Friday, July 11, 2014

'The Nations' Align Against Israel

It has to be supernatural. The ongoing hatred and lies that we hear on a daily basis regarding Israel actually becomes background noise after so many years of hearing the same rhetoric over and over. But occasionally it becomes so ridiculous that you see it again. 

In this instance, it defies any remnant of logic to suggest that any of this turmoil in Gaza is Israel's fault. Hamas began this latest episode with a 3 day rocket barrage - which is still ongoing - and if anything, Israel's response has been muted and to some extent - weak. Despite this, as we would predict, Israel faces condemnation from the usual suspects: 

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said Israeli bombardment of Gaza was blocking efforts to patch up relations undermined by a 2010 attack by Israeli commandos on a Turkish ship that had been challenging its blockade of the Palestinian territory.

"We cannot normalize (relations). First, this cruelty must end," Erdogan said during a speech in the central Turkish city of Yozgat late on Thursday.

"As long as this is not done, it is not possible that a normalization of the relations between Turkey and Israel be realized," he added, calling for a ceasefire to resume.

Israeli leaders, determined to end Palestinian rocket attacks deep into the Jewish state, have hinted they could order the first ground invasion of the coastal strip in five years.

President Abdullah Gul, speaking to journalists in the Turkish capital after Friday prayers, said such a move would "plant seeds of hatred in the region."

Ankara's recent troubled relations with Jerusalem reached a nadir in 2010 when Israeli commandos stormed the Mavi Marmara, a vessel taking part in an aid flotilla challenging Israel's naval blockade of the Gaza Strip. Ten people were killed.

Erdogan, who is running in Turkey's first direct presidential elections next month, has regularly used his vocal defense of Palestinian rights as a campaign platform with his largely conservative Sunni Muslim voter base.

Jordan's King Abdullah II fears Israel's military operation against Hamas in Gaza will compromise efforts to achieve a two-state solution, and will further entrench the plight of Palestinians, he told US Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday in Washington.
Referring to the crisis in Gaza as a "dangerous Israeli escalation," the Jordanian monarch asserted that developments over recent days "would increase the suffering of the Palestinian people and foil attempts to resume peace talks between Palestinians and the Israelis."
Israel's Operation Protective Edge, now in its fourth day, has featured over 1,000 Israel Air Force strikes on the coastal Gaza Strip. Hamas and other Islamist groups in the strip have fired 500 rockets from the territory since its initiation on July 8, and several hundred more in the three weeks prior to the beginning of the Israeli campaign.

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu says that initial, unprovoked rocket fire forced his government to respond. Hamas accuses Israel's government of willfully killing Palestinian innocents.
In a readout of the same meeting, the White House made only passive mention of discussion between Biden and Abdullah on the Gaza crisis. The two also discussed the threat of ISIS to the region, and how advances by the group in Iraq and Syria will require a regional response.
"The King also warned against the vacuum caused by the stalled negotiations on the final status issues which are based on the two-state solution," the Jordanian government described.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday vowed to fight Hamas and other Gaza terror groups until Israel was safe from the threat of missile attack, and then launched a highly unusual and extremely bitter verbal assault on would-be peace-brokers, including US Secretary of State John Kerry, who have been urging Israel to relinquish security control of the West Bank to a Palestinian state.

Speaking to the Israeli public on the fourth day of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, which he said has seen Israel attack “over 1,000″ terror targets while sustaining hundreds of rocket attacks from Gaza, Netanyahu vowed that the IDF campaign “will continue until we are sure that Israel’s residents have quiet.” He said that no terrorist target was off-limits, and accused Hamas’s leaders and gunmen of “hiding behind Gaza’s residents” — using them as human shields — and thus being responsible “for any harm that comes to them.”

While Israel did everything to protect its citizens, he said, and had “spent billions to protect the homefront” in recent years, Gaza’s terror groups deliberately put Gazans “in harm’s way.” Israel does its utmost not to harm Gaza’s civilians while targeting the terrorists, whereas Hamas targets Israel’s civilians, he said.

Netanyahu said he had made this point in conversations with a series of world leaders, including Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, in recent days, and that all the world leaders with whom he spoke understood Israel’s imperative to act. “No state would allow its citizens to be targeted without a harsh response,” he said.

Asked if he was interested in a ceasefire, Netanyahu said, “We are in the midst of a struggle” and that it would end only when his goal of guaranteed, long-term calm had been achieved.

