Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Russia Moves To Push Elimination Of WMDs In Mideast: Is This A Kremlin Ploy Against Israel?

Or more stage-setting for the coming Gog-MaGog war?

Even as Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with President Obama in Washington, Russian President Vladimir Putin is suddenly signaling a major new international move that could shift the focus off of Iran’s nuclear threat and place enormous international focus and pressure on the State of Israel to disclose and dismantle its own strategic weapons.

“Russia wants to revive plans for a conference on ridding the Middle East of weapons of mass destruction now that Syria has pledged to abandon its chemical arms, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in comments published on Monday,” Reuters reported on Monday.
“Such a move could put Moscow at odds with Washington which announced the conference would be delayed last year,” notes Reusters. “Analysts said it feared the event would be used to criticize its ally Israel, believed to be the region’s only nuclear-armed state.”
“Russia has been pushing to extend its influence in the Middle East. It initiated a UN deal to get Syria to abandon its chemical arms after Washington threatened military strikes to punish Damascus for a sarin gas attack on rebel areas,” notes Reuters.
“We will seek to have this conference take place,” Lavrov said.
This is a striking development, coming as it does on the heels of the Russian gambit that prevented a U.S. military intervention in Syria and ostensibly a deal with Bashar al-Assad to disclose and destroy Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons.
similar international effort was set into motion in May 2010, but then ran aground. At the time, however, Russia was not in the lead. Other countries were. Now, the Kremlin seems to be ready to lead the initiative.
Israel is already increasingly isolated from the international community. The “charm offensive” by new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has been dazzlingly successful in shifting the debate and putting Israel on the defensive. The likelihood of an Israeli first strike on Iran appears to have receded significantly if President Obama is eager to engage in diplomacy with Tehran and pressures Israel to hold off on an attack.
And as amazing as it is to say it, the events of this week could theoretically set into motion the fulfillment of the End Times Bible prophecies found in Ezekiel 38-39 — i.e, the “War of Gog and Magog” — if the leader of Russia begins to emerge as the leader of the anti-Israel coalition and requires Israel to comply with the treaty or face an international military coalition prepared to force her to comply.
Meanwhile, “Vladimir Putin has accepted an Iranian invitation to visit the country and meet with newly elected President Hasan Rouhani, a spokesman for the Russian president confirmed,” reports the Times of Israel. “Putin has been invited to Iran, and he will certainly take advantage of this kind invitation,” the Interfax news agencyquoted spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying on Friday. “The dates of the visit will be agreed upon through diplomatic channels.”
This will be the second time Putin has traveled to Iran. The first was a two day trip on October 16-17, 2007

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with members of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Monday evening, thanking them for their support of bills sanctioning Iran for its nuclear program, and urging them to continue to pressure the Islamic Republic.
Netanyahu also informed the senators that he told US President Barack Obama in their meeting earlier in the day that it was the sanctions that brought Iran to the negotiating table.

Netanyahu, for his part, told the president he appreciated the reiteration of that commitment to stop Iran, and advised that “sanctions should be strengthened” if Iran continues to move ahead toward the bomb. Iran, Netanyahu told Obama in their joint media appearance at the Oval Office, remains bent on the destruction of Israel.
The White House meeting marked the first time the two leaders had sat together since Obama’s visit to Israel in March. More relevantly, it marked their first personal contact since Obama and his Iranian counterpart, Rouhani, spoke by telephone over the weekend. Israel was informed prior to the conversation, but not consulted on the content, Israeli sources said.

 Inspectors charged with the enormous task of overseeing the destruction of Syria’s deadly chemical weapons stockpiles kicked off their mission Monday, racing to meet tight deadlines against the backdrop of civil war.
New splits within the opposition group, the Syrian National Coalition, also emerged on the conditions for attending the planned conference in Geneva. After meetings with US officials in New York last week, the group’s leader expressed readiness to attend talks aimed at establishing a transitional government with full executive powers, leaving open the question of whether President Bashar Assad could stay on.

Inspectors at The Hague said Sunday the inspectors’ priority is to achieve the first milestone of helping the country scrap its ability to manufacture chemical weapons by a November 1 deadline, using every means possible.
That may include smashing mixing equipment with sledgehammers, blowing up delivery missiles, driving tanks over empty shells or filling them with concrete, and running machines without lubricant so they seize up and become inoperable.
Some of the inspectors will be double-checking Syria’s initial disclosure of what weapons and chemical precursors it has and where they are located. Others will begin planning the logistics for visits to every location where chemicals or weapons are stored.
Within a week a second group of inspectors will arrive — fewer than 100 combined — and form teams that will fan out to individual sites. Their routes are secret — both for their safety and because Syria has the right not to reveal its military secrets, including base locations.

