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UN Head Ban Ki-moon: 'Predictable, Uninformed, Dangerous Drivel'

This first review comes from the American Thinker and perfectly characterized 'the nations' reaction to the Gaza crisis:

What part of “death to Jews!” and all that goes with it do some people not understand?

On Tuesday, a UN delegation, lead by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, met with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israeli leaders. At the end of the day, the Secretary General and the Prime Minister offeredstatements (video embedded below).
Prime Minister Netanyahu made an opening statement that was strong and clear.

He spoke about Islamic terror and jihad. He equated Hamas with al Qaeda, Hezb’allah, ISIS, and the growing list of terror organizations.
He spoke about how Hamas initiated and is now prolonging this conflict. And he spoke of how Hamas is committing a double war crime by targeting innocent Israelis and using Palestinian civilians as human shields.

He spoke about the numerous cease-fire proposals that Israel has accepted and that Hamas has rejected.

He spoke about how, at the request of the international community, Israel provided cement so Palestinians could build schools and hospitals. And he spoke of how Hamas used that very cement to build terror tunnels that are embedded in mosques, hospitals, and schools and that extend into Israel with the purpose of kidnapping and killing as many Israelis as possible.

He spoke about how Israel opened field hospitals to treat injured Palestinians and how Hamas is preventing Palestinians from going to those hospitals.
He spoke about how Israel will do what it needs to do to keep Israeli safe. And he spoke of how no country would tolerate what Israel is subjected to.
Then Ban Ki-moon spoke.

Ban Ki-moon began talking about how “too many Palestinian and Israeli mothers are burying their children.” This struck me as his transitional statement. I knew things would rapidly go downhill and Ban Ki-moon did not disappoint my lowest possible expectations.

“My message to Israelis and Palestinians is the same. Stop fighting. Start talking. And take on the root causes of the conflict.”

And things got even worse.

We must address the “underlying issues including mutual recognition, occupation, despair, and denial of dignity so people do not feel they have to resort to violence to as a means of expressing their grievances. Military actions will not increase Israel’s stability and security in the long run. I fully share and appreciate the legitimate security concern and right to defend your country and citizens. Israel is a democratic strong country and I urge to you to demonstrate fortitude by exercising maximum restraint.”

Hold it. Stop the presses. Did the UN Secretary General just validate terrorism? Did he just suggest that people must resort to violence as a way of expressing their grievances? (And what pathetic groups don’thave grievances these days?) Um, what special class of people did he have in mind? Hmm. Let me guess.

Israelis? No? That’s odd because they certainly seem like they could have an awful lot of grievances piled up at this point.

So, ok then. Palestinians. They have grievances and have no other option than to become violent. Interesting. I notice this rationale seems reserved for this group quite frequently.

And, dear readers, out of respect for your time, I’m not even getting into the Secretary General’s use of the word “occupation,” but do have a quick word about “military actions” as non-solutions.  Um, I’d say unless something dramatic changes for the better in the Middle East (which I don’t see happening anytime soon, or make that, ever), military actions most certainly will increase Israel’s security. A little help from the international community on that front would also be nice.

Anyway, as if not quite satisfied with having his dhimmitude on display, he piled more on as he droned on with the now familiar refrain: that Israel of course has a right to defend herself, but in light of the fact that she’s a strong democratic country, could she please take it easy?

Huh? Israel is supposed to be penalized for being a strong democratic nation? What’s up with that? It makes no sense. Unless at the heart of the matter, you wouldn’t mind seeing her go down.

And then the final bit of pure madness. Unless I misunderstood the Secretary General’s halting English, I do believe I heard him say that there must be one legitimate Palestinian government that adheres to “the PLO commitment to non-violence, the recognition of Israel, and respect for previous agreements.”

And finally: “No barrier can separate Palestinians and Israelis because they share a common future.”

Oh dear. I do believe the Secretary General really outdid himself.

Sir, there must be a barrier. A very large, strong, barrier that keeps the culture of darkness, death, hate, and evil at bay.  

But this is the UN, after all. A body that is useless. Worse than useless. So what should I have expected? Indulge me while I fantasize about something sane.

The UN Secretary General and all world leaders should be condemning Hamas and labeling it as the terror organization that it is. They should acknowledge the fierce battle we are in against jihad. They should be joining with Prime Minister Netanyahu in voicing zero tolerance for those who call for the death of all Jews and the complete destruction of the Jewish state. They should be declaring their commitment to stand with Israel with full support against the forces of evil that seek to destroy her. And they should announce to the world that the forces she is facing are the same forces threatening innocent people the world over as the caliphate grows and evil advances.

