stabbings and other attacks by Palestinians on Israelis, as well as widespread clashes in the West Bank.

The epicenter of the wave of Palestinian terrorism has shifted in recent days from the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem to Judea and Samaria.

According to diplomatic sources, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas issued a directive 10 days ago to halt all attacks in Jerusalem and instead place the focus on Judea and Samaria, with a special emphasis on the Gush Etzion and Hebron areas.

Israeli officials say that the attacks committed against Israeli civilians and passersby generated fierce international criticism. By concentrating their efforts in targeting soldiers in Judea and Samaria, the Palestinians believe that they could soften the blow of global public opinion.

Ever since the attacks have shifted to Judea and Samaria, security forces say there has been an overall drop in the violence. It appears that Israel has a much easier time dealing with knife-based terrorism aimed at soldiers than it does stopping attacks in the alleys of Jerusalem.

The sharp decrease in the number of attacks could be attributed mostly to the tighter security cooperation between the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), the IDF, and the elite units of both the army and the police in the Judea and Samaria theater. The dragnet and wave of arrests carried out in the last week is the most extensive since Operation Brother's Keeper, the code-name for the effort to track down the three kidnapped teenagers.

In the last week, over 200 wanted Palestinians have been arrested throughout the West Bank. The security forces have been active in detaining Palestinians from various villages, towns, and refugee camps. Of those arrested, 53 belong to the Islamist Hamas movement.

The considerable chasm between the security forces' ability to thwart attacks in the eastern parts of Jerusalem and attacks in the West Bank proves once again the extent to which the Palestinian Authority controls the Israeli Arabs of the capital, many of whom are now heeding the new directives. 

Conversely, this gap reflects just how little control the security forces have over the eastern parts of Jerusalem as it relates to intelligence and the thwarting of terror attacks.

The 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions was held October 15-19 in Salt Lake City, Utah. They estimated over fourteen thousand people attended this New Age (now called “interfaith”) convention at the cost of $500/person. This convention was well advertised for over a year. 

Many booths from differing faiths, political interfaith organizations, and seminaries were anxiously handing out their free literature and books to attendee’s as they walked through. 

As we made our way through the halls we saw Buddhist/ Hindu shrines and rooms filled with chanters. Tables were selling their t-shirts, books, sandalwood meditation beads, jewelry and pictures of the Dali Lama.

We were subjected to a constant hum of a drum and high pitched sounds ringing throughout the building, with signs hanging overhead that read “The earth is one we are one with the earth.” 

Environmental issues were a big topic because they believe we are part of the earth, and if the earth is sick we cannot heal the world. 

There were Indians dressed in their headdresses and clothing, seiks, Buddhist monks, Catholic priests, Jewish rabbis and, yes, Christians alike, jamming through halls to attend sessions. Media with their cameras conducted interviews, spiritual dancers in the background chanted, while late speakers were running up escalators to indoctrinate the masses. Most of the participants and speakers were women. 

Many of us have read books, or articles about the New Age movement; however, the focus of the New Age has mostly been covert via networking, infiltration, and spiritual indoctrination, especially so far as their goal of uniting the world under a one world religion and one world government. 

The Parliament of the World's Religions has an agenda and they are now very open about it. It is now an outright attack on the Christian church and the Word of God. They have decided they cannot have unity at all cost so they are trying something else: changing the doctrine of the simple Gospel of Jesus and Who He is. I was handed a booklet titled Global Ethic: A Call to our Guiding Institutions that stated: “The Parliament of the world’s religion seeks to promote interreligious harmony, rather than unity.” (p.1) 

They are not afraid to say that “an orthodox Bible believing Christian does not fit in our world nor will they be tolerated.” It was in our face. This Parliament is a sort of coming out of the closet for them, as was the Parliament’s in the past such as the one in 2009. 

I attended several sessions to get a grasp on the coming agenda of attacks on the Bible-believing church. I attended these sessions reluctantly, biting my tongue, but I noticed several phrases repeated over and over - to the point I stopped attending the third day as I could recite the chant by heart! 

The Christian view of “salvation” has the inclusion/exclusion message of “we are in - they are not.” The interfaith movement cites this as an evil. In other words, to say Salvation is by Christ alone, and there is a Hell and there is a Heaven is not accepting of other faiths. It is exclusive, unaccepting of other religions, especially because they believe “God accepts all, God is in all.” The Christian orthodox view of Heaven and Hell will no longer be tolerated as they says it divides humanity.

This was the topic discussed by Rev. Kristen Largen, editor of A Journal of Theology and dean and professor of systematic theology at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. She cited her new book about to come out, What Christians Can Learn from Buddhism: Rethinking Salvation.

