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Jade Helm: News From MSM To Alternative News

First of all, I refuse to use the term "conspiracy theory", as the use of this term is an ongoing and obvious attempt to create yet another form of censorship. For instance, many of us can recall when past discussions of the HAARP     (see here) program were deemed "conspiracy theory" until the aerial photos came out and it was admitted that such programs existed. 

In the case of Jade Helm, it is hard to know the truth from fiction. 

Below, we start with the MSM notification and discussion of Jade Helm, followed by some of the alternative news and speculation regarding this military exercise. The reader can decide. Personally, I have absolutely no idea what the truth is regarding this story,  however ignoring this story would be irresponsible. 

Interestingly, it is supposed to end on September 15, which is yet another 'coincidence' attached to the month of September. 

From the Washington Post:

The mission is vast both geographically and strategically: Elite service members from all four branches of the U.S. military will launch an operation this summer in which they will operate covertly among the U.S. public and travel from state to state in military aircraft. Texas, Utah and a section of southern California are labeled as hostile territory, and New Mexico isn’t much friendlier.
That’s the scheme for Jade Helm 15, a new Special Operations exercise that runs from July 15 to Sept. 15. Army Special Operations Command announced it last week, saying the size and scope of the mission sets it apart from many other training exercises.
“The nature of warfare is always changing and U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s mission is to make certain the Army’s various Special Operations Forces are trained, equipped and organized to successfully conduct worldwide special operations in support of our nation’s interests,” Army Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria, a command spokesman, said in an e-mail. “Training exercise Jade Helm is going to assist our Special Operations Soldiers and leadership in refining the skills needed against an ever changing foreign threat.”
In particular, some have expressed alarm about this map, which outlines events for the exercise in unclassified documents posted online last week. The Washington Post verified them to be legitimate by speaking to Army sources. They appear to have been prepared for local authorities.

This map shows the military’s plan during the exercise Jade Helm 15, which begins in July. (U.S. Army Special Operations Command map)

Several media outlets have noted that the Army has pushed back on the outcry, including Stars & StripesArmy Times and the Houston Chronicle. But it’s also worth noting that the military has routinely launched exercises in the past in which regions of the United States are identified as hostile for the purpose of training.
Consider Bold Alligator, a naval exercise in which thousands of Marines and sailors have been involved in the past. The most recent version was launched last fall, and included amphibious landings to prevent insurgent groups in the fictional country known as Garnet — Georgia and part of Florida in real life — from launching attacks.
In another example, U.S. Special Forces support fictional guerrilla forces in numerous counties across North Carolina in the exercise Robin Sage. Green Beret soldiers work to liberate the country of Pineland, and operate in close proximity to civilians, who are warned that they may hear blank gunfire.
Marine Special Operations troop also have an exercise that is in some ways similar and called Derna Bridge. It spans several counties in western South Carolina, and includes some activities in Sumter National Forest.

 U.S. Army Special Operations Command is pushing back against alarmist claims that an upcoming U.S. military exercise is a preparation for imposing martial law or subduing right-leaning groups and individuals.

Conspiracy theories about the exercise, known as JADE HELM 15, appeared online this week. Some commentators railing against the event referred to an online slide show allegedly created by USASOC, which outlined a special operations exercise slated to take place across multiple states, outside the confines of U.S. military bases. In the slide show, a map of the southwest region of the United States labels Texas and other territory as “hostile” or “insurgent pocket.” The document also refers to coordination with law enforcement agencies.

Officials at USASOCM were not able to immediately verify the authenticity of the slide show because their computer firewalls prevented them from accessing the websites where the document appeared.

Army Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria, a USASOC spokesman, confirmed that there is an upcoming exercise called Jade Helm 15 which is scheduled to take place this summer at locations in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, California and Nevada. But he denied the event is preparation for some sort of military takeover.
“That notion was proposed by a few individuals who are unfamiliar with how and why USASOC conducts training exercises,” he said in an email. “This exercise is routine training to maintain a high level of readiness for Army Special Operations Forces because they must be ready to support potential missions anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice.”
He said the only thing unique about this particular exercise, which is slated to take place between July 15 and Sept. 15, is “the use of new challenging terrain” which was chosen because it is similar to conditions special operations forces operate in overseas.