But of course no one is saying that. Except, of course, Prime Minister Netanyahu who had a brief response to the UN Secretary General before saying a few words in Hebrew to those in Israel who were listening

The UN's Human Rights Council (HRC) convened Wednesday afternoon in a special meeting to discuss Israel's Operation Protective Edge and its effects in the Gaza Strip where over 643 Palestinians have been killed according to Palestinian medical sources.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, opened the meeting with heavy criticism for the State of Israel saying that it is possibly committing war crimes against the civilian population in Gaza. 

Pillay cited the destruction of homes as a punishment and the killing of Palestinian children as creating the strong possibility that Israel is breaking international law in its military action against Hamas. "Every one of these incidents must be properly and independently investigated," said Pillay.

The Israeli representative, Evyatar Manor, was equally harsh in his reply to the accusations, calling the UN debate a "knee-jerk" reaction, and firmly stating that Hamas is committing war crimes whereas Israel is simply performing its duty to defend itself.

"Israel will destroy Hamas' military infrastructure," Manor told the debate. "However, the Gaza residents are not our enemy. Israel is fully committed to international law," he added.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki responded by urging world powers to end what he called Israel's impunity, adding: "Israel must be held accountable for its crimes." His speech was greeted by loud applause.

The French capital braced Wednesday for a fresh protest against the Israeli offensive in Gaza after similar rallies ended in violence and looting, raising concerns in the Jewish community about anti-Semitism.
The government, whose ban on several weekend rallies failed spectacularly after they went ahead anyway and descended into chaos, decided to authorize Wednesday’s protest in Paris after discussions with organizers who gave “security guarantees”, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said.

The protests over the weekend in Paris and in the suburb town of Sarcelles were marred by clashes between demonstrators and the police that sent locals scurrying as tear gas permeated the air, and scores were arrested.

Other demonstrations were to be held Wednesday in the cities of Lyon, Toulouse, Lille and Reims.
They have been called by far-left groups, pro-Palestinian organisations and some unions.
Another demonstration is due to be held in Paris on Saturday, and it is as yet unclear whether authorities will decide to ban it over fears of unrest.

Senior IDF commanders said Wednesday July 23 that the time had come for a decisive war move. Breaking up the Hamas’ subterranean tunnels would take weeks, they said, but the critical encounter for completing their military mission and bringing the war to a close was still to be fought after three key IDF victories: The battle for Shejaiya grabbed the headlines, but the confrontations in eastern Rafah and eastern Khan Younes in the south were just as important.

The commanders are now urging a large-scale assault on the bunker complex housing Hamas’ top military command and infrastructure. They say it is up to national leaders, i.e., the security cabinet, to determine the military’s next move and the disposition of the forces present on the battlefields of the Gaza Strip.
The tank units could undertake the opening moves for the next, critical stage of the Israeli operation at no more than hours’ notice.

Political circles in Israel agree that after Hamas rejected all the ceasefire proposals floated, the next stage is the war’s expansion for its closing shots. There is no word yet on how they are to be conducted.

The Times of Israel is liveblogging events as they unfold through Wednesday, the 16th day of Operation Protective Edge. The IDF death toll is at 29, with another soldier MIA presumed dead and claimed by Hamas to be in their hands (dead or alive). US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon are in the region, but a ceasefire does not appear close. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the operation will continue until sustained quiet is achieved for Israel and Hamas’s terrorist capabilities greatly degraded. Some foreign airlines are suspending flights to Israel after a rocket hit a home near the airport. IDF-Hamas fighting in Gaza remains intensive, Hamas is still trying to carry out attacks in Israel through tunnels, and rockets are still being fired. (Tuesday’s liveblog is here.)

The IDF has struck a terrorist position in Gaza's Al Wafa hospital, illustrating the highly sensitive and illegal use of civilian targets as human shields by Hamas and other Gazan terrorist groups.
IDF sources say that the controversial decision to attack the position was taken after several days in which ground forces came under heavy fire from gunmen positioned inside the hospital grounds. The fire reportedly included both light weaponry and heavy anti-tank missiles directed towards IDF armored vehicles.
"The hospital premises were being used as war rooms and command centers by the terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad," said an IDF spokesperson.
The military added that it had repeatedly warned international agenciesand the Palestinian head of the hospital directly about the gunfire from thehospital, as well as several other senior Palestinian officials - but to no avail. Instead, in the past several hours the intensity of the attacks has only increased, posing a real and imminent danger to the lives of soldiersoperating in the area, forcing the IDF to respond with fire of its own.

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