He praised the success of the Iron Dome missile defense system — which has intercepted about 100 Gaza rockets heading into residential areas this week — calling it “an immense asset” and “proof of Israel’s technological supremacy.” And he said his ultimate goal was to protect all of Israel from missiles of all ranges. He praised Israelis’ resilience, as most of the country has found itself within the range of Hamas’s extended missile capabilities over the past few days.

Departing from his prepared text to take questions, Netanyahu said Israel was “weighing all possibilities” for expanding the campaign against Hamas in Gaza, including the possibility of a major ground offensive. “We’ve prepared for all options… That’s what I told the army to do, and it has done so… My uppermost consideration is to restore quiet for all of Israel’s citizens in all of Israel’s cities. I will do whatever is necessary to achieve that goal. Beyond that, I cannot go into details.”

At present, Hamas continues to attack, he noted. “You see it. You hear it. You all live it,” he said. “Five million Israelis are in rocket range right now. So when they fight us, we fight them.”
Indeed, precisely as Netanyahu was speaking, Hamas launched a rocket barrage at central Israel, apparently seeking to embarrass him. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

Netanyahu then expanded the scope of his press conference to talk about the rise of Islamic extremism across the Middle East. He said Israel finds itself in a region “that is being seized by Islamic extremism. It is bringing down countries, many countries. It is knocking on our door, in the north and south. We will defend ourselves on every front, defensively and offensively. Nobody should mess with us.”
While other states were collapsing, said Netanyahu, Israel was not — because of the strength of its leadership, its army and its people.

Amid the current conflict, he elaborated, “I think the Israeli people understand now what I always say: that there cannot be a situation, under any agreement, in which we relinquish security control of the territory west of the River Jordan” — a reference to the Jordan Valley and the West Bank — as Kerry had urged during a US-led peace effort that collapsed in April.
Citing by name both Kerry and the US security adviser Gen. John Allen, who was charged by the secretary of state to draw up security proposals that the US argued could enable Israel to withdraw from most of the West Bank, including the Jordan Valley, Netanyahu said passionately, “I told John Kerry and General Allen, the Americans’ expert: We live here, I live here, I know what we need to ensure the security of Israel’s people.”
He said the current conflict also underlined the importance of retaining territory, noting that Hamas had tunneled relentlessly under Gaza’s borders with both Egypt, for smuggling purposes, and Israel, for terrorism purposes. “If we were to pull out of Judea and Samaria, like they tell us to, there’d be a possibility of thousands of tunnels” being dug by terrorists to attack Israel, he said. There were 1,200 tunnels dug in a 14-kilometer stretch between Egypt and Gaza alone, which Egypt had sealed, he noted.


AudioOutlaw said...

Here's a short video that shows Israel calling off a strike because they see people next to their target.

Lord, please come soon!

GG2013 said...

Hi Scott-

In reading your earlier post from the Fox News article on the latest border issues with the pastors, I was able to see the video on fox from Cnn's commentator challenging the whole innocence of Palestine and the martyrdom they are known for. Sorry I could not find the fox link with so much news moving it back. I did see it in haretz so I am attaching it here.

This fits greatly with all this confusion and many lying about Israel's intentions. We are so blessed to be loved by God to show us the way with his word. Without it, each day would seem hopeless.

May everyone stay safe. Mr. And Mrs. C-prayers are surrounding your friends at risk there. We are thinking of them here.

God Bless!!


AudioOutlaw said...

"09:51 Cairo upbraids Israel for ‘irresponsible escalation’

Cairo is condemning “Israel’s irresponsible escalation in the Gaza Strip” and what it calls Jerusalem’s exaggerated and unjustified use of force, Israel Radio reports.

Egypt says it is holding Israel responsible for the safety of Gaza’s civilian population and calls on the international community to intervene in order to prevent further victims in the coastal strip.

On Friday demonstrators burned an Israeli flag outside the Palestinian embassy in Cairo and called on the government to expel Israel’s ambassador to the Arab nation"

Egypt is now going against Israel. Let's have roll call here... Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Iran are all lined up opposing Israel in this. Who else am I missing?

Scott said...