Lastoria said coordination with local law enforcement is necessary for safety reasons because some of the training will take place outside of military bases where civilian agencies have jurisdiction.
He said his office has been receiving a lot of calls from people who heard about the exercise and are concerned about “the nature of the training objectives.”

Warnings are flooding the internet over the US government’s upcoming Operation Jade Helm. The American military is holding a two-month exercise this summer in which a virtual Martial Law will be declared across much of the US Southwest. The goal is to train American soldiers to put down a domestic insurgency. But the country’s patriot movement and its military arm, the various volunteer militias, are planning to use the exercise themselves - to practice deploying against the occupying armies of a dictatorship.

The US military has confirmed that Operation Jade Helm is real. The documents and maps released online are real. And the citizens of seven Southwestern states will spend the summer of 2015 with all four branches of the US military deployed in their communities to suppress a supposedly theoretical rebellion.

Something doesn’t make sense regarding Operation Jade Helm - If the US government is positioning to declare Martial Law to stamp out a rebellion by America’s right wing, including patriots, militia-types and secessionists, why does the operation pick the most powerful stronghold of the foreign left on American soil as ground zero?

The Pentagon-supplied map (see below) detailing Operation Jade Helm shows the enemy-held regions as Texas, along with a ‘pocket of resistance’ covering the southern-most edge of California from Los Angeles to San Diego. Is this really the stronghold of America’s patriot and militia movement? Of course not. But it is the stronghold of the Mexican drug cartels and what the same patriots and militia would call ‘the foreign invasion’.

If the Operation’s map showed that Texas was in insurgent hands and Montana, Idaho, Washington State and Oregon were marked off as insurgent-held territory, then we would agree that Operation Jade Helm is a covert operation targeting the stronghold of America’s right wing. But the operation clearly shows the theoretical insurgency as the US-Mexico border and southern California. One-quarter of all the illegal immigrants in America live in California. And nearly half of them live in southern California between Los Angeles and San Diego - the area labeled as the ‘pocket of resistance’.

When looking at the Operation’s map and the designations given each area, it seems there is one overall trend and one exception. Each state or area is designated as one of the following, ‘Hostile’, ‘Leaning Hostile’, ‘Leaning Friendly’ or ‘Permissive’. The trend appears to be that the further away from the Mexico border, the friendlier the populace is. The closer to Mexico, the more hostile. The only exception is the state of Utah, which the map depicts as being in enemy hands.

But again, the theoretical enemies aren’t revealed in the materials and it’s very well possible that in the event of an American insurrection, the US government might find itself simultaneously fighting multiple insurgencies, including a foreign insurgency in the Southwest and a domestic insurgency in the most religious state in America - Utah.

If the citizens of Texas, Utah and Southern California don’t like the idea of armed soldiers circulating among them dressed as civilians, imagine their reaction when those military personnel are outnumbered by even more armed strangers in the form of volunteer militiamen from across the state, reinforced by militiamen from across the country. With three months to prepare and a Pentagon-supplied map to work with, that’s exactly what America’s patriot community has planned.
Five days ago, our friends at Natural News alerted readers to the rapidly assembling response to Operation Jade Helm by America’s patriot movement. Basically, the country’s various local militias will be holding their own seven-state military drill. Without an official title, it’s simply being called, ‘Operation Counter Jade Helm’.
The report cites a recently launched Facebook Page with the same title. The description reads, ‘Since the military wants to infiltrate our towns for practice, then We the Patriots should use this as a counter surveillance exercise! I’m calling on Militias and other Patriot groups to counter this exercise with surveillance of the military’s attempt to infiltrate US towns!’
Fortunately for the safety of local citizens caught in the middle, the patriots and militias are insisting that their supporters are not there to confront the government’s counter-insurgency force, but rather to observe them. More than that, they’re going to let them know they’re being observed, as well as who they’re being observed by.

Keep in mind, we at Whiteout Press don’t necessarily believe this is a government operation to practice putting down a right wing insurrection, but instead putting down a left wing revolution. But if the right’s fears are correct and the militia/patriot movement is the target, then the Pentagon has just given their future adversary the greatest gift imaginable - a dry run for the American right to practice mobilizing their forces and deploying them on the streets of America.
Or, what is far less likely but just as possible, the most paranoid among the right and left are correct and Operation Jade Helm isn’t just a training mission but rather the clever first step in declaring a very real Martial Law and military occupation of America. If that’s the case, then all bets are off as that will mark the first day of the next American civil war.

