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Anti-Semitism On The Rise, Israel Intensifies War In Gaza, 'War Is Coming'

'The Sickness Of Anti-Semitism Grows'

That's the title of an article at the Gatestone Institute by Douglas Murray. It paints a disturbing picture of the rise of anti-Semitism on the Continent and in Great Britain, begging the question of whether these sporadic outbursts of violence directed against Jews might explode into something truly nasty and barbaric - a pogrom.

After describing several incidents that occurred at London protests - including one young Muslim holding up a sign that said "Hitler was right" - Murray takes us on a tour of protests across Europe:

All of this is mild compared to what has been going on across the English Channel in France. In suburbs and parts of central Paris the violence being perpetrated against the Jewish community culminated in the disturbing spectacle of Parisian Jews barricaded in a synagogue by a crowd of young North Africans seemingly intent on violence. When the police failed to turn up in any numbers, the Jews fought for themselves. These were not all "Jewish vigilantes" as some of the press disturbingly reported -- Jews in their 40s and 50s fighting their way through a mob.

Similar scenes have been seen across the continent. In the Netherlands -- fresh from witnessing a pro-ISIS rally in Amsterdam -- there have been serious incidents at protests. There have been anti-Semitic chants, and the home of the Chief Rabbi in the Netherlands has been attacked twice in one week. In Austria, a soccer game involving an Israeli team had to be called off after Palestinian demonstrators broke onto the pitch. The stands had people waving anti-Israel banners and Turkish flags. But once they were on the pitch, the protestors assaulted the Israeli players, doing flying kicks at them and then further kicking and punching them. Some of the Israeli players fought back and the game was halted.

And what of Germany? The German government has perhaps done more to wipe out anti-Semitism than any government in Europe.
They will have to try harder:
Most disturbing of all, perhaps, have been events in Germany. During pro-Palestinian protests in Berlin and other German cities, there were chants of "Death to the Jews" and "Gas the Jews." The president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Dieter Graumann, described some of the demonstrations as "an explosion of evil and violence-prone hatred of Jews. Never in our lives did we believe it possible that antisemitism of the nastiest and most primitive kind would be chanted on the streets of Germany."

Thousands of police are being deployed in cities across Europe with Berlin alone deploying 1,500 police officers in a response and authorities in Paris have sought to ban outright marches planned for this weekend.

The protests have triggered warnings that the spectre of anti-Semitism has returned to haunt Europe.

Protesters have attacked synagogues, smashed the windows of Jewish-owned business and torched others, in scenes disturbingly reminiscent of the 1938 Kristallnacht in France. The marchers have chanted “Jews to the gas chambers”, and Jewish people have been attacked on the streets of Berlin.

One Facebook page created in the last week, entitled Jeunes Revolutionnaires Francais, or Young French Revolutionaries, posted the names, photographs and addresses of 32 French Jews encouraging members to target them.

It isn't just Muslims, or Neo Nazis who are carrying out these attacks. Nor are these protests simply "anti-Zionist" or anti-Israel demonstrations. Mentions of gas chambers, Hitler, and attacking anyone who "looks" Jewish are indications that Europe is once again caught in the grip of a virulent Jew hatred that transcends the Israel-Hamas War and stabs at the heart of European Jewry.

Yad Vashem is deeply alarmed by the recently escalating antisemitism and violence against Jews around the world. This virulent hatred is finding various expressions, ranging from attacks on synagogues in France and physical attacks against Jews, to pejorative name calling and refrains such as “Jews to the Gas” in Germany, to the use of swastikas at anti-Israel demonstrations, and antisemitic caricatures in newspapers and social media. Physical and verbal violence against Jews in purported response to the events in Gaza, is antisemitism…

