Saturday, May 16, 2015

Erdogan 'Aims To Invade Jerusalem', Philadelphia Train May Have Been Hit By Projectile Before Wreck

Erdogan Of Turkey: Elect His Party Because He 'Aims To Invade Jerusalem'

Nothing in the western media covered what the Turkish Anadulu Agency released, when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a speech this Friday with a strange message riddled with statements that were predicted in the Bible regarding Antichrist. 

From his desire to invade Jerusalem and to Muhammad’s claim to have ascended to heaven from there, Erdogan called on all Turks to refocus on the Ottoman goal to re-conquer Jerusalem for Islam:

“Unfortunately we the Muslims lost our aim to head towards Jerusalem. The water of our eyes froze making us blind, and our hearts that was destined to beat for Jerusalem is now instead conditioned for rivalry being in a state of war with each other.”

Erdogan’s desire to end strife and unite Sunnis and Shiites to aim towards Jerusalem was made in the state of Erzincan, central Turkey, in which he expressed his desire for the place to become suitable for Al-Isra’ Wal-M’iraj (Muhammad’s ascension to heaven and descent to Jerusalem) where he claimed is the cause of goodness: “descending from heaven over all Muslim nations”.

Turkish president called on citizens to “raise their hands in supplication for this blessed night towards Allah to restore the Al-Aqsa Mosque [Jerusalem] to be re-owned by Muslims, and to remove the mist from their eyes, to see Jerusalem in their hands at every moment and at every opportunity”.

Erdogan is referring to Muhammad’s Al-Isra’ Wal-Mi’raj to have “ascended to heaven” claiming, as it says in Isaiah 14:13 regarding Antichrist: “I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God”. Muhammad described his journey claiming to meet God who ordered him to rule over all of mankind, angels and the whole multitudes of demons.  Muhammad also claimed to be Khalifat-u-Allah (Vicar of God).

Khalifat (Caliph) literally is one who rules the world and now Erdogan wants to fulfill Zechariah 12 and 14 where Jerusalem becomes the “cup of trembling” to “all surrounding nations” when they storm against Jerusalem to annihilate all Israel.

Erdogan added: “When you mention the word ascension; the first thing that comes to mind is Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque,” while he expressed deep regret for the condition of Muslim heedlessness for Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem.

Such reflections were also made by Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu recently, that “Jerusalem belongs to the Muslims, not to the Jews,”... Erdogan and Davutoglu focus on one technique to win the crowds by mesmerizing millions in their audience with pure emotion in order to magnetize the Muslim world to view Erdogan as Sultan (see translation in the sources section).
Entering the dark halls of Erdogan is entering a recreation of Hitler. Watching him mesmerize the crowd and understanding his words brings to memory a dark era (see translation in sources):

Erdogan says that he wants Spain. He says he is some reincarnation of Tariq Bin Ziad, the conqueror of Spain, the tyrant Alp Arslan, and Saladin. These are the Muslim leaders who fought Christendom and Saladin was the one who conquered Jerusalem. He wants to declare war on the strongest fortresses to advance his foreign God, Allah, through warfare.

He talks of Martyrs descending from heaven. Biblically, Erdogan wants the fallen angels to descend. He wants Allah to raise Jihdists. He want to be the shepherd, the Sultan and the Caliph.

The Amtrak train that derailed in Philadelphia and a separate commuter train in the vicinity may have been hit by projectiles of some kind shortly before the wreck, a U.S. transportation official said on Friday, after investigators interviewed members of the Amtrak crew.
But when questioned for the first time about the crash Tuesday night, the Amtrak engineer who was driving the train said he had no memory of anything that happened shortly before the wreck, which killed eight people and injured more than 200 others, said Robert Sumwalt, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was called in to examine a remnant of the Amtrak locomotive's shattered windshield with a circular damage pattern, Sumwalt said.
The revelation that Amtrak train No. 188 might have been struck by a bullet, rock or other object added an unexpected twist to a crash probe that initially focused on why the train had accelerated to over 100 miles per hour (160 km per hour) in the minute before it barreled into a curved track segment where the authorized speed limit was just 50 mph (80 kph).
An assistant conductor told NTSB investigators on Friday that the train run that day had been unremarkable until a few minutes after pulling out of Philadelphia's 30th Street station, the last stop before the accident, Sumwalt said.
Sumwalt said FBI agents would arrive on Friday night to examine a portion of the lower left-hand corner of the locomotive's battered windshield that appeared to have been cracked by a flying object of some type.
The Philadelphia Inquirer and other media outlets reported Friday that a third train, an Amtrak Acela, had also been hit by an unidentified projectile that cracked a window on one of the cars about five minutes before it entered the 30th Street station, citing an account of a passenger.

Sumwalt said investigators still have no explanation for why the train was going as fast as it was, and why it had accelerated from 70 mph to 100-plus mph in the 65 seconds before the crash, as was shown on video footage taken by a camera mounted on the locomotive.
The engineer had slammed on the emergency breaking system seconds before the wreck, investigators said.

Sumwalt said on Friday that Bostian told them he had no recollection of doing that, or of anything else after ringing the train's signal bell as it rolled through the North Philadelphia station - about midway between the 30th Street stop and the crash site.

Otherwise, Bostian reported no difficulties during what he remembers of the run, telling investigators he did not feel fatigued or have any illness before the accident, Sumwalt said.
He said Bostian was accompanied by his lawyer but was "extremely cooperative" during the 90-minute interview.


George said...

In reference to 2 Thessalonians 2:3, will the man of perdition be reviled before or after the church is removed. I'm getting mixed signals on this. I always thought the church would be removed just prior.
What is your opinion?

Scott said...

George - absolutely...The only entity on earth that can restrain evils the Holy Spirit...No individual (other than Jesus Himself and the Holy Spirit (( as seen in the apostles in the Book of Acts)) can rstrain evil. No government, no individual etc has the ability to restrain evil. That will be removed before the AC takes his reign

Waterer said...

Dear Scott, I think you meant He will be removed.

Scott said...

Right, thanks! Yes, the restrainer, aka the Holy Spirit will have to be removed before the AC can take his reign