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A Last Look At The 'Real Economy', Why Is Iran Enriching Uranium?, Is This The Start Of WWIII?

As usual, read this first article in the context of biblical prophecy and the coming one-world financial system, currency and government - all of which will be hallmarks of the Tribulation:

One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes

In the first three installments of this series, we examined the realities behind supply and demand, unemployment and personal debt, and national debt. As has been proven in each consecutive article with ample evidence, mainstream establishment numbers are, for the most part, utter garbage. They are not legitimate. They are meaningless.

The figures and stats that do have some truth to them are so obscured from the public view and unreported by the media that they may as well be state secrets. The average person has no clue of their existence because his primary sources of information are establishment-dominated. Even MSM talking heads and economic “analysts” are so mesmerized by the false version of the economic world that they have no point of reference when suddenly confronted with singular facts. Some people call this catastrophic behavior a “positive feedback loop.” It is a mainstream echo chamber that has become a financial tomb.

Now that I have covered the lies within our economy that I can prove absolutely, it is time to move on to the lies that are more difficult to pin down. These lies often slip past our investigations because the hard data that could be used to expose them is simply not available to the general public. In fact, much of the data is not even available to government officials. I am, of course, talking about the hard data behind the activities of central banks across the globe — the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements and the Federal Reserve in particular. In this installment, we will explore the purpose of these lies; to hide the imminent destruction of our currency — by hook, by crook and by fiat.

How does our government (or any government with a central bank) continue to function monetarily if it is generating far more debt than it will ever be able to pay off in tax revenues? Well, our system does not really “function.” It just refuses to fully die. And, it does this through fiat money creation.

The quantitative easing programs, which allowed the Federal Reserve to conjure massive stores of fiat money out of thin air and purchase U.S. Treasury bonds (among other things), were a blatantly open admission by bureaucrats and central bankers alike that the government has not been capable of sustaining its own operations without fiat aid.

I’ll say it again: QE programs are in and of themselves hard evidence of government insolvency.  Solvent governments do not need to monetize their own debt obligations with a printing press.

As referenced in Part 1 of this seriesstimulus measures have absolutely failed to inspire any semblance of recovery in consumer demand, and global demand for goods is imploding.
As referenced in Part 2, real employment has not improved throughout the duration of the Troubled Asset Relief Program, quantitative easing and zero interest-rate policy. In fact, it only seems to have stalled unemployment at about 23 percent.
As referenced in Part 3stimulus actions have only served to create even more unmitigated debt while producing no tangible results other than a massive bubble in stock markets.

Poverty is at record levels. Welfare demand is at record levels. Average wages are falling, and prices on essential goods (except oil at this time) are rising. Global demand is visibly sliding into the same territory as in 2008/2009. Housing markets have become a corporately boosted feudalistic farce. And unemployment continues at a depressing level; meanwhile, people aren’t even counted as unemployed anymore because they’ve been jobless for so long.

Now, it would seem as though the Federal Reserve has failed in every aspect of its bailout quest. But what are the consequences of this debacle?  The result is the displacement of U.S. economic standing. The U.S. is being made economically irrelevant.
China has surpassed the U.S. as the world’s largest exporter/importer and has long been far superior to the U.S. in manufacturing capability, making China the most valuable economic partner in the world. According to the IMF, China is now superior to the U.S. in trade standing and is soon to be the largest economy on the planet.

The talk is even growing within mainstream circles that China is about to decouple from the U.S. economy and, along with the BRICS nations, structure a new Asian-centric financial system that will “stick it” to the Western financial elites. This, however, is too simplistic a notion.

We are talking about the REAL economy in this series; and in the real economy, no nation with a central bank actually “breaks” from the New World Order. In fact, all conflicts between the East and West are only serving to further the cause of globalists and Fabian socialists.

China’s inclusion in the SDR will HELP the process of marginalization of the dollar and aid in the ascendance of the SDR as a world reserve mechanism. And as China becomes a currency powerhouse in its role as the No. 1 economy in the world, the only way central banks around the planet can benefit or “invest” in the Yuan will be by stockpiling SDRs! Demand for SDRs will be cleverly boosted by natural demand for the Yuan. This is how a global currency structure begins.

The only true beneficiaries of this cycle will be the IMF and those elites who desperately want a totally centralized global economic system.

