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How ISIS Plans To Destroy Israel

How ISIS Plans To Destroy Israel

The Islamic State laid out its plans for carving a path to Israel and overcoming the Jewish state’s defenses, from working with establish jihadists in the region

The Islamic State laid out its plans for carving a path to Israel and overcoming the Jewish state’s defenses, from working with establish jihadists in the region to hoping for impassioned geeky converts like Edward Snowden.

The title has been expected for months, and declares that the “beginning of the end of Israel” will happen in 2022 — two years after they plan to take Rome.

“Many Christians have been misguided by their priests over the centuries into thinking that if they do not support the Jewish people – blindly, they will earn the wrath of Allah (God),” the book states. “This increases the support group of the Jewish State of Israel even more in the world.” Repeating centuries of blood libel, the book questions why modern Judaism is “imitating the Satanic culture.” The Star of David is referred to as “a symbol of sorcery.”

It cites the hoax The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as source material as the writer gives the ISIS version of Jewish history and aims. Their summary of the Holocaust: “Then World War 2 would begin, some Jews would be put in concentration camps by Germany, only for the survivors to be rewarded with Palestine (why not Germany?) as compensation. No questions were asked.”

The book argues that the names Palestine or Jerusalem aren’t important, but “what matters is the moral nature of the people ruling such a blessed place.”

“If they are righteous believers, then they make the people living under them good and righteous in this holy land, but if they are not righteous and cause corruption in this holy land – then that makes them Allah (God)’s enemy. Allah will purify this land from corrupt people, even if they were God’s chosen people.”
It goes through the Palestinian militant movements over the years, calling the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) “a Communist movement who didn’t really care about Islamic teachings.”

The state of Israel is compared to “Florida in America… packed with sunshine, shopping malls, clubs and beaches” and is called “like GTA Vice city more than the chosen land for God’s chosen people,” referring to the video game Grand Theft Auto. “Israel is the country most similar to America in the Middle Eastern world. It is filled with crimes; murder, drugs, corruption, and even adultery and homosexuality is widespread within this holy land. People within Israel live a life of hedonism and materialism, and the whole system from the top to bottom is run on bribery, blackmail and favours.”

Jihadists are encouraged to learn Krav Maga to better fight an Israeli soldier in hand-to-hand combat, and are advised to recite certain Quranic verses to protect themselves from “black magic.” They’re also told to exploit Jews’ “strong hatred towards each other” and fear of “life and also death.”

And while the PLO is viewed as weak, Hamas gets props as “an organisation whose goal is to liberate Palestine entirely and to leave no trace of Israel on the map.” However, ISIS stresses that they and al-Qaeda disagree with Hamas participating in elections because “democracy is shirk (polytheism).” The book labels this a “difference in politics” that has led to fights between the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda/ISIS, but lauds Hamas for transitioning Palestinian women from jeans and uncovered hair to “modest clothing” and hijab.

“From rocks, slingshots and Molotov’s in the 1st Intifada, to guns and martyrdom operations in the 2nd Intifada, and now an Islamic army firing rockets at Israel!”

ISIS calls the Hamas-Israel battles, from the use of Qassam rockets to underground tunnels, “a testing ground for the Mujahideen” and Hezbollah’s 2006 Katyusha rocket barrage “a perfect war model.” Palestinians will “explode” like in previous intifadas, they predict, but “much more violently, because in the coming future they will all be seeking martyrdom.” They argue that since Israelis have compulsory military service, every civilian is a legitimate target.

ISIS pegs the year 2022 as the “beginning of the end” for Israel because of late Prime Minister Menachem Begin’s quote in 1982 during the war with Lebanon about a “historic period of peace for Israel” — “and the land was quiet for forty years.” In addition to citing a Jew for their apocalyptic prophesy, this ISIS book gives some wiggle room on the 2020 timing for the fall of Rome — “Allah only knows best.”

The e-book cites not only Hamas conversions as key to taking Israel, but ISIS forces battling Egypt in the Sinai and “growing” ISIS cells within Israel.

It called the ISIS and al-Qaeda goal “smashing borders till we meet in Jerusalem” like some jihadi A-Team “so Muslim Mujahideen (fighters) can call each other for backup from anywhere in the world, and there is no border or king to stop them.”