See the London Daily Mail report here:
According to USSOCOM, the exercises will only be conducted between 11pm and 4am. Pray tell, how difficult will it be for Special Forces troops (the best of the best) to operate undetected and “blend in” during the middle of the night? That part of the military’s description makes no sense to me at all.

We already have millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on mass media advertising that tells people, “If you see something, say something.” Now we are going to “practice” reporting “suspicious activity”? Believe it or not, there was a time in this country when such an idea would have been considered abhorrent by the American people as resembling Nazi Germany or Red Russia too much. Then again, most of our World War II generation has passed, hasn’t it?

The Internet is abuzz with speculation that these exercises are not designed to prepare U.S. troops for overseas operations, but are actually designed to prepare U.S. troops for aggressive operations against the American citizenry.

For the first time in U.S. history, we have U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM), a full active military division (3rd Infantry Division) assigned to the Continental United States. We have the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which has turned our local and State police agencies into miniature military units, and has armed them with all sorts of military weaponry and equipment–including some of the most sophisticated intelligence-gathering equipment in the world.

The Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, NDAA, etc., authorize the federal government to basically treat the U.S. citizenry as “enemy combatants.” As far as the passage of these laws is concerned, we Americans have already lost our right to trial by jury, habeas corpus, the right to have an attorney, the right to a speedy trial, the right to be secure in our persons, houses, effects, etc. Martial Law may not be the experience of most U.S. citizens YET, but understand that the laws are already in place for such an event.

The whole idea of practicing “extractions” (a nice word for kidnappings) in U.S. cities sends chills up my spine. Using the aforementioned laws, this kind of activity has already been made “legal” in this country. So, first we have laws authorizing such activity, and now our military troops are practicing doing it? Please tell me, again, how we have nothing to worry about.

Folks, please take a look at what is happening in this country: our local and State police are being militarized; we have ubiquitous laws being proposed and passed (by both major parties) denying the Bill of Rights; we have Twentynine Palms Marine Corps surveys asking Marines if they would turn their guns on the U.S. citizenry; we have repeated attempted gun confiscation coming from Washington, D.C.; we have hundreds of military field-grade officers being dismissed because of their loyalty to the U.S. Constitution; we have a federal foreign policy that seems hell-bent on inciting most every country in the world against us, while practically giving a red-carpet invitation for any would-be terrorist to waltz across our southern border; we have a CIA that gives some of the most powerful weapons in the world to just about any third-world resistance group (including elements of Al Qaeda and, believe it or not, ISIS) that comes along (The U.S. government is far and away the largest gun dealer in the world!), while its sister government organizations, such as the ATF, think we Americans can’t be trusted with .223 ammunition;  we have Democrat and Republican presidential administrations alike that use the IRS as a political mafia against people with dissenting opinions; we have a national news media that has become nothing more than a propaganda ministry for the federal government; we have politicians from both parties in Washington, D.C., that can only be described as blood-thirsty war-mongers; we have politicians at the local and State levels who seem determined to turn their communities into a Police State (and some Homeowner Associations are even more Naziesque than the federal government); and, for the most part, we have an apostate, cowardly church pulpit that is doing its dead-level best to turn the Christian people of America into sheepish servants of the state.

The fact is, the vast majority of us cannot know what the true intention of Operation Jade Helm might really be–and that includes the military personnel who are commanding it and participating in it. I am convinced of this much: the federal government–and its propaganda ministry in the national news media–almost NEVER tells us the truth. Of that much, I am absolutely certain.

With the official beginning of Jade Helm 15 still more than 3 months away, a massive military convoy was spotted on the H.E. Bailey Turnpike heading south of Oklahoma City towards Texas and captured in the several photographs published above and below. We were told that these pictures are only a small fraction of the entire convoy and that the person who took them had 'never seen anything like it'. They also took two videos during the long passing of this convoy, one 5 minutes long and one 3 minutes long, but the videos 'oddly disappeared' from their phone. 