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Mrs.C said...

Live feed...
Waiting for number 12 :) Interesting he's number 12...


1 October 2013
Morning Session

H.E. Mrs. Mariyam Shakeela
Acting Foreign Minister
H.E. Mr. Phandu T. C. Skelemani
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Holy See (The)
H.E. Mr. Archbishop Dominique Mamberti
Secretary for Relations
Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (The)
H.E. Mr. Pak Kil Yon
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Dominican Republic (The)
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Sao Tome and Principe
H.E. Mr. Carlos Filomeno Agostinho Das Neves
Permanent Representative to the UN
H.E. Mr. Ib Petersen
Permanent Representative to the UN
H.E. Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister

Mrs.C said...

WOW! What a speech Bibi just gave!God Truly raised this man up for such a time as this!

ChristineInCleveland said...

The only question is... will Israel stand for Obama's ruse of playing nice with Iran or just go ahead with their plans to carry out an attack against its nuclear facilities? Israel has waited so long as it is... & the window is closing rapidly to make a pre-emptive strike...suspense is sure building as to what their next move is! And "O" thinks he's got the upper hand now... just wait & see how that works out!

Mrs.C said...

" if the leader of Russia begins to emerge as the leader of the anti-Israel coalition and requires Israel to comply with the treaty or face an international military coalition prepared to force her to comply."

What?...have to respectfully disagree with this statement...there is no "treaty" etc...he's in error on this one...

Mrs.C said...

Main points of Bibi's speech? This was mostly directed towards Iran.

He laid out to the world,reminded them ONCE AGAIN, how dangerous Iran is and that they cannot be trusted.Telling Iran, they are not fooled by them.

Told Iran, that other unnamed Arab nations are working with Israel against them.Hint Iran, we have Arab allies willing to help us against you. Airspace, Intel comes to mind, and as he said, it is historic.

The brief "red line" comment must have really freaked out Iran.
Stating that the "red line" has held, as Iran has NOT passed it.
This says to Iran, we KNOW EXACTLY what stage you are at. Not based on feeble UN inspectors etc., but obviously of their own Intel. Israel has information, on the ground, in Iran.

Israel clearly knows they will have to go it alone, without question.

The story of his Grandfather. NEVER AGAIN will Israel allow the evil anti-Semitic's to beat them up. They are strong, and will fight! AND THEN HE QUOTES AMOS, SAYING ACCORDING TO "BIBLE PROPHECY", THE JEWISH PEOPLE WILL NEVER,EVER BE REMOVED FROM THEIR LAND AGAIN! Whew, WOW!

Sandra said...

Mrs.C, That was a great commentary, thank you. It was a powerful speech, to hear him quote prophecy, WOW! God will not abandon His people and HIS LAND! Just makes me wonder how short now is our time here.


GG2013 said...

Hi Mrs.C-

Yes, what a very firm yet passionate speech he gave. I got very teary eyed knowing this is truly the point where they stand alone.

I have to say he put a smile on my face when he said something about they (Iran) seem to think they can have their yellow cake and eat it too. That was priceless.

I loved all the references to scripture. The applause at the end was nice too.

God Bless!!

Mrs.C said...

Hi Dear Sister GG, :)
Yes indeed, a passionate speech, and I too got very teary eyed knowing as you say Sis, they are now truly alone. LOL LOL, yellow cake and eat it too was exactly priceless as you say! :)

A cheering support team for him showed up at the beginning! Yeah! We watched it live, and when the gentleman began to announce Bibi, he was interrupted by applause! The camera actually zeroed in on these folks, standing and applauding Bibi. Occasionally the camera would pan the audience, and caught Samantha “I want more “ Power, focusing more on the camera than Bibi’s speech! SMH! But there were also folks in the back and on the sides, standing to listen to him with obvious support and paying great attention.

Many, many times over the years I have heard this Godly Man refer to Scripture, but NEVER have I heard him refer and actually say “in our time, the Biblical Prophecies are being realized” speaking of Scripture. WOW! Awesome! What also brought tears to my eyes was how gracious he was towards those (obviously the US is part of this), that are so blatantly abandoning them. To say that they will go it alone if need be, but in doing so, “Israel knows they will be defending
many, many others”. Wow, just Wow!

God Bless You Too Dear Sis!