In the meantime, as the dollar loses its world reserve status, it loses the ONLY pillar of support keeping its value somewhat stable. As the dollar falls, U.S. citizens will be reduced to Second World or Third World economic expectations. Employment and wages will continue to dissolve, while the margins between the “haves” and “have nots” will continue to grow. In the worst-case scenario, total chaos would result followed by an international intervention to “save us” from ourselves. Our currency would likely be permanently pegged to the SDR basket, just as Argentina’s was pegged to our dollar after its collapse. And the IMF would own the U.S. rather than the U.S. owning the IMF, as is the common delusion.
As stated earlier, Federal Reserve stimulus actions “seem” to have failed miserably. Now our nation is facing a firestorm. But I would submit that the Federal Reserve has not failed in its mission. The Fed’s purpose is not to defend the stability of the U.S. economy and the dollar; the Fed’s purpose is to destroy the stability of the U.S. economy and the dollar. Thus, the Fed has succeeded in its mission. And I believe a full audit of Fed policies and actions would prove this fact beyond a doubt.

I will continue to outline the endgame for globalization that is under way in the next installment of this series, including how central banks in foreign nations collude with each other and are managed by supranational entities like the IMF and the BIS. The implosion of America serves a very particular purpose. It is not a product of blind coincidence, fate, political stupidity or corporate greed. It is an engineered event meant to clear the way for an even more sinister economic environment designed to establish a final economic empire with the purpose of permanently enslaving us all.

It is now clear from the framework nuclear deal with Iran announced last week that the final nuclear agreement will permit Tehran to continue to enrich uranium. Although U.S. and Iranian officials disagree on specifics, Iran also will be allowed to develop advanced uranium-enrichment centrifuges while a for the duration of a final agreement.
Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, and its atomic-energy chief, Ali Akbar Salehi...reportedly told the Iranian parliament that their country will be begin using its most advanced uranium-enrichment centrifuge design, which is 20 times faster than the primitive model Iran is currently using, as soon as a final nuclear deal takes effect.

The United States has long opposed other states’ enriching uranium as part of peaceful nuclear programs. For example, in 2009 Washington signed a peaceful-nuclear-cooperation agreement with the United Arab Emirates that specifically barred uranium enrichment.
Given the significant nuclear-proliferation risk posed by uranium enrichment, one has to ask how the Obama administration could agree to let Iran enrich uranium in a deal that was intended to reduce or at least significantly delay the threat of an Iranian nuclear weapon.
None of the explanations Iran has given account for why it is enriching uranium. However, the size of its centrifuge program strongly points to a weapons program. Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell expressed this view when he told Charlie Rose in February, “If you are going to have a nuclear weapons program, 5,000 [centrifuges] is pretty much the number you need.” Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a similar statement last September when he told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that Iran’s centrifuges “are only good for one thing: to make bomb-grade material.”

The Obama administration probably decided to concede uranium enrichment because of President Obama’s desperation to get a legacy nuclear agreement with Iran. Although there are many reasons for Congress to reject this deeply flawed agreement, the most important is the administration’s irresponsible concession of uranium enrichment: a program that is central to Iran’s nuclear-weapons program.

On the Friday before Russian Orthodox Easter, the Poroshenko-Yatsenyuk U.S-coup-installed Ukrainian Government attacks on all fronts on April 9th, to continue their extermination-campaign against the residents of the area, Donbass, that refuses to accept the coup-government that was installed by the U.S. when the Ukrainian President whom 90% of those residents had voted for was overthrown by the U.S. 

This bare-faced violation of the Merkel-Hollande-arranged Minsk truce would not happen without Obama’s approval. He is choosing to have this done on Russian holy days in order to intensify the provocation against Russia. Obama is thus going all-out now to provoke from Russia a sending-in of Russian army troops and air power in order for Obama to have a pretext to go to war against Russia, his real target “in order to defend an ally” (which has been trying to exterminate the residents in the area that won’t accept Obama’s imposed rule).

The following reposts from Fort Russ:

Kiev junta launches a large scale attack on Novorossia right in time for Russian Orthodox Easter

“In general, we can say that the ceasefire is over – the entire front is under fire, including artillery. Shock troops of the enemy moved to the forefront.”