Audio - interesting find re Egypt...Its funny because just last night I was doing that very thing (running through the countries who are positioning themselves against Israel and was wondering about Egypt...Lebanon doesn't really need a formal voice on this because Hezbollah from S. Lebanon would suffice. Gaza and west bank are already on board for Psa 83..That pretty much wraps it up IMO

GG - Every now and then you hear someone speak the truth on these matters but its as rare as hens teeth. Sadly - it stands out when it happens

Mrs.C said...

Thank you for your Prayers dear Sis!

Mrs.C said...

Ok...Brother...just completely off topic for a sec..."rare as hens teeth"? LOL...LOL Thats as good as heavy rain being a real "frog choker"...

Mrs.C said...

Back on topic. Egypt has to talk a good talk, the same as Jordan, to keep the crowds content. What is telling, is that Egypt refuses to open its boarders with these terrorist animals. Egypt is also saying this:
"Egypt confirms push to end Israel-Hamas fighting"

"Comments come in wake of Ynet report that Arab states drafting new Gaza truce deal, but Hamas refusing to consider it.
A spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said Saturday that Egypt, Quartet envoy Tony Blair and other international mediators are trying to persuade Israel and Gaza's Hamas rulers to abide by a truce agreement that ended the fighting during Operation Pillar of Defense in November 2012.
The confirmation comes hours after Ynetnews reported that Egypt and another Arab nation, most probably Qatar, were working on an initial draft of a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, which was presented to both sides Saturday.

Hamas had refused to discuss the terms of the cease-fire, while Israel has expressed its willingness to meet to negotiate the details of the deal."

Mrs.C said...

Have to say, with these live stream cams in Gaza, and the Gaza border with Israel are the city view, so serial to here roosters in the wee hours for them, a just now a donkey REALLY going at it with his loud braying. The entire time you here the constant sound of the Israeli drones above...a mixture of high tech...and a centuries old way of life...

Mrs.C said...

"Israel strikes Gaza mosque believed to be hiding weapons as death toll tops 120"

Mrs.C said...

Most importantly, what does Gods Word say about all these evil nations surrounding Israel.
His Final Judgement of this century,after century recycled evil is coming, and maybe very soon.

Ezekiel Chapters 25-32 is yet to come to their completion, and it will be His severe Judgement, with them ALL ending up in Hell as His Word unequivocally says!
Jordan,Gaza,with His devoting multiple Chapters to Lebanon and Egypt.

Mrs.C said...

This is whats coming to Gaza...from God Himself...

Ezekiel 26:19-21

19 “For thus says the Lord God: ‘When I make you a desolate city, like cities that are not inhabited, when I bring the deep upon you, and great waters cover you, 20 then I will bring you down with those who descend into the Pit, to the people of old, and I will make you dwell in the lowest part of the earth, in places desolate from antiquity, with those who go down to the Pit, so that you may never be inhabited; and I shall establish glory in the land of the living. 21 I will make you a terror, and you shall be no more; though you are sought for, you will never be found again,’ says the Lord God.”

Scott said...

Haha - I was wondering as I wrote that if anybody would get a chuckle :)))

Caver said...

Hearing from our friends on ground zero.

The face of true evil....
1. Hamas has made one command and control center and HQ center under a civilian hospital.
2. Hamas making children stand beside rocket launchers as they fire on Israel population centers.
3. When Israel warns neighborhoods to leave because of immanent bombing or land invasion routes, Hamas making them stay in place.

Israel knows that whatever support, or at least neutrality, they have now will evaporate as soon as they start the ground assault. The world will then turn on them like dogs on raw meat.

GG2013 said...

More than a chuckle from here. :) I thought for sure you had Mr. C sitting right beside you as you were typing..
(ha ha)

Then Mrs. C talks in all seriousness about the roosters (the ones I thought she was speaking in code about a few years ago) and I am thinking you all are one step away from some ism about the fox watching the hen house. :)

Mrs.C said...

LOL SIS!!! You are too cute! Please forgive me for the confusion. Your memory is good, there was a rooster in 2009. That one in particular a group of online brothers and sisters gave the name of Sammy. The secular folks picked up on the name too.He crowed so much during the bombings in Gaza, that he began to loose his voice after a few days the poor thing.In trying to find the Gaza cam online, I saw another forum that was still referring to finding the site with the "rooster"! LOL

Forgive me, that I STILL havent shared with you about how God used that rooster in our lives, but I will, just not on here :)

Now we are hearing the roosters again, and this morning, even a donkey. Brother Scotts comments had nothing to do with either set of Gaza roosters, just a very funny saying he said.