Sunday, September 15, 2013

Syria And End Times Commentary From Joel Rosenberg

Actually there are two very interesting commentaries by Joel Rosenberg. One reason I listen to Mr Rosenberg is the fact that he has extensive experience in the Middle East and he is very well connected. Additionally, his book "Epicenter" pretty much outlined exactly what Russia is doing today in the region:

In this first commentary he addresses this new idea that Isaiah 17 has already been fulfilled. It comes from the same group who refuses to take a literal view of future prophecy and for the usual incorrect reasons. The rebuttal is worth reading:

The question of whether or not the current events taking place in Syria are connected to the End Times is a "legitimate question," says an author and expert on the Middle East and End Times prophecy.
Joel C. Rosenberg, New York Times bestselling author of books such as The Last Days and Epicenter, and founder of the pro-Israel The Joshua Fund, told The Christian Post that such speculations should be taken with caution, but are legitimate ponderings.

"That being said, the prophecies of Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49 are very important. They speak to the utter destruction and judgment of the city of Damascus at some point in the End Times future."
Rosenberg, whose bestselling novels often feature end times themes, also told CP that "these prophecies have never been fulfilled in history so far."
"Damascus has certainly been attacked and conquered in history, but it has never been removed from being a city. Damascus is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on the planet," said Rosenberg, who has worked for Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Regarding biblical prophecy and the Syria conflict, many have specifically pointed to Isaiah 17, which states in the first verse that "Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap."
In response to the curiosity about Isaiah 17, many Christian theologians have expressed skepticism about the passage applying to modern events.
Dr. Robert Mulholland, who is a recently retired professor of New Testament of Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Ky., told The Christian Post in an earlier interview that he did not believe there was a connection.
"In this case, Isaiah was predicting the demise of Damascus at the hands of Assyria in the eighth century [Before Christ]," said Mulholland. "If one wanted to try to make the case for Isaiah 17 predicting the end times, then Iran (the present day successor to Assyria) would be responsible for Damascus' demise and not its primary ally."

Regarding the words of scholars, Rosenberg responded to CP that there were a couple of issues with saying that Isaiah 17 was fulfilled millennia ago.
"We know for certain that this prophecy of Isaiah 17 has not been fulfilled for several reasons. First Damascus had never been removed from being a city," argued Rosenberg.
Of course it still is a city so it could not have been fulfilled."
Rosenberg also argued that the set of prophecies Isaiah makes that includes chapter 17 were made in the year King Ahab died, which was sometime after Assyria had conquered Damascus.
"So Isaiah had not even had the prophecy of the complete destruction of Damascus that he writes about in Isaiah 17," said Rosenberg.
"Isaiah did prophesy about the conquering of Damascus by the king of Assyria in 732 BC and we find those prophecies in chapters seven and eight."

“Vladimir Putin has accepted an Iranian invitation to visit the country and meet with newly elected President Hasan Rouhani, a spokesman for the Russian president confirmed,” reports the Times of Israel.
“Putin has been invited to Iran, and he will certainly take advantage of this kind invitation,” the Interfax news agencyquoted spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying on Friday. “The dates of the visit will be agreed upon through diplomatic channels.”
“The announcement came on the heels of a report that Russia had agreed to sell to Iran the advanced S-300 air defense system and construct a new nuclear reactor at the Bushehr site,” the Times noted. “Putin met with Rouhani on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on Friday. During the meeting, Rouhani extended an invitation to Putin, who accepted, the Iranian semi-official Fars news agency reported. In July, there were reports that Putin would travel to Iran in August to revive negotiations over the country’s controversial nuclear program, but those plans appeared to fall through.”


Waterer said...

I loved this whole article Scott. Thanks for posting!

Scott said...

Yea - I did too - I was listening to the radio the other day and some pastor was trying to say that this prophecy had already been fulfilled. Its weird/perplexing - I don't see how hey are missing the scriptures that clearly state that Syria will cease to exist as a city, yet it is quite viable as a city today. This one should be easy - not even the least bit controversial. Oh well, go figure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,
sorry for my stupid question. I want to ask who represent God and Magog in modern world now?
Iran is Magog and Rusia is Gog?

WVBORN56 said...

I think Gog is a person not a country possibly Putin. The Countries listed most likely include: Russia, Turkey, Iran, and some northern African nations. These are the outer ring of nations and the Isaiah 17 battle are the inner circle of nations surrounding Israel.