We were also told that this person passed a gas station along the route and there were 30-60 men on the ground surrounding humvees and other huge trucks with tarps covering up whatever might have been inside them with possibly 20+ vehicles at that location. The photographer also mentioned that she was sure that these some of these men KNEW that they were being videotaped and photographed but she shrugged it off as 'oh well, I'm likely on the red list anyways.'

Whether or not these military vehicles were involved in Jade Helm 15 and what is getting ready to happen in Texas and across Americaor heading towards Fort Sill in southern Oklahoma near the Texas border is beside the point; each and every day we are witnessing more preparation for a military event taking place in the USA of a magnittude that we have never seen before and as warned by Steve Quayle in the 2nd video below, an event that likely will change America forever. In the 3rd video below from Roy Cooper we're given an update on the emerging proof that Jade Helm 15 will have 'death squad' activity as many things are now pointing to September 2015 while in the 1st video, an exclusive from The Alex Jones Channel, we SEE proof that the National Guard is now training to put US citizens into FEMA camps.

With Jade Helm 15 coming and 'martial law exercises' across America nearly every week now, we have to ask, where is the urgency with Americans? Does anybody care that America is about to change drastically for the worst or is everybody too caught up in their latest 'diversions' to even see what we can clearly see unfolding? What about the videos that were taken? Do you think they were somehow 'wiped clean' by a new government technology to prevent them, too, from being released showing exactly how long this military convoy stretched or maybe for containing footage of something that the govt didn't want us to see? 

A U.S. military exercise involving hundreds of special operations forces including Navy SEALs and Army Green Berets that is set to kick off in a number of states around the country and focus on the South and Southwest is prompting a number of patriot organizations to man up and launch what they describe as a massive "counter surveillance exercise."

In response to these covert domestic military exercises, activists have launched a Facebook page titled "Counter Jade Helm Exercises" that is hosted by Pete Lanteri, former president of Icon Tactical Industries.

"Since the military wants to infiltrate our towns for practice, then We the Patriots should use this as a counter surveillance exercise!!" states the page's description. "I'm calling on Militias and other Patriot groups to counter this exercise with surveillance of the military's attempt to infiltrate US towns!" Citizens concerned with increased domestic military activity can join the Facebook group to get involved in the counter-surveillance exercises and help safeguard our liberties.

Department of Defense PowerPoint presentation posted online describing Jade Helm says that about 1,200 exercise participants will engage in eight-week "unconventional warfare" training with local officials.

Facebook post from a 2012 GOP congressional candidate from Georgia, Greg Pallen, says he has information from "a reliable, well-connected inside source" that "militias are on high-alert" over the exercise.

Pallen's post also included a Jason A video discussing the exercise as a possible prelude to martial law, given that the troops are special ops forces, not just regular forces, and that they will be operating among the civilian population, at times wearing civilian clothing so they can mesh with locals, rather than on a military base.

For its part, the military says the exercise is necessary because the special operations forces need to train amid a changing threat environment. The concern by some is that the special ops troops are focusing on a changing American threat environment, given that some of the states involved in the training, like Texas, New Mexico and Utah, are deemed "hostile."

Also, it's important to note that, in preparing for Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. forces trained with actors who pretended to be Iraqi and Afghani nationals; in some cases, actual nationals from those countries who had been hired by the Defense Department to assist in the training were used.

In addition, as noted by the Jason A video, so-called "urban" training by U.S. military aviation and ground forces has been increasing over the past several months. In some scenes, military Blackhawk helicopters can be seen landing in an urban environment, as if dropping off/picking up forces. Also, mock internments of citizens are being rehearsed.

In the video, it is unclear whether the military units involved are regular active duty forces or state National Guard units, the latter of which are often seen on civilian highways and in the sky.

To learn more or join the Counter Jade Helm Exercises, visit the Facebook page here.

WHEN the military conducts widespread training exercises, what do you think? Preparedness? Boys’ toys? In the United States it equals civil war.
The US Army’s Special Operations Command never saw this coming.
An upcoming exercise codenamed JADE HELM 15 has sparked suspicion among some conspiracy theorists of impending martial law and a US military plot to wage war on the American people.