“We must not have a you aren’t/we are mentality,”she believes. We must rethink this concept of salvation, which is seen as unloving, not really biblical. When advocating her 2013 book Finding God among Our Neighbors: An Interfaith Systematic Theology the review says that “she confronts Christian misconceptions and problematic issues of other traditions.” So our ideas that other religions such as Hindu or Islam is labeled a “misconception.” But I noticed that she cited Scripture to support her false beliefs and opinions. She said, “There is no definitive doctrine established by the Christian church that mandates one specific explanation of how Jesus saves.” (This is complete heresy!) 

Rev. Largen went on to say that “there are many different theories about that and the church endorses all of them.” She said, “The doctrine of the trinity has been established but not the doctrine of salvation…. We must rethink, reimagine the doctrine of salvation and it is quite consistent with the Christian tradition of salvation not a violation of it.” She said, “Salvation has three aspects 1. A person in need 2. A problematic situation 3. A solution to that situation, and one who provides it. Beyond this, much is up for grabs.” She ended up with saying that “the doctrine of the church is called apokatastasis, better known as the doctrine of universal salvation; that everyone is saved, regardless.” In short, universalism. As a side note she did mention Emergent leader Rob Bell's book Love Wins, another who more or less teaches the Bible is not relevant for today’s society and also redefinesSalvation and Hell. 

The propaganda pushed at these sessions was love, love, love, but not for the Word of God. Peace, peace, peace, but only after divisive “Christians are put in their place,” wherever that may be. Dialog, dialog, dialog; however, dialog is seen as divisive if you are a dogmatic Bible believing old patriarchal Christian. 

Another doctrine was evident. These people are “feeling oriented.” Everything is based on their feelings: if it feels good, it is God. If it sounds good, it is God. Experiences are held as gospel truth. Their intuition is truth and reality. 

This conference left me sad as I noticed babies, and pregnant new mommies, having chants spoken over their bellies. Old people, hobbling or being wheeled in chairs to the next event, were promised karma and the next life. I never felt so helpless, but I realized this is what the Lord meant the Way is narrow and few will find it. Christians are now seen as mean and unknowledgable, even while warning those to get out of the fire. 

President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and other senior level officials of the Obama administration have tried to assure the American people that the nuclear deal they negotiated with Iran, known more formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), is rock-solid. According to Kerry, the JCPOA “shuts off all of Iran’s pathways towards fissile material for a nuclear weapon and resolves the international community’s concerns about Iran’s nuclear program.”

In the ivory tower where Obama, Kerry and their fellow naïve negotiators operate, they think they have devised an agreement with clear, unambiguous terms to which Iran has fully subscribed. They also have convinced themselves that the deal is built on a strong foundation of international inspection mechanisms and carrot and stick incentives to ensure that Iran will comply. They are dreadfully wrong on all counts.

Khamenei stated that Iran will not take any steps to implement the JCPOA unless all sanctions are “completely removed.” Mere suspension of nuclear-related sanctions is totally inadequate, according to Khamenei’s guidelines. 

Khamenei is demanding what amounts to a clean bill of health from the IAEA with respect to "past and future issues (including the so-called Possible Military Dimensions or PMD of Iran's nuclear program)" before Iran will even begin carrying out its obligations to ship out of the country much of its enriched uranium and to repurpose its nuclear reactor at Arak.

Khamenei is insisting that by Year 15 Iran be permitted to have 190,000 “separative work units,” or SWUs, of uranium enrichment capacity – nearly eight times the current SWU capacity of Iran's centrifuge enrichment facilities at Natanz and Fordow. SWUs measure uranium enrichment efficiency.

In short, according to MEMRI authors Carmon and Savyon, this condition “nullifies the declared goal of the JCPOA, which is to reduce Iran's nuclear enrichment capabilities.”

To say there is a fundamental disconnect between the Obama administration and Ayatollah Khamenei over the terms of the JCPOA is a vast understatement. Khamenei’s new conditions would nullify the essence of the deal the Obama administration thought it had negotiated, although you would not know it from the deafening silence of the Obama administration in the face of Khamenei’s post-deal demands. Khamenei knows he is dealing with a weak U.S. president. He knows that Obama is desperate for anything he can call a deal. And he is exploiting Obama’s weakness and desperation to the hilt.

Adding insult to injury, Iran just recently tested an intercontinental ballistic missile reportedly designed with the capability to deliver a nuclear weapon. Iran’s action violates the current international embargo on its missile program, as even the Obama administration has conceded. Indeed, UN Ambassador Samantha Power said, “We can confirm that Iran launched on Oct. 10 a medium-range ballistic missile inherently capable of delivering a nuclear weapon.” 

As Iranian political analyst and former presidential adviser Mohammad Sadeq Al-Hosseini predicted nearly two years ago: “when you conduct political negotiations with Iran, you lose even when you think you have won.” (Source: MEMRI)
With the tough economic sanctions against Iran in his pocket, President Obama had a strong winning hand going into the nuclear deal negotiations. He threw it all away, capitulating to Iran’s demands which Khamenei continues to compound. The response from the White House to Khamenei’s further demands and to Iran’s violation of the missile embargo is little more than a whimper. 

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