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China Warns U.S., Berlin Ready To Restore Ties With Russia, Soft Tyranny Hardening

China warns US against ‘minor’ incidents that could ‘spark war’

China has issued its strongest warning yet to the US over an incident during which a US destroyer sailed within territorial waters of China’s man-made islands in the South China Sea, claiming that US faces running the risk of “a minor incident that sparks war.”
On Tuesday, the Aegis destroyer USS Lassen entered within 12 nautical miles of Subi Reef, an undersea cliff in the South China Sea, which Beijing turned into an artificial island. The destroyer was reportedly traveling with a Navy surveillance airplane near the contested Spratly Islands. China views the man-made creation as part of its territory and claims territorial sovereignty over the waters surrounding it.
Addressing the issue of US intrusion on Thursday in a video teleconference, Admiral Wu Shengli warned the chief of US naval operations Admiral John Richardson to refrain from further “provocative acts”.
“If the United States continues with these kinds of dangerous, provocative acts, there could well be a seriously pressing situation between frontline forces from both sides on the sea and in the air, or even a minor incident that sparks war,” Wu said, according to a Chinese naval statement.
Following the incident Beijing had summoned the American ambassador to protest the “provocative” maneuver that according to China’s foreign ministry placed personnel and infrastructure on the island in jeopardy. Close to 200 Chinese troops are believed to be stationed at Subi reef. The reef is also claimed by Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines.

War News – As the Obama administration announces there will be boots on the ground in SyriaRussia issues a dire warning of “unpredictable consequences” to what they consider an “illegal, big mistake,”  while at the same time China is issuing their own warnings over America’s US warship near disputed islands in the South China Sea, stating it is a “threat to China’s sovereignty” and Chinese state media outlet the Global Times stating that Beijing should now “prepare for the worst” and that Beijing “is not frightened to fight a war with the US in the region. (Source)
Tensions continue to rise between the U.S. and Russia and yet more “incidents” threaten to spark the powder keg into all out war.

Nuclear News – With the recent headlines and warnings of a slow-burning fire less than a quarter of a mile away from 8,700 tons of radioactive barium sulfate in St. Louis, which is the location of nuclear waste left over from the federal government’s Manhattan Project, a program that developed nuclear weapons, which has residents concerned and officials in a scramble.


A look at history, namely Chernobyl and Fukushima shows the incredible dangers of a nuclear disaster, only this one is in America’s backyard.

Economic News– While the U.S. government hails an “official” unemployment rate of 5.1 percent, they downplay the fact that thre are more children and families living in poverty in the U.S. than there were during the recession. They also downplay the fact that the 5.1 percent is not due to more people working, but that  a record breaking 93,626,000 Americans are no long even part of the work force, hitting a 38 year low,  despite being in good health and capable of working.

The retail industry is in shambles with hundreds upon hundreds of stores closing, downsizing or going bankrupt, the U.S. dollars reign as world reserve currency is approaching an end according the historical data averaging of how long any currency holds that status, exports are down with Dr. Jim Willie asserting that we are facing a monthly $50 billion trade deficit…. and despite all of that, the mainstream media continues to tell the hapless that we are in a “recovery.”

Berlin is ready to restore its relationship with Russia, clearly understanding that it would “create friction” with Washington, which, in turn, will use all its influence over Eastern European states to restrain the rapprochement of the two. But for now, Germany is only “testing the waters” before its final decision, according to Stratfor.

Berlin is “testing the waters before making a decision on the future of Germany's relationship with Russia,” according to an article published on the website of an American intelligence agency Stratfor (also known as Strategic Forecasting and widely known as the  "shadow CIA") following the meeting between President Putin and German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel in Moscow on Wednesday.

“Germany sent a signal Wednesday that it is rethinking its relationship with Russia, when Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow,” the article says.

“Berlin is looking for ways to modify or even lift the current punitive measures against Moscow. However, such a decision would probably create friction between Germany and most Central and Eastern European countries, which means that Berlin is still not ready for a formal change of direction,” it adds.

