Wednesday, July 9, 2014

In The News: Updates From Israel And Around The World

Today we'll break this up into two parts. The first part (below) will have running headlines from Israel and below that, the news from the rest of the world. I'll post a few links which have updated live headlines on a minute-to minute basis (as we did yesterday) and below that some of the more interesting headlines:


Updates From The U.S. Border 'Crisis':

Agent Ron Zermeno, who is also the Health and Safety Coordinator for the San Diego Sector was served a cease and desist order by his higher ups after he began to question the sanitary and health conditions for agents and for the 140 immigrant children who are being transported from Texas to California every 72 hours.

“Because I stood up and told the truth they are going to terminate me and I am going to fight it” says Zermeno who spoke exclusively to
“They want to quickly get them through the system and get them into the community and let it become the communities problem”says Zermano.

“Every 72 hours we receive 140 children from Texas. In every one of these groups we are seeing some kind of disease or infection. We are seeing obvious scabies, head lice, kids coughing and spitting up mucus, poor sanitary and hygiene. These kids are wearing clothing they left their country in. Already we have had three agents who have contracted 

Previously, Zermano had warned media and Border Patrol leadership that as many as 40 children with scabies had come off one plane with 140 immigrants. Because Zermano’s job as health and safety coordinator for the San Diego Sector is entirely based on keeping agents healthy, it is even more surprising that he received the cease and desist order, which is the first step toward termination. Zermano says he isn’t the only agent being targeted. In fact, San Diego Sector Deputy Chief Scott and San Diego Sector Chief Beeson have sent a memo to all agents requiring a mandatory review.

The illegal alien crisis that appears to have been planned is fomenting additional chaos in an already overburdened system. I say that it appears to have been planned because way back in January of this year, the federal government advertised for "Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children." Why did they do that?

How would the government know that six months later, they would need those services unless this crisis is simply another manufactured situation where the rights of Americans are being eradicated or ignored and where additional stress can create more havoc on the system?
These rules have been tossed aside with the current tragic turn of events. While the government wants us to focus on the alien "children" that are coming to America, they don't want us to consider the fact that something has obviously been set up.

There are only two reasons that the federal would create/allow a situation like this to occur. First, the federal government wants to turn red states blue. Not all of the illegal aliens entering this country are children (though that group is what the media is focusing on primarily). Many are adults with obvious connections to gangs. Many could easily be part of drug cartels there and sent here to expand operations into the United States. Other adults walking across the border may be other types of criminals or even terrorists. We have no way of knowing because the federal government is not doing its job.

Second, the other goal is to overburden America's system. These illegal aliens walking into America are bringing with them potential pandemics. Scabies, drug-resistant TB and other diseases have already spread to Border Patrol agents. The diseases will continue to spread as they are transmitted from person to person.
This will cause tremendous burdens on our healthcare system. If you consider the additional fact that the federal government is spending $256 per day per illegal alien (that adds up to a staggering nearly $100,000 per year!), that only means that the economic situation in America continues to worsen.

Riddle, a member of the Texas House of Representatives, said, “The old metaphor that robbers use to start a fire at one end of the block in order to rob a bank at the other end of the block is true in our current crisis with illegal aliens pouring cross the southern border.”
She said, “Unsavory criminal and Islamic elements invading Texas are creating distractions in order to undermine our defenses. The child refugees are merely a distraction. The real issue here is the very real risk of Islamic invasion in partnership with dangerous cartels.

Riddle’s comments were echoed by a former federal official, Frank Gaffney, who was undersecretary of defense for intelligence under President Ronald Reagan. He said the threat might even be bigger.
He told WND, “I think what’s been going on south of our border in regard to the infiltration of hostile powers is not confined to just Islamists. We’ve got the Chinese, we’ve got the Russians. What is particularly concerning is the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRC) and its proxy Hezbollah and Hamas and assorted other jihadists – combine that with the patron in Venezuela and infrastructure that has been building for some time, plus our very porous border, it’s a ticking time bomb.”

But her biggest fear was reserved for those who are coming to the border illegally with an eye on doing major damage to the U.S.
“I do not understand anyone turning a blind eye to the border after 9/11,” she said, pointing out that Congress already is aware of members of various feared groups entering the U.S. illegally.
Gaffney noted that the left-leaning government in Venezuela could be part of the problem.
“I am not sure we know the full extent to which Venezuela is enabling threats to emerge from various Islamist corridors. There’s been talk for some time of Iranian ballistic missiles being deployed on Venezuelan soil. It could give rise to a whole new Cuban missile crisis scenario,” he explained.