Donetsk under fire
Shells are whistling again over the cities of Donbass. In Donetsk the sirens of ambulances and emergency services are heard. Under fire: Kievsky district, Oktyabrsky village, Panfilov mine village, Gladkova, Severny, Putilovka.
Also suddenly the positions of the militia near the town of Yasynovataya were attacked. There was a battle using small arms. To the West of Petrovsky district of Donetsk working mortars are also heard, as well as grenade launchers and heavy machine guns.
From the occupied Volnovakha Dokuchayevsk was fired on. The outskirts of the city are under a heavy fire of the enemy, the people are hiding in shelters fearing the assault on the city by the punishers, who have assembled the biggest formation in this area of about 8 thousand people.
On April 9, 2015 near Mariupol in Shirokino there was a fierce battle. There were dead and wounded among the militia and the Ukrainian occupation troops.
Tanks approaching Donetsk
00:10. Donetsk.
From several directions at the moment, the occupants are pulling the tank columns to Donetsk.
In particular, a few dozen tanks approached the airport from the direction of Marinka and Avdeevka.

Patriot groups across the country are preparing to launch a ‘Counter Jade Helm’ operation to keep tabs on a controversial U.S. military exercise that some fear is part of preparations to train troops for civil unrest and martial law.
Jade Helm, a “realistic” military training exercise involving nine states, which will involve the Green Berets, Navy Seals, and the 82nd Airborne Division and is set to take place from July 15-Sepember 15, has prompted concerns after Texas and Utah were labeled “hostile” territory in documents related to the exercise.
Although the U.S. Army insists the drill is designed to prepare troops for combat abroad, concerns have been raised that the exercise is part of a history of the military readying for domestic disorder.
During the drill, soldiers will operate”undetected amongst civilian populations,” to see if they can infiltrate without being noticed. Residents will be encouraged to report “suspicious activity” during the exercise.
In response, patriot groups led by Pete Lanteri, former president of Icon Tactical Industries, will monitor the exercises.
Facebook page for the initiative promises to, “observe the attempted infiltration of our towns during Operation Jade Helm with self sufficient teams in the field conducting counter surveillance.”
“Our main focus right now is on gathering intel on when and where the military will be infiltrating SOF teams for Operation Jade Helm,” writes Lanteri. “We have the Texas locations. We need verified info on South Cali and Utah locations. Arizona looks like it will only be on 1 military installation. Once we gather that intel and the field teams are informed then we will start posting information on how to go about locating SOF teams in public. Looking for certain mannerisms, etc. But right now we are focused on locations and dates!!”
Over 2,000 people have followed the page so far, with many posting updates about Jade Helm, including speculation that Colorado has told the Army it will refuse to allow state or city property to be used for the drill.
Other similar initiatives, named ‘Operation Tyranny Response’ And ‘Operation Homeland Hawkeye’, have also been launched in response to Jade Helm.
A post attributed to Navy veteran Geoff Ross asserts that he has arranged for 25 retired Navy SEAL, DELTA and Rangers to travel to Washington DC to conduct exercises similar to those described in the Jade Helm documents.
“They will wander around and be tourists. They may pop in and visit a few Congressman or maybe they won’t. Or, maybe they will. The 1st Amendment is about to be exercised. Body cams in place. They practice we practice. We all practice. They visit us. We visit them,” writes Ross.
It is not yet known whether the Oathkeepers organization will take part in any of these campaigns. The Oathkeepers were present during the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri last year and protected numerous businesses from being targeted by looters.
Mainstream media coverage of Jade Helm has poured scorn on concerns about the exercise and merely regurgitated Army talking points that the drill is purely designed to prepare troops for overseas combat.

It has been a bad year for California whose drought is rapidly approaching historic proportions: according to the LA Times, which cites climatologist Michael Anderson, "you’re looking on numbers that are right on par with what was the Dust Bowl."
It is about to get even worse. According to the USDA, the west-wide snowpack is melting earlier than usual, according to data from the fourth 2015 forecast by the United States Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).
"Almost all of the West Coast continues to have record low snowpack," NRCS Hydrologist David Garen said. "March was warm and dry in most of the West; as a result, snow is melting earlier than usual."
It is only fitting that while economists blame a "overly cold winter" for sliding GDP, weathermen blame an overly warm winter for the California's historic drought.

