Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Terrorist Attacks Increasing In Israel

There may be more to this story. 

Earlier we saw this story reported by the Jerusalem Post:

To add more detail around this story and for some interesting background we have this story just put out:

[This may be a good time to repeat the fact that we look at news from all sources and the reader can determine what to take in and what to reject. I'd rather err on the side of "more information" rather than "less information" based on my bias and opinions. And it is worth repeating for those who don't like Debka - they were the first ones to the story about the U.S. conceding Iran's demands and that appears to be quite accurate. Use discernment, prayer and a dose of the Holy Spirit with ALL news stories, regardless of source. In this instance, Debka is consistent with other similar stories in the region. Additionally, if you have followed these "peace deals" over the last 3-4 decades, you know that this pattern has occurred with every single set of negotiations, so it isn't surprising in the least.]

Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas has decided to derail talks with Israel directly after the release of the second batch of jailed Palestinians next week. US Secretary of State John Kerry will try to head off the crisis in the talks he brokered earlier this year, by cajoling Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu when they meet in Rome Wednesday, Oct. 23, to make Abbas an offer he can’t refuse, of sovereign Israel land.

Kerry is thinking of a large chunk of Dead Sea coastal area and water, equal to about a third of the territory owned by Israel in this region.

He is now thinking of hauling it forward as bait to dissuade Abbas from walking out of the peace process.
But the Palestinian leader’s game plan entails more than this walkout, a step he has taken many times before. He is also unraveling the longstanding security cooperation with Israel for containing Palestinian terrorism.

Yasser Arafat launched his second intifada 13 years ago after careful preparation. He first dismantled the security cooperation existing between the Palestinian Authority, Israel and the American military advisers helping to make it work.
In 2013, Mahmoud Abbas is following in Arafat’s footsteps of 2000.

Now, on direct orders from the PA Chairman Abbas, suspects are detained only briefly before being released without being questioned.
Abbas has thus adopted Arafat’s “revolving door” method.

 Palestinian Authority incitement and religious events: Ya’alon was talking about Mahmoud Abbas’s latest propaganda campaign stunt, which raises the specter of an Israeli conspiracy to seize control of Temple Mount and destroy Al Aqsa Mosque.

This theme can always be counted on to strike an inflammatory chord in the Palestinian Muslim masses and fire the more radical up for attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets. Arafat understood this very well when he labeled his four-year suicide bombing campaign against Israel the “Al Aqsa intifada.”

Would this scenario really be that surprising?

[If a tree falls in the forrest....]

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor urged that sanctions against Iran should be maintained, saying the country was still demonstrably pursuing a nuclear weapons capability.

In a speech during the UN Security Council’s Open Debate on “The Situation in the Middle East” on Tuesday, Prosor said that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is merely the new face of an old regime.

Prosor pointed out that there are 17 countries peacefully producing nuclear energy without the uranium enrichment or plutonium production that Iran is insisting on.

Prosor also called on the Palestinians to end incitement against Israel.
“The time has come for the Palestinian leadership to clearly and unequivocally condemn violence and terrorism,” he said. “The time has come to stop poisoning the minds of Palestinian children. The time has come to start teaching tolerance, mutual respect, and coexistence. After all, the next peace agreement depends on the next generation wanting peace.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu arrived in Rome on Tuesday to urge Italy and the US to continue to impose sanctions against Iran as the best path to peacefully disarm Tehran’s nuclear weapons program.
“We must ensure that Iran won’t have nuclear weapons capabilities and that this can be achieved peacefully,” Netanyahu told his Italian counterpart Enrico Letta during a Tuesday night meeting in Rome.
He is likely to repeat this message when he meets Wednesday with US Secretary of State John Kerry. The two men will also discuss the Israeli Palestinian peace process

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