“What the Chinese are doing is investing substantially in building bases, port facilities, the Panama Canal for example, cultivating space launch capabilities with the Brazilians, building another canal in Nicaragua – building a colonial type sphere of influence in America’s front yard,” he said.
And, he said, Russia may be stirring up waves on America’s doorstep in retaliation to American involvement in Ukraine.
“The Russians are up to no good, and are interested in demonstrating that they are still powerful enough to operate in our front yard. It wouldn’t altogether surprise me if Russia was involved in a strategic gambit that takes advantage of the preoccupation of our border patrol personnel with this influx of unaccompanied minors to create openings through which other contraband and weapons of mass destruction could pass. It would certainly fit the strategic ‘chess-playing’ modus operandi of Vladimir Putin,” he said.

But now we’ve got an environment where the enemies of this country have metastasized and they’re in a position to exploit vulnerabilities confronting the United States.”
 “During 2005, Border Patrol apprehended approximately 1.2 million illegal aliens; of those 165,000 were from countries other than Mexico. Of the non-Mexican aliens, approximately 650 were from special interest countries.
“Special interest countries are those ‘designated by the intelligence community as countries that could export individuals that could bring harm to our country in the way of terrorism.’”


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KemBlank said...

One of my favorite weekly financial programs has Chuck Missler as a guest today. The program this week is especially timely and covers Middle East issues as well as US economic issues.

Scott said...

Thanks for that. Chuck M is one of my favorites!

harnessandleash said...

Thanks for posting-- your link gives a great overview of what's happening in our world economically-- it takes the place of trying to sit & read multiple news articles.

When someone like Chuck Missler says, "the rule books have all been thrown away," and he admits he has no idea how everything will play out, you KNOW it's not just "life as usual" going on anymore.

Our God is sovereign, be encouraged….
2 Chronicles 20:6
"and he said, O Jehovah, the God of our fathers, art not thou God in heaven? and art not thou ruler over all the kingdoms of the nations? and in thy hand is power and might, so that none is able to withstand thee."

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother Scott, :) You had asked Mr C - "I wonder what exploded? That was really massive". He observed the same thing, the explosions were disproportionately huge, and he suspected munitions hidden.

Just read that there was a "hint", that Hamas has missiles under these terrorists leaders homes that they destroyed.

Also, looks like Hamas is attempting to go after Israel's nuke plant...

"Iron Dome intercepts rocket over Dimona for first time since Operation Protective Edge began"

"3 rockets fired at Negev city which contains Israel's nuclear reactor; 2 fall in open areas, one intercepted; earlier, Iron Dome intercepts rocket over greater Tel Aviv area; rockets land in open areas south of Haifa."

Scott said...

Interesting development. Talk about a "game changer".

Mrs.C said...

"IAF destroyed more targets in 36 hours than in whole of 2012 clash"

"Senior source says "not a single Hamas brigade commander has a home to go back to," hints that some long-range rockets may be hidden under large civilian buildings in Gaza."

Mrs.C said...

Same article as above, only JP now changed the headline to quote Hamas...

"Hamas: We attempted to hit the nuclear reactor in Dimona"

AudioOutlaw said...

"01:37 Iron Dome intercepts two rockets over Beersheba

Two rockets fired from the Gaza Strip are intercepted over the southern city of Beersheba around 1:30 a.m. after sirens went off. A third projectile exploded outside town. No injuries or damage has been reported.

Meanwhile, an Al Jazeera reporter says multiple Israeli army bulldozers were spotted heading south toward the Gaza border."

Israel military bulldozers heading over to the border? If anyone has knowledge of what they would use those for, let me know.

Scott said...

Audio - the only time I can recall seeing bulldozers is when they are taking down facilities or what passes as "homes"...But perhaps some of it is to temporarily take down some of the border? I would have to think it has to do with actually going into Gaza

AudioOutlaw said...

Removing sections of border to cross over was the only thought that really made sense to me. My other thought was they found some tunnels they want to collapse. I'm still thinking border crossing is what they're getting ready for.

Mrs.C said...

The Israeli's use the bulldozers for a few reasons. They are technically part of the combat engineering.
The IDF uses no ordinary bulldozer.Their bulldozers are armored caterpillars. They can use them for all sorts of tasks - demolishing homes in the paly case, but also rescues of other military vehicles, clearing pathways for safe routes for the military vehicles and ground troops. Ive read that these customized bulldozers, survive the attacks from IED's, landmines, RPGs etc. I seem to also remember them as leading the way, clearing the way, for the troops back in 2009.
Heard a live interview with the IDF spokesman tonight. He said they have 3 Brigades, Infantry, and other preparations, ready to go.