The author then gives his reasons why Russia and Germany might be of some interest to each other.

Russia is only Germany's 13th most important exports destination, he reasons, but at a time when Europe's economic recovery is still fragile and China's growth is slowing, Berlin probably thinks it needs to diversify its exports as much as possible.

“The EU sanctions against Moscow make exporting goods to Russia complicated. In addition, Germany and Russia had planned to increase trade before the crisis, with talks for trains, chemical plants and other projects on the table.”

“Germany is also interested in improving its ties with Russia for energy,” the article says, going into some detail.

“Germany is the largest consumer of Russian natural gas. This fact forces Berlin to make sure that German and Russian energy companies continue to cooperate. It also forces Berlin to balance between containing Moscow's influence in Central and Eastern Europe and making sure Russia continues to sell natural gas at affordable prices.”

Another reason, the article says, is that Germany sees Russia as a “key player in solving the crisis in Syria, which is directly linked to the increased arrival of asylum seekers in Europe.”

Besides, it says, “Germany has been softer than other Western European countries and the United States when it comes to discussing the future of Syrian President Bashar al Assad's government and the Syrian conflict.”
The above echoes a recent discourse of Ian Bremmer, TIME editor-at-large and the president of the Eurasia Group, who said that Europeans “have got sick of anti-Russian sanctions.”
The reason why Russia, in turn, is interested in Germany, Stratfor says, is that “the Kremlin has been actively lobbying many European countries, such as Italy and France, to ease sanctions — though Moscow knows that Germany is the key to unlocking the sanctions."

It seems that the majority of the Christian world are celebrating the Russian victory over ‘moderate rebels’ – pardon me, over US ‘assets’ – in Syria, as Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski beautifully put it. In Russia, they have even begun wearing t-shirts with pictures of the bombing of ‘assets’. Meanwhile, a kind of war on selfies taken on the battlefield between Russia and the ISIS has been launched on the Internet. In the Middle East, Russia is doing everything it can to help ‘moderate rebels’ meet their destiny and maker more quickly.

ISIS has so far excelled in public intimidation by publishing videos on the Internet, in which they usually cut off someone’s head. Now, Russians have started publishing online recordings, mostly of air raids with lots of the explosions which hit the ISIS centre. The world is beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel – at least when it comes to Christians.

Putin has no other way out, but to defend his territory against US ‘assets’ which, in the case of the fall of Syria, would strengthen the anti-Russian campaign in Chechnya and Dagestan. His successes in the Middle East also help him to win over public opinion, something evidenced in one of Jean-Claude Juncker’s most recent speeches:

In an audio message posted on YouTube, Mohammad al-Golani, the leader of the al-Nusra Front (which happens to be one of the US ‘assets’), described the Russian intervention in Syria as “a new Christian crusade from the East… The war in Syria will help the Russians forget about the horror of their war in Afghanistan.”

Even Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the father of these ‘assets’, stood up for them, threatening that if Russia will not stop wiping them out, the US will have to attack Russia. In other words, according to Dr Kevin Barrett: “It’s quite unimaginable that anyone could imagine America taking revenge on Russia for its attacks on al-Qaeda, but this is exactly what Brzezinski said,”

So who is the terrorist now, ‘asset’ or ‘moderate terrorist’? It is clear that the terrorists will not fight against each other, they will even not allow anyone else to do it. The only thing they can try to do is create another anti-terrorist ‘coalition’ against ISIS, which, just as before, will make ISIS stronger and provide them with the resources to expand areas under their control.

In just a few days of bombing, Russia managed to achieve in Syria what the so-called ‘antiterrorist coalition’ could not do in a year. The Russian raids also prevented the development of a situation similar to the one in Afghanistan, where the Americans, ‘fighting’ to eradicate the cultivation of heroin, increased drug production forty-two-fold. Are there some similarities here with the American struggle with ISIS? The US and its ‘assets’ were finally quite embarrassingly exposed.