Historically, April 1 is the peak snowpack. This year, the peak came earlier. There was little snow accumulation in March, and much of the existing snow has already melted.

"The only holdouts are higher elevations in the Rockies," said Garen. "Look at the map and you'll see that almost everywhere else is red." Red indicates less than half of the normal snowpack remains.

A consequence of the early snowmelt is that Western states will have reduced streamflow later this spring and summer.

Precipitation during March was well below normal throughout almost the entire West, with the exception of Interior Alaska. Precipitation thus far in the water year (beginning October 1, 2014) is now below normal over most of the West except for some northwestern areas and coastal Alaska. Snowpack has declined significantly since last month throughout the West due to the warm and dry March. Only high- elevation areas in the Rocky Mountains and Interior Alaska retain somewhat near normal snowpack. Streamflow forecasts have dropped since last month due to a lack of snow accumulation during March and an early snowmelt, with most regions now expecting below normal streamflow. Reservoir storage is currently below normal in the Southwest and Nevada, with near to above normal storage elsewhere.
The California state report:
CaliforniaSnowpack is at record low levels, which is relied upon as the primary source of the summer water supply. With very little snowmelt runoff, the current reservoir contents will essentially be the amount available for use this summer. The major storage reservoirs for California are at roughly 50% of capacity with very little opportunity to increase.

Greetings enlightened ones.  Most of us admire the practical thinker.  Often, I have attended meetings or rallies where conservative Californians reveal their practical solutions to the state’s problems and guarantee if they regain control of the state they will implement them.

Being of a practical nature myself I marvel at the absolute banality of democrats in this state, who greedily continue with their Cloward-Piven-Keynesian dreams of starting the state over, as a new progressive-humanist Agenda 21 working model.

Case in point, Governor Jerry Brown’s seizure of fresh water in California is reminiscent of a U.N. Official’s punch list.  Yet Governor Brown is apparently unwilling to take proper action to alleviate the drought, because he will not stray from California’s liberal platforms, and of course its ideologies, methods and practices.

And the rank and file Democrat legislature are no better.  Most of them will abrogate anything as long as it serves their purpose.  The only real cure for all of California’s extensive problems, is a change at the polls.  Which due to sweeping changes in the state’s demographics will never result in a republican majority in California, for at least the next decade, maybe never.  However, continued democrat control of this state, could result in a fiscal and societal semi melt down, that the left seeks to re start California as per their Cloward-Piven-Keynesian U.N. progressive driven goals.

Meanwhile the citizens of this once great state, continue to suffer, as do our livestock, our pets and our loved ones, not to mention our crops, and livelihoods.  People’s livelihoods and personal lives are literally being wiped out, and the Democrats will not stray from the new mega monolith known as radical environmentalism.  Which is now beginning to seriously cripple California, in nearly every sector in the state’s economy, in private life and in general.

Will Governor Brown wake up before its too late?  Most folks just don’t see that happening do you?  That being so, California will continue to limp along, without new hydro electrical projects to power businesses, homes and desal plants, without new natural gas power plants to do the same.  Our once great State’s infrastructure is crumbling at an alarming pace.  California is being crippled to death right before our very eyes.  By liberal ideology, implemented with reckless abandon.

This time the drought is serious, there will be significant die offs of wild game this year, with crippling losses, from big game on down to the smaller animals too.  If one thought last summer and fall was bad, this will be much worse.  We Californians are sorry to be the harbinger of bad news, but our state’s furry and feathered little wonders we all see and love, will be reduced to all time low numbers.  This years cattle herds are suffering too, with all but essential calves being sold to out of state buyers.  In many areas were seeing dust bowl like areas emerging from out of nowhere.  With no governmental remedy in sight.

Yet we are being forced to save the alleged endangered steelhead trout in Santa Barbara County’s, Santa Inez river, by pumping thousands of acre feet of water from our local reservoir Lake Cachuma, during a historical drought.  

Because the Liberal Environmental Monolith demands it.

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Yup...bad news for Cali land...been to Lake Cachuma several times. The crazy libs are also diverting water to protect a minnow...
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What a lot of folks dont realize, is that Southern Cali used to be sand dunes...and the way things are going, it just may return to exactly that...
As the water for LA was stolen from the Owens Valley (Chinatown touched on just part of the theft) , it has long given people the illusion that the water was endlessly supplied...not so as we see...