Also guys take a look at this sermon at David Jeremiah's church last Sunday night.

Some Insight on Syria from Amir Tsarfati, a Jewish Christian.
Watch at:

Alice said...

WV, I watched that message by Amir two times yesterday! It was sooooo good! Everyone, watch it! You won't be disappointed! It was very uplifting!

Soon and VERY SOON we are going to see The King!!!!!!!

WVBORN56 said...

Amen Alice!

Come Lord Jesus!

Anonymous said...

I think the world is heading for a time of peace and calm . Yes the markets will feel some pain from the draw down of "Quantitative easing" but the markets are prepared for it . The Syrian crises is drawing down , Iran has "put in a moderate" , Egypt is settling down . The earthquakes are moderate (low death tolls) the hurricane season is literally non-existent , Israel is "somewhat" pleased with the results of Syria .

The one thing I fear is that we will continue to see Russia as the peacemaker . (The devil mixes lies with the truth ) . I've noticed through social media and the extreme Right wing media that Putin has become somewhat of a folk hero in peoples eyes . Lets not forget that Putin is responsible for 22 members of the Russian media ceasing to exist . It's the old adage of the enemy of my enemy is a friend . He's not the good guy folks . And remember when you watch RT footage that they never say anything good about Israel and are always Pro-Russia .

Just thought I'd point that out .


P.s I'm very aware that Iran has strategically placed a moderate in office . However It is going to lead to a time of peace (for now) .

Stephen said...

Peace and calm ??

I doubt that VERY VERY MUCH.

If I had a quarter and threw it heads vs. tails, I think I would still COME OUT AHEAD betting on the
little girl's water jug dream.


stocks are WAY TOO HIGH and any one with enough sense can see

Scray thing is, I believe her prophecy.

WHY >>>> ????

COS children are very innocent and
I think GOD reveals things to them
that are NOT AVAILABLE to adults.

point being made here ??


Hey, I do NOT care if the dow is
pusing to records tonite, really,
bulls are acting REALLY STUPID and

Three times worse then OCT 08 ??

YOU KNOW IT.....!!!!

BTW it 'aint OCT yet, so let bulls have their fun, they will find out.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

There is no crash coming Steven . Corporate America's balance sheets are very sound . (1.4 trillion dollars in cash balances ) Yes ! The banking industry is still "to big to fail" but we've learned that if the banks fail we will just bail them out by devaluing our dollar and printing money . Until there is a military the size of the United States there will be no resistance to this . Yes , I'm aware how insane this sounds .

Stephen said...

GEEEEEE, you really are bullish sir......for what reason I do NOT

and yet, I am willing to BET on
the girl's prophecy and PLAY THE
ODDS that you are DEAD wrong.

you mean to tell me that WS PIG
BULLS can get away with all the
business they are doing with NO FEAR of judgement ??

really ??

when people are starving all over ??

Sir, you really need to be careful
about your optimism....

I think THE LORD knows alot more
about the future then any of
us, is that correct ??

I think so.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>

Mrs.C said...

The Syrian "crisis" has not by any means "drawn down", nor has Egypt "settling down".
As for Iran installing a "moderate", this latest installed cleric 'president" of Iran is anything but a "moderate". He is evil with a smile.Is this what a "moderate" says?

"The Jewish state "has been a wound in the body of the Islamic world for years and should be removed"."

Not to mention Iran continues to be heavily involved with Syria, Hezbollah and the list of evil murders goes on and on.

Israel is NOT "pleased" what so ever with the situation in Syria.
They do not trust the situation at all, and are prepared to defend themselves.

Sandra said...

Good Morning All,

Thank you Mrs C for your comments, you are very right in all you have said. This situation is like a cord that has been pulled too tight and is ready to break. As Alice said.."Soon and VERY SOON we are going to see The King!!!!!!!"

Be Blessed is our hope of redemption.

Anonymous said...

Mrs C ,

The world markets are NOT going to crash.

We ARE NOT going to World war three .

Iran is NOT going to become a nuclear power. You keep believing what Fox news tells you .

You are NOT as smart as you think you are . You're just an opinionated fool who believes everything you hear .

Peace out Lemming .

David said...

I agree with one statement made. Definitely lots of people who are "evil with a smile".

Waterer said...

