Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Update: Nepal Earthquake

As usual, Earthquake-Report provides updates on the noteworthy earthquakes. We can't forget to include these people in our prayers. The aftershocks are frequent and often significant:

Update 20:30 UTC: Another strong aftershock of the M7.3 mainshock has hit. This had M4.5 but was quite close to Kathmandu.
Update 18:40 UTC: At least 50 people have died in Nepal, 17 in India and 1 in China.
This value is unfortunately expected to rise as locations are discovered in Dolakha.
Even with 20% occupancy of buildings near the epicenter still, using theoretical models, between 50-400 fatalities are expected in Nepal.
Update 18:30 UTC: There is a new report out on the losses from this earthquake as well as from the previous earthquake from Earthquake Report in combination with CEDIM, SAI, EMI.

Update 12:40 UTC:  Landslides on the (Sidhartha, Koshi, Arniko) Highways are in many places. Landslides have occurred in:-
Rasuwa – Mailung
Dolakha – Singati
Dhankuta – Karkichhap
Syanja – Bhalupahad
Ramechhap – Lakhanpur

Update 11:25 UTC :  Injured so far: Kathmandu 357, Bhaktapur 187, Lalitpur 174 – in total 1117 injured.
There have been 12 “live rescues””, 9 in Dolakha and 3 in Kathmandu.
Update 11:15 UTC : 51 dead : 36 Nepal, 14 India and 1 in China. 1132 injuries.
Update 10:54 UTC : This earthquake is a new event, and has its own aftershock sequence. This is the sequence so far as mapped out by Andreas Schaefer, CEDIM.

“The key issue with this triggered earthquake is that there will be much damage on both sides of the border and there is very little data historically. Taking the intensities into account as well as a very different occupancy ratio, it is likely that there will be 50-815 fatalities with a median of 200 additional fatalities. This is using a 10% occupancy ratio in affected communities.
In addition to the damage caused by the first quake, we are calculating an additional 300-1400 million USD damage caused by this earthquake with a median of 600 (620) million USD. There are many uncertainties at this point in terms of all losses, so this will be updated in the coming hours.”
Update 08:38 UTC : There will be significant damage from this earthquake, in already damaged locations. Sindhupalchok, was already hard hit from the earthquake, with most people living outside.

SRCLocationUTC Date/timeMDINFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 22:534.310MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 17:284.810MAP I Felt It
GEOFONNepalMay 12 17:284.510MAP I Felt It INFO
USGSRamechhap, NepalMay 12 17:284.83MAP I Felt It INFO
USGSKodari, NepalMay 12 16:554.47MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 16:554.48MAP I Felt It INFO
USGSCamgyai, ChinaMay 12 15:284.413MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 15:284.810MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCWestern XizangMay 12 14:594.110MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 13:574.410MAP I Felt It INFO
GEOFONNepalMay 12 13:434.710MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 13:434.42MAP I Felt It INFO
USGSKodari, NepalMay 12 13:434.410MAP I Felt It INFO
GEOFONXizangMay 12 12:284.410MAP I Felt It INFO
USGSRamechhap, NepalMay 12 12:284.310MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 12:284.32MAP I Felt It INFO
GEOFONNepalMay 12 11:584.510MAP I Felt It INFO
USGSRamechhap, NepalMay 12 11:584.210MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 11:584.22MAP I Felt It INFO
USGSKodari, NepalMay 12 11:214.210MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 11:214.310MAP I Felt It INFO
GEOFONNepalMay 12 10:414.610MAP I Felt It INFO
USGSKodari, NepalMay 12 10:354.510MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 10:354.510MAP I Felt It INFO
USGSKodari, NepalMay 12 10:154.310MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 10:154.42MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 09:024.510MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 08:594.72MAP I Felt It
GEOFONNepalMay 12 08:594.710MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 08:344.810MAP I Felt It
GEOFONNepalMay 12 08:344.810MAP I Felt It
EMSCNepalMay 12 08:215.310MAP I Felt It
USGSKodari, NepalMay 12 08:215.215MAP I Felt It
GEOFONNepalMay 12 08:215.210MAP I Felt It
EMSCNepalMay 12 08:215.210MAP I Felt It
EMSCNepalMay 12 08:135.210MAP I Felt It
USGSKodari, NepalMay 12 08:135.115MAP I Felt It
GEOFONNepalMay 12 08:135.210MAP I Felt It
USGSKodari, NepalMay 12 08:065.015MAP I Felt It
EMSCNepalMay 12 08:065.110MAP I Felt It
GEOFONNepalMay 12 08:065.310MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 07:485.010MAP I Felt It
GEOFONNepalMay 12 07:485.010MAP I Felt It
USGSRamechhap, NepalMay 12 07:366.315MAP I Felt It
GEOFONNepalMay 12 07:366.110MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSCNepalMay 12 07:366.210MAP I Felt It
EMSCNepalMay 12 07:345.510MAP I Felt It
USGSZuobude, ChinaMay 12 07:345.415MAP I Felt It
GEOFONNepalMay 12 07:345.410MAP I Felt It
GEOFONNepalMay 12 07:175.710MAP I Felt It
USGSKodari, NepalMay 12 07:175.610MAP I Felt It
USGSZham, ChinaMay 12 07:057.315MAP I Felt It
  • Dhaka - Felt bed and chair shaking. Could see building swaying against trees.

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