In an interview published on the 8th of October by the UN News Centre, Peter Sutherland (a member of the Bilderberg Group), Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on international migration, said: “I will ask governments to work together to recognize that sovereignty is an illusion, that sovereignty is an absolute illusion that needs to be criticized. Days of hiding behind borders and walls are long gone. We must work together and cooperate to make the world a better place. Which means the abandonment of some old ideas from history, memories and images of our own countries and the recognition that we are a part of humanity.”

As the number of Islamic fundamentalists in Europe grows, they are gradually operating more and more outside of European laws. That’s what we are dealing with now. Islamists solve problems among themselves through their judges, or out on the streets. Rabbi David Bar-Hayim, director of the Machon Shilo iInstitute in Jerusalem, said“Here we are dealing with culture, whole tribes enslaved by their own civilization and religion that encourages people to murder, persecute, displace other people from their homes until the moment when the other party gains an advantage and will do exactly the same thing in relation to their former persecutors. Regardless of where these people are, they will continue their civil war, also in our countries.”

All the time, we are receiving signals that ISIS are planning large scale attacks in Europe. For example, the Parisian judge Marc Trevidic warns that testimonies given by the members of a fragmented terrorist group show that the Islamic State wants to organize series of parallel attacks, probably in the largest shopping malls in France.

In addition, Brzezinski’s Ukrainian ‘assets’ have also become active, already cooperating with its ‘assets’ from the Middle East. Dr. Lucyna KuliƄska, a Polish expert on Ukrainian nationalism, has said that

“Our intelligence noted that ISIS militants are leaving areas under their control. 600 mercenaries left their positions and are trying to get to Europe,” said General Kartapolov. In Syria, among terrorists from ISIS, but also among other organizations, there are many Europeans from the EU. When Putin started to seriously attack them, they went back to Europe. There are at least several thousand of them. They do not need to hide among the refugees – they have real EU passports.

The situation with so-called refugees leads to a revival of new anti –Islamic fundamentalist movement in Europe, such as the Polish “I am a Christian” movement, where members take photos of themselves with guns and then publish those pictures on Facebook.

What will it lead to? Probably to what is going on Germany, in which the police, begin to rebel against the policies of Merkel. Although let us not be under any illusion – the revolution will not be televised.

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Songs in the Night

And when they had sung an hymn, they went out into the mount of Olives. – Matt 26:30

This is the only record of our Lord’s singing when He was on the earth. It is worthy of special notice
that it was just as He was starting out to Gethsemane that He sung a hymn with His disciples. It would
not have seemed so strange to us if He had sung that night on the Transfiguration Mount, or the day
He entered Jerusalem amid the people’s hosannas, or on some other occasion of great gladness and
triumph; but that the only time we hear Him singing should be in the darkest night of His earthly life is
very suggestive.

It tells us of the deep gladness that was in the heart of Christ under all His griefs and sorrows. He knew
the agony into whose black shadows He was about to enter. He saw the cross, too, that stood just beyond
Gethsemane. Yet He went out toward the darkness with songs of praise on His lips. There is a Scripture word
which tells us that “for the joy set before him he endured the cross, despising the shame.” This was the joy that
broke forth here in a hymn of praise. It was the joy of doing the Father’s will and of saving lost souls. Thus, we
get here another glimpse of Christ’s great heart of love.

We learn a lesson, too, for ourselves. We should go forward with joy to meet sorrow and sacrifice when we are
doing our Father’s will. We should learn to sing as we enter life’s valleys of shadow. It is a great thing to be able
to sing as we work, and sing as we suffer. The secret of Christ’s song here was His looking beyond the garden
and the cross; He saw the reward, the glory, the redemption accomplished. If we look only at the sorrow before us,
we cannot sing; but if we look on to the joy of victory, and the blessedness of the reward, and the ripened fruits that
will come from the suffering, we can sing too as we enter the sorest trial.

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FBI Warns Police Of Possible Halloween Attack By Anarchist Group