In Britain, police have recorded more than 100 anti-Jewish hate crimes since the Gaza conflict began, including an attack on a rabbi by four Muslim youths in Gateshead, a Hassidic enclave in north-east England, and bricks thrown through the windows of a Belfast synagogue on two successive nights.
In Norway, police have recommended the temporary closure of two Jewish museums, for fear of attack, while in Copenhagen on the weekend police dispersed a pro-Israel rally out of concern for the safety of the participants.
German TV showed protesters from the country’s Arab minority threatening violence against Jews at a demonstration in Berlin on Thursday. Similar incidents took place in Frankfurt and Essen recently, according to police.
Dieter Graumann, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying that he had never thought it possible that “anti-Semitic slogans of the worst and most primitive kind could be chanted on German streets,” in his lifetime.
At around 2PM, hundreds of demonstrators started to gather on the avenue, which had been lined with riot police trucks. At first, people calmly chanted slogans such as “Palestine will live, Palestine will overcome,” “Zionists, fascists, you’re terrorists!” and “Israel murderer, [President] Hollande accomplice,” but the mood began to heat up once some Israeli flags were burned on the roof of a nearby building. Organizers had asked the demonstrators not to bring anything other that Palestinian and French flags, but many still exhibited Algerian, Turkish or pro-Muslim Brotherhood symbols. As the march was about to set off, the use of the slogan “Allahu akbar” became more and more frequent and a young man started waving the ISIS flag. At the same time, to the dismay of some non-asshole demonstrators, a team of journalists from the French channel, Télé channel was forced to leave as several individuals were threatening them with violence…

As Operation Protective Edge continues in Gaza, the Jews of the European diaspora are looking about and seeing an increasingly hostile home. A pair of particularly violent outbreaks of anti-Semitism in France and the Netherlands seems to foreshadow a future conflagration fueled by moral relativism and sparked by Europe’s growing Islamic slums. Muslims spouting Sharia and jihad have no room for Israel and Jews in their future world, and post-Christian Europe offers little resistance to those who promise hate and violence.
Phrases like “Death to the Jews” are commonplace now in European protests, used almost to the point of trope, retaining raw force only through the sheer strength of the speakers’ hate. Berlin’s air, too, is again polluted by anti-Semitic chants and clamor. More and more, what claim to be “pro-Palestine” or “anti-Zionist aggression” demonstrations are nothing more than platforms to cry for the deaths of Jews everywhere…

Even before the recent conflict in Gaza, anti-Semitic incidents were on the increase in France. Last year more than 3,000 Jews decided to move and make their future in Israel.
In May four people were shot dead at a Jewish museum in Brussels.
Governments face a dilemma: they want to defend the right to protest against Israel’s attacks in heavily-populated Gaza and yet they are not prepared to have anti-Semitic slogans once again shouted on the streets of Europe…
A former Israeli minister, Natan Sharansky, was quoted at the weekend as saying “we are seeing the beginning of the end of Jewish history in Europe”.

The Israeli military intensified the shelling of Gaza overnight, killing at least 26 people and leaving hundreds injured in air and missile strikes. Israel's PM told citizens to prepare for a “protracted campaign” until the “mission is accomplished.”
At least 30 people were killed and 241 others injured in Gaza after Israel resumed shelling on Monday night, bringing the day's death toll to 44 people, Ma'an news agency reported.

In a televised address to the nation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said earlier that the country has to be prepared for a “prolonged” campaign.
“We will continue to act with force and discretion until our mission is accomplished,” Netanyahu said, stating that Israeli troops will not leave Gaza until they have destroyed Hamas' tunnel network.
The home of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh was targeted and destroyed by the Israeli forces. There were no casualties reported in the air strike, according to the Gazan Interior Ministry, as quoted by Reuters.

The Times of Israel is liveblogging events as they unfold through Tuesday, the 22nd day of Operation Protective Edge. Four Israeli soldiers were killed and several more injured after a mortar round landed near a community outside Gaza, and five more died in a Hamas tunnel attack near Kibbutz Nahal Oz, as fighting picked up Monday after a brief Eid al-Fitr holiday respite. Gazans reported several killed in a strike near Gaza’s largest hospital, but the IDF said a Hamas or other Islamist group’s rocket misfire was responsible.

Amid all this, the Israeli defense establishment appears split, with, paradoxically, optimists calling for a massive offensive – to either push Hamas to the brink or actually wrench it from power – and pessimists, who believe annual military conflict is Israel’s fate for the foreseeable future, advocating for a ceasefire.

