Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Watching The 'Big Picture'

Every day now we watch as increasing tyranny approaches us all, and the headlines today explain it all. 

As we watch this scenario evolving, right before our very eyes, as disconcerting as it is, we have to always remember to take a step back and see what is really happening. As mentioned before, this is all a matter of 'road paving' for the arrival of the antichrist and his totalitarian rule. Also as mentioned before, this would be impossible with the presence of a strong and free United States - say, for instance, the United States that existed under Ronald Reagan. In that scenario, it would have been completely impossible for a world dictator to arise successfully. Just like WWII, a fight would have ensued and with the military might of the U.S., such a dictator would find a quick ending to his quest. 

Today, the U.S. government isn't only sufficiently weak, but it is morphing into a form of tyranny that will not only not resist such a world dictator, it is actually moving in that direction - or paving the road for this tyranny. If you can't see this you aren't looking. 

What strikes you about the details of this "shutdown" is how completely unnecessary and punitive these government actions are. What we are witnessing is a raw display of power - symbols of who is in charge, and it certainly isn't the citizens. None of the facts presented in the articles below are necessary, nor do they help the bottom line at all. In most instances the measures taken by the U.S. government actually cost more money and resources, when ostensibly, the shutdown forced such actions. Think about that for a moment.

But fortunately, we were told of this scenario in advance - what we are watching is obviously necessary for the ultimate plan to play out and for that reason we should not despair - we have to look at the big picture and understand that God has this all covered. 

For whatever reason He has chosen to have us here, on planet earth, for a purpose during these last days. We are directed to bring as many people to Christ as possible and in our case (prophecy watchers) it is becoming easier and easier to point out what is happening from a biblical/prophetic perspective.  

And, for us personally, we know from the often quoted scriptures, that Jesus doesn't intend for us to live in a spirit of fear. Jesus informed us that when we see these things happening - these signs around us (and we certainly are - in abundance) - we are to look for Him and His return as it will be soon (Luke 21:28-31). 

Right now, the U.S. government (and the same can be said about the EU) is most definitely flexing their muscles in order to suppress 'the people', in order to show who is in charge. This is just a small sample of what is coming. It won't get better. We are seeing the worst of what human government has to offer - we are seeing on American shores what has already been experienced around the world throughout history, and in our generation in places such as N Korea, China,  USSR, and so many other countries who have had to endure these totalitarian forms of government. 

Human government always evolves this way, if given enough time. Always. The U.S. is obviously no exception. It should prove once and for all that only Jesus can give us real freedom and until He returns, mankind will have to suffer under human government and all that goes along with it. 

The headlines tell the story, but each of these articles should be read with the "big picture' in mind:

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