“The Islamic State is trying to break all borders till it can make a corridor pathway into Palestine towards Israel…

Hamas, meanwhile, “remains ineffective in the overall picture of liberating the entire Muslim world from Zionist subjugation.” ISIS says it will carve its “corridor” to Israel, “train and arm all the Palestinians, and take the fight deep into Israel.”
“If Israel destroys this batch of fighters, it doesn’t matter; the corridor allows even more reinforcements of Mujahideen from different parts of the Muslim world to continue the fight.” ISIS claims it is “making allegiances with other Jihadi groups surrounding Israel to make wide corridors of Jihad towards Israel from every side.” Plus, they plan to have a northern pathway into Israel after defeating Lebanon, “which is the Islamic State’s first goal.”
“It is important to note that Hamas continued to remain victorious in its battles against Israel even though it was the poorest nation in the world against the richest (Israel), so imagine the Islamic State with an unlimited amount of fighters without any borders or barriers to stop their influx of fighters and weapons?”
ISIS claims it can cause “information overload” in Israel’s intelligence services by simply having too many fighters “using different creative techniques in their irregular/assymetric types of warfare.”

“There simply won’t be enough manpower for Israelis’ to devise a plan to counter every strategy used by the Mujahideen … Even if Israel has an ‘unlimited’ amount of money, the mere fact that it has an enemy who is coming on the attack from all sides, all the time will itself exhaust it and keep it in a state of constant fear. As a result of this frustration, Israel will resort to mass bombardment and carpet bombing of the entire Muslim world to end the global Jihad, but it will not be able to end the Jihad in its entirety.” 

A couple of weeks ago we explained how the dollar was one step closer to irrelevance, but we want to make sure you didn’t miss that memo… chiefly because what’s going on in the financial world at large could dramatically impact your entire investment game plan.

America’s #1 competitor, China, is one step closer to successfully following through with its vision of shifting the globe’s financial power from the West to the East.
The best way to do this, of course, is by establishing a rival to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. What was once an unthinkable feat is now a very believable reality…

Beijing is making major headway in its goal of re-aligning the globe’s economic power and wealth — shifting it away from the U.S. And it’s doing so with an entity called the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

The old adage that you reap what you sow couldn’t be truer… especially for the United States. We’ve been taking advantage of the financial system because we’ve been in charge of it for the past 70 years, but no empire can rule forever. This is just the way competition works to ensure progression in times of stagnation.

Case in point: when weaker or more vulnerable countries are in need of huge loans, they’ll have an alternative now — the AIIB.
This is just competition doing what it does; giving people options so that the best and strongest ideas and entities can thrive and help increase the status quo from a global perspective.

Our monopoly-style dominance is under threat and now China has a chance to redeem the fate of its own currency (the renminbi), at the expense of our beloved dollar, of course.

Poor us. Too bad we have no one to blame but ourselves (our financial leaders, I mean). What goes around always comes back around.

Last year, a report issued by HSBC indicated that Asia will have accumulated more wealth than the United States by 2015, signifying a massive shift in capital from the West to the East.

That being said, economists argue that international currency wars are almost certain to become, “much worse, inflicting very large economic effects, especially on the United States and the weak peripheral countries of the euro area but also on a number of other countries that do not intervene in the currency markets…”

That being said, most economists would argue that it is of keen interest to major economic powers around the globe to initiate a multilateral effort when it comes to monetary and trading systems.
Surely, working together on something of this magnitude would reap the greatest global benefits.
But it appears that America and China will remain rivals on this playing field. And China has won this round, “gaining support of American allies not just in Asia but in Europe, and leaving America looking churlish and ineffectual,” according to The Economist.

Britain, France, Germany, and Italy announced their plans to join the China-led bank back in mid-March — a low blow to allies in Washington, no doubt.
The world has evolved a great deal since 1945, and the power struggle is alive and well. Although not entirely there yet, wealth and power are undeniably shifting to the East. America’s definitely losing some of its loyal “friends” in this time of transition.

Now I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do know a thing or two about competition and currency. And there’s no doubt in my mind that this new investment bank could send the dollar plummeting as it loses its reserve currency status.
You see, with the dollar as the only world reserve currency, the U.S. has had infinite short, free credits to fund whatever it needed to fund (the military, in particular). Hence, we’ve been pretty good at securing our status as the #1 economic and political powerhouse in the world.
We can control other countries with economic sanctions, but perhaps not for long. The world has grown weary of six decades of system abuses and manipulation schemes without equal representation in the IMF and World Bank.
So it wasn’t too shocking when China said that it had a list of 26 countries to be included as AIIB founder members earlier this year. Now, 57 nations have been approved with Poland and Portugal among the latest batch of countries to get approval for membership.
I’m not saying that this infrastructure update is bad for the world at large. Quite the contrary, probably.
But it definitely will be a shock to the system we’re currently so in tune with. The United States has held a monopoly of world dominance for quite some time, but the tide is turning.
And the dollar will be vulnerable in its wake…

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