When it comes to a considered regional pessimism few can contend with Professor Efraim Inbar, the head of Bar Ilan University’s Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. Israel, he believes, is “in a protracted intractable conflict.” The “solution-oriented” nature of Western thought, he wrote along with Eitan Shamir in a recent assessment for the BESA Center, explains part of the failure to comprehend the nature of Israel’s military action.
“Those who forlornly ask “when is this going to end?” and use the cliché “cycle of violence,” he wrote, “have psychological difficulties digesting the facts that there is no solution in sight.”
Therefore, he submits, “Israel simply needs to ‘mow the grass’ once in a while.” An ongoing war of attrition is Israel’s fate.

Amid strains between Israel and the US over diplomatic moves to resolve the conflict with Hamas, Israeli official sources on Monday flatly rejected a series of American assertions Sunday about Secretary of State John Kerry’s ceasefire efforts.

The West has ganged up on Russia, because the West is totally corrupt. The wealth of the elites is based not only on looting weaker countries whose leaders can be purchased (read John Perkins’Confessions of an Economic Hit Man for instruction on how the looting works), but also on looting their own citizens. The American elites excel at looting their fellow citizens and have wiped out most of the US middle class in the new 21st century.
In contrast, Russia has emerged from tyranny and from a government based on lies, while the US and UK submerge into tyranny shielded by lies. Western elites desire to loot Russia, a juicy prize, and there stands Putin in the way. The solution is to get rid of him like they got rid of President Yanukovich in Ukraine.
The looting elites and the neoconservative hegemonists have the same goal: make Russia a vassal state. This goal unites the Western financial imperialists with the political imperialists.

I have recorded for readers the propaganda that is used in order to demonize Putin and Russia. But even I was stunned by the astounding and vicious lies in the UK publication The Economist on July 26. The cover is Putin’s face in a spider web, and, you guessed it, the cover story is “A Web of Lies.”http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21608645-vladimir-putins-epic-deceits-have-grave-consequences-his-people-and-outside-world-web?spc=scode&spv=xm&ah=9d7f7ab945510a56fa6d37c30b6f1709

You need to read this propaganda both in order to see the gutter level of propaganda in the West and the obvious drive to war with Russia. There is no evidence whatsoever in the story to support The Economist’s wild accusations and demand for the end of Western “appeasement” of Russia and the harshest possible action against Putin.

The kind of reckless lies and transparent propaganda that comprises The Economist’s story has no other purpose than to drive the world to war.
The Western elites and governments are not merely totally corrupt, they are insane. As I have previously written, don’t expect to live much longer. In this video one of Putin’s advisors and Russian journalists speak openly of US plans for a first strike on Russia:

Germany’s foreign minister believes the Ukrainian crisis with Russia could prompt a war between Europe and Russia, warning of “unforeseeable consequences for all of Europe.”

“I will never tire of repeating that European peace is at stake. This conflict could have unforeseeable consequences for all of Europe,” he said.
In an attempt to punish Russia for its alleged role in the MH17 shootdown, the EU has imposed increased sanctions on Russian intelligence officials and their assets, prompting a Russian threat to end security arrangements with the United States and the EU.
Claiming that such a development “would be greeted enthusiastically by international terrorists,” the Russian foreign ministry said the EU countries “have set a course for complete termination of interaction with Russia in international and regional issues.”
Despite such a warning, the EU now is expected to make a final decision to include an embargo on arms sales and impose limits on dual-use and energy technologies – export controls reminiscent of Cold War days.

Russia, on the other hand, charges the West aided the overthrow of a democratically elected government that resulted in the need for Moscow to send in troops to protect Russian-speakers in Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.
Moscow also is providing assistance to ethnic Russian fighters in eastern Ukraine who do not want to be under what they consider an illegal government in Kiev.

The Western-backed Kiev government, which has signed an agreement with the EU, stands in the way of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s effort to create a buffer between the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Russian Federation.
Ukraine also is a country through which much of Russia’s natural gas exports to Europe flow, effectively giving Moscow political leverage over Ukraine and limiting European reaction to his actions in that country.

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