Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Garland, Texas Foiled First ISIS Attack On American Soil

This interesting perspective, from Canada Free Press is a worthwhile, thought-provoking read:

It seems the left hand never tells the right hand what it’s up to down at Foggy Bottom.

Within days of the foiled terrorist attack outside the exhibit of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in Garland Texas, comes the news that the United States is offering “big payouts” (“strictly confidential”)  to anyone who has “information” on key ISIS leaders.

“The U.S. Department of State’s Rewards for Justice Program is offering rewards for information on four key leaders of the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The Secretary of State has authorized rewards of up to $7 million for information on ‘Abd al-Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli; up to $5 million each for information on Abu Mohammed al-Adnani and Tarkhan Tayumurazovich Batirashvili; and up to $3 million for information on Tariq Bin-al-Tahar Bin al Falih al-‘Awni al-Harzi,” reads a press release from the State Department. (Weekly Standard, May 5, 2015)

What took the State Department so infernally long to ‘fess up what the rest of us already know?

Isn’t this the same State Department whose boss, in addition to refusing to allow mention of the term “Islamist terrorism”, who only last May traded off five top Taliban generals for deserter Bowe Bergdahl and who allows the flow of illegal aliens—some of them terrorists—into the U.S. through the Mexican-U.S. open border?

The U.S. is no Dog, the Bounty Hunter, when it comes to apprehending those who pose danger to Americans.  Think Adnan el Shukrijumah, who had a $5 -million bounty placed on his head by the FBI.  With a $5 million bounty on his head, el Shukrijumah, touted as Osama bin Laden’s s top flight lieutenant remained at large for 10 years until his reported death in a military manhunt operation by Pakistani Special Forces in South Wazirista last December.

The only force that proved capable of catching terrorists in the act is the one in Garland, Texas where police shot and killed two terrorists—perfectly foiling the first ISIS attack on American soil.

But the government with a complicit mainstream media is doing its best to downplay the incredible message Garland sent out to international Islamist terrorism: “Texas shoots back.”
ISIS took responsibility for the foiled attack, but this is the spin the White House is putting on it:

“The case “is still under investigation by the FBI and other members of the intelligence community” to determine if the two assailants had any ties to the IS group, White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters. (Times of Israel, May 5, 2015)

“So it’s too early to say at this point.”
It’s not too early, Mr. Earnest, it’s too late.

Too late for the administration you work for to try to downplay what happened in Garland Sunday night.

Too late to cover the tracks of an administration which refuses to identify,  let alone take a stand against Islamist terrorists who know their very identity is banned from the public lexicon. 

Up until Sunday, May 3, 2015, Islamic terrorists were calling the shots, tweeting their never-ending threats, sending gory proof of their beheadings over the worldwide web.

Other than the empty and cheap rhetoric of politicians, there is no boots-on-the-ground resistance to the bloodlust rampage slaughtering its way through tens of thousands of innocent Christians, non-violent Muslims and civilians eking out a life for their families in poverty-stricken parts of the world.  Weak willed Western leaders allowed Islamic terrorists to both seize and and then continue to hold the upper hand, in the raging war against innocents, with terrorist confidence that the current president of the United States lacks even the courage to name them, and by being able to recruit members through the same Internet over which they send out their horrific videos of beheadings with impunity.  Islam was holding a watching world both enrapt and horrified.

Then came Sunday’s sea change, a sea change that took the upper hand away from two would-be Islamist terrorists:  Two AK 47 wielding, big-talking would-be terrorists were gunned down by a Garland cop after they opened fire at the ‘Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest’—an event planned by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI)—on the same day as the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. 

Don’t get caught up in the mainstream media propaganda about what really went down on Sunday night.

Suffering a rare and very public setback, international Islamic terrorism was finally delivered the kind of message that counts: Texas shoots back and so will other states when circumstances demand it.

While taking advantage of all America has to offer but hating America all the same, mosque-attending Elton Simpson, 30, and Nadir Hamid Soofi, 34, of Phoenix, Arizona,  who Tweeted “They Thought They Was Safe In Texas From The Soldiers of The Islamic State,”  half an hour before the event got underway, were taken down by bullseye police gunfire before ever being able to carry out their Internet-touted terrorist act.

Bruce Joiner, 58, who took a bullet in the leg, entered the hospital in a stable condition, and was released only hours later.

Joiner survived, all 300 attendees of the ‘Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest’ survived making the Simpson Soofi Tweets nothing but empty threats.

Within hours of the attack, the mainstream media was already working to blunt the message from getting out to a terrorist-plagued world.

From the get-go, the mainstream media went into a frantic scramble looking for ways to blame event organizers Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and their keynote speaker, world-famous activist Geert Wilders, and will continue to do so as long a Garland, Texas leads the news feed.

But this time their absurd scramble for blame is blatantly obvious to the masses who know exactly what happened: terrorism got stopped in its tracks in Texas.

Terrorists-in-training in Mexico, across from El Paso,  only 580 mile away may not feel so welcome after Sunday’s foiled attack. Dittos for jihadists reported to be hiding in sleeper cells throughout America.

Also escaping media attention is the failure of intimidation attempted by Congress’ two Muslim politicians Keith Ellison and AndrĂ© Carson. Both having failed banning Wilders from entering the U.S., showed up at a media conference held by Reps. Steve King and Louie Gohmert.

One abject failure fresh on the heels of another.

“After two Muslim lawmakers tried to block world-renowned activist Geert Wilders from entering the country, he defiantly vowed his warnings about the existential threat Islam poses to Western civilization would never cease.

“I know one thing,” Wilders told the audience April 29 at a Capitol Hill reception co-sponsored by Reps. Steve King (R-Iowa) and Louie Gohmert (R-Texas). (Matthew Vadum, May 4, 2015.)

“They are very ineffective because I’m here,” he said to laughter and applause.

“It’s really risky to tell the truth about Islam,” said Wilders who has had round-the-clock bodyguards protecting him for more than a decade.

Even riskier to tell the truth about Islam if you are Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer with no round-the-clock bodyguards.

“It is impossible to look at this shooting as anything else than an attempt on Ms. Geller’s life and that of Geert Wilders,” Jeffrey Lord wrote at the American Spectator.

Wilders, who had left the event in Garland before the attack commenced, was undaunted. “Never surrender to terrorism!” he tweeted Monday. (Vadum)

The tiny handful of people courageously standing up to Islamic terrorism almost alone are making a difference. 

The Free West owes a debt of gratitude to Garland, Texas where it was proven for once and for all to the outside world:  Islamic terrorism can be made to lose face.

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Isis is a joke,if r regime what'd them out of the picture,it would take just one week.They are just a tool for jade helm. (Marshall law)millions of our tax dollars go to these deciples of our government.