At the centre of similar, past training exercises is usually a threatening insurgent action and an objective which either needs to be destroyed or recovered.
But some of the advanced role-play planning for this exercise appears to have leaked.
An unverified document circulating online includes a map purportedly labelling parts of Texas and Utah as an “insurgent pocket”.
It’s titled: “US Army Special Operations Command — Request to Conduct Realistic Military Training (RMT) JADE HELM 15.”

“Despite the document’s claims, multiple Army training manuals and studies in the past have specifically targeted such states due to concerns over the growing influence of right-leaning ideologies and groups, such as the Tea Party.”

Planned cooperation with local law enforcement was to avoid unfortunate misshape or misunderstandings with the general community.
“This exercise is routine training to maintain a high level of readiness for Army Special Operations Forces,” Major Lastoria reiterates.

So who’s telling the truth?
We’ll find out come September 15.

Jade Helm is morphing into something very dark and very sinister. At the conclusion of the article, many of us will be asking about how we should collectively respond. We certainly need to explore the possibilities.

One of the reasons that I believe that Jade Helm could go live is because of the bravado and attention being given to this topic. The globalists who have hijacked our government have taken off the gloves and there is no denying what they are up to. As a result, people who have been clueless about the New World Order are awakening to the level of tyranny that is growing within our country. As Jade Helm swings into full operation this coming summer, millions of Americans, that mistakenly thought they were living in a Republic, will have their eyes opened as to what has happened to their precious country. Soon, the websites, Youtube channels, the television shows  and the radio shows of the Independent Media will soon see their audiences grow to unparalleled popularity. And of course, the federal government minions will be there waiting as the FCC attempts to stifle dissent with the recently imposed Net Neutrality. Clearly the line in the sand is being drawn in preparation for the coming conflict.

Paul Joseph Watson and Joe Biggs wrote an interesting article on Infowars in which they have discovered that “Patriot groups across the country are preparing to launch a ‘Counter Jade Helm’ operation to keep tabs on a controversial U.S. military exercise that some fear is part of preparations to train troops for civil unrest and martial law”. Among those protesting the Jade Helm 15 drills are former Special Operations forces as well as many veterans groups.
Along these lines, I am beginning to receive invitations to speak about Jade Helm to various groups including the Oath Keepers. People, in great numbers are and will be soon waking up and for good reason.

In recent days, I have learned that the reason that we are seeing Jade Helm activity in so many areas and we are also witnessing the prepositioning of massive military equipment, is because Jade Helm forces will isolate certain geographic areas, thus trapping a segment of the population and keep them from fleeing to other areas. The second part of Phase III of the Jade Helm operation will be the insertion of Special Forces death squads among the civilian population which will target key dissident leaders. The remainder of this article will discuss these two issues.

In my estimation, these veterans groups better accelerate their protest efforts if they want to have any meaningful impact, because in every part of this country, Jade Helm activities are growing and intensifying at an alarming rate.

In the past 24 hours alone, I have received a total of 54 communications regarding suspicious and increased military activity in every part of this country. Since I began tracking my communications specifically for reports of greatly increased military activity, most likely related to Jade Helm, I have counted a total of 31 states involved in the drill, not the nine states that the government is claiming. Here are four examples, out of the 54 of these communications reporting increased military activity in their area:

Traveling north on I-15. Saw a sided train of tanks, armored personnel vehicles at North Salt Lake on the east side of the freeway with three engines. All were camouflaged light tan.
Keep up the good work.
Hello Dave Hodges,
I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Last week the “military?” surrounded the Water Treatment Facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. Just last year the city built a new holding reservoir. It’s pretty good size and is filled to the brim with water…but I’m 59 years old and don’t remember any time in my growing up years seeing this much “military” shuffling going on in the USA.
Dear Dave,
I’ve been an independent researcher for over 30 years…. I’m now 68 and moved out of Houston, TX…, following a friend’s advice to come to Patagonia, AZ…
Considering Jade Helm, I thought you’d want to know that the rumbling noise I heard early this evening was not 18-wheelers on Rt 82, but several bombers flying overhead from direction of Nogales heading east, maybe to Ft. Huachuca, followed by several military helicopters. I have always been very prescient and have a very bad feeling about what’s being put into position to bring genuine shock and awe to America…
Hello Mr. Hodges, 
I don’t normally talk or post about what’s going on. I’m used to military vehicles as I’m prior service (but still “in”, extended another year last July…. with no CoC. Don’t even know what unit I’d fall under). I’ve deployed to Iraq in 2009 doing convoy security, so I’m very very familiar with MRAPs etc. 
On my way to work this morning (I live in central Texas, right near fort hood) on 116 heading to gatesville my coworker texted me “dude lots of military vehicles in gatesville”. That was at 9:56, she also called me twice. I just shrugged it off, as gatesville sits right next to North Fort Hood. And west range road leading directly from main cantonment to north fort is closed, so units have to maneuver over civilian roads and back roads. Also units MOB out there. 
I got to work at 10:45am, walked in and asked her about the vehicles she saw. She said they were all humvee’s, but blacked out black and grey. That caught my attention, as we normally do not, nor have I ever seen blacked out and or grey humvees before. She said there was a convoy coming into town, and then one right off of 36. 
I could go on sir, about some of the sketchiest stuff I have ever experienced after coming home from Iraq. All the way up to the national guard extending me, and then never hearing from them. I honestly do not know, who else to talk too. Everyone thinks I’m nuts. I don’t wanna believe the stuff I’ve seen and know. 
If you want to know more, just let me know sir.