I disagree with you Nathan that we have nothing to be aware of in a sense.
What we all seem to froget a little in the growing crisis times is that He comes when He is not expected.
That is the point of Luke 12 and of Paul Saying to the
Thess. that they would not be surprised..
Also ragging on Mrs.C. is ugly..,

Sandra said...

Hi Waterer,

Thank you for your remarks, I was also going to respond on this. Jesus told us the end would be like birth pains and between the pain there is a moment of rest before the next contraction. Which I believe we are seeing right now, and as in child birth each contraction becomes more severe. Just reading article posted "Shiites: Syria War Will Ignite End Times" is an indication that this whole situation in Syria is NOT going away.

Nathan, remember what you remarked that other day about not feeling the love..lets play nice!


WVBORN56 said...

I don't think Mrs. C is following Fox news Nathan. She is a student of God's word and a keen observer of the signs Jesus gave us to watch. While we may not know all the under lying moves of governments around the world we can see with the aid of the Holy Spirit that we are clearly nearing midnight. The march toward a one world government, economy and religion are as plain as the noes on my face.

We can also see we are very near to Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 39. All the players are in place. The world sits on the edge of a financial cliff and the only thing holding it back is God's mercy for the salvation of souls as the church age draws to a close. The whole world is focused on the tiny country of Israel just as the Bible predicts in the last days. We are approaching the time of Jacobs trouble as God is beginning to turn his attention from the church and back to the Jews in the nation of Israel.

Time is short church "When you begin to see these things take place, look up, your redemption is drawing near"

Maranatha! In fact, Perhaps Today!

Mrs.C said...

Please don’t attribute words to me that I pretty clearly didn’t say. I made no comment on the “world markets”. Didn’t say there would be a “world war three”, that’s not until the end of the Trib anyway. Also didn’t say that Iran is going to become a “nuclear power”, as Gods Word is pretty clear they WONT. Goodness, if I didn’t know better, you sound a wee bit left wing there “Nathan”(sounds a little familiar like other posts in the past).

Forgive me, but I have to laugh a bit,my goodness, rely on “Fox News” or any of the other “stuff” out there, no.Nor do I “believe everything I here” lol. Pay attention, but always compare it to Gods Word. Whew…my goodness, such a lot of things falsely attributed to me, such hostility."Peace out Lemming", what?

Never, ever claimed to be “smart”, unlike others that believe they are, but are simply legends in their own minds. When it comes down to the Last Days, “Nathan”, that is where we are “Nathan”, I only believe in Gods Word, with the help of the Holy Spirit. How bout you? Opened your Bible lately, and invited the Holy Spirit for discernment? Its the only way to know His Truth :)

Forgive me but your tone (ever changing)elitists a firm response. You appear to THINK you know everything that’s going to happen with a litany of events. Which do you rely on, yourself and all your self acquired “knowledge”, or His Word? Is His Word to simplistic for you? The Bible boring to you? Careful…remember the Garden of Eden…there’s always that bite out of the apple with the promise of “knowledge” presented by a serpent…

We are at the point in ALL of time,ALL of time!,that WE had ALL, better know His Word for each of us individually, and most of all, Trust in Him…Trust what HE SAYS in His Word…

Mrs.C said...

In full agreement with you dear Brother WV :) Time is indeed very short...Perhaps today indeed! Halleluiah!
Meet you at the Wedding Super of the Lamb Brother!

God Bless!

Mrs.C said...
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Mrs.C said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caver said...


Did you get dressed backwards this morning?

Your fleshy is showing badly but biblical knowledge and discernment is completely covered up.

You humbly owe an apology badly. Own up and stand up.

Caver said...

OH, and one other thing. As for the stocks, economy, and financial in general.... you really could use some world history.

There has been only one result of a country that is doing to their currency what we.....and the EU & Japan.....are doing. The history books are full of it, repetition, time after time and nothing but common sense.

Even whisperings from Omama's own staff....the goal is to crash the dollar.

Then they can go to a one world currency....which of course will require a one world government. Every heard that term before? I think I have.

David H said...

"You're just an opinionated fool who believes everything you hear"
I think an apology is definitely due...

David said...

Stephen, you keep on keeping us informed on the stock market. I'm sure you know much more than most

David P

David H said...

I agree David, if i have a question about the stock market, Stephen would be the very one i would ask..