On April 10, 2015, Sizzorfite published this video of a military convoy train moving out of Canada to the United States. The train is filled with military armored vehicles, troop transport trucks and tanks. The train stretches as far as the eye can see.

As a result of consulting with my military sources, the strategy of prepositioning of military equipment can only include two possibilities: (1) The U.S. military is moving massive amounts of military equipment in order to prepare to be invaded in every quadrant of the country (not likely or practical); or, (2) The military is prepositioning its assets to isolate “trouble or HOSTILE areas” in preparations for subjugating, or MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN”.

If one goes back to the originally released Jade Helm document, the 82nd Airborne is listed as a participant. The isolation of selected American communities would be a function of a traditional American military unit such as the 82nd Airborne. The Jade Helm document also listed several Special Operations forces to be among the participants and these organizations (e.g. Navy Seals) are traditionally tasked with targeted assassinations and this is described in the following paragraphs.

A Houston Chronicle report stated that Jade Helm soldiers will blend in with the local populations in an effort to test the effectiveness of infiltration techniques. Residents will be encouraged and commanded to report anything they deem suspicious during the Jade Helm drill.

I have taken this information to my sources and they confirmed that the Houston Chronicle Report is referring to the insertion of simulated death squads into selected American communities. This is the reason that Jade Helm is encouraging local citizens to report “suspicious activities”. This is a beta test for this operation. From an operational perspective, the fewer the number of the citizen reports the authorities receive, the more effective the intended stealth of the death squads would be judged to be. As opposed to more “traditional” military units, the Special Forces, associated with Jade Helm, would be the ones to carry out death squad executions of intended dissident target groups. In other words, this is how the Red List executions will be carried out. The more covert that their presence in a community would be, the less likely their intended targets would be spooked and make a run for safety. Fleeing individuals targeted for assassination is the reason why certain communities must be isolated so that intended targets cannot travel to congregate with fellow dissidents or to be able to escape final justice.

In addition to my military sources insight on this issue, more confirmation for the use of death squads on American soil comes from my friend and colleague, Roger Brown. Roger has written extensively on the subject of American death squads and has presented this information on The Common Sense Show. That interview can be accessed here. Roger’s written assessment of death squads in America can be found here.

It is outrageous that our government is using our money to practice the art of subjugating entire communities and to simulate the execution of people that they do not agree with. Jade Helm 15 is providing the public with an opportunity to galvanize against tyranny. What should we be collectively doing? This should be the dominant question of the day. If we permit Jade Helm 15 to continue, America wil slip into the abyss of experiencing some of mankind’s darkest moments.


George said...

I agree with the September timeline as another trend. My concern is with the Facebook page. FB I beleive has been sold out to the gov. and is censored. Everything is tied in with and they are now even tracking people that don't have it, but that is just a bug they say.

Caver said...

George, agree with your sentiments. It seems every govt. organization has been weaponized against those they are sworn to serve.

Lost of strange rumblings from current and recently discharged military members. Thousands of purges have occurred when you go below the General ranks...the LTCs, Majors,and Captains.

September is certainly shaping up to be an interesting month. Very interesting.