Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Evening Update: Russia Continues Build-Up In Mediterranean

While watching this situation in Syria and pondering the possibilities of Isaiah 17, we can't forget that the battle of Gog-MaGog also looms. Are watching what could end up as the inevitable build-up for the invasion of Israel that will take place in the future?

Russia’s Moskva missile cruiser, dubbed a “carrier-killer” by NATO, has passed through the Straits of Gibraltar and is now heading toward the eastern Mediterranean to assume command of the Russian naval force there.
The Russian Navy said in a statement that the Moskva cruiser passed through the Straits of Gibraltar on September 10. 
Interfax news agency added that the Moskva cruiser, “commanded by Sergey Tronev, Captain 1st Rank of the Guards… has enough room for maneuver now.”

“The Black Sea flagship entered the Russian Navy's area of responsibility in the Mediterranean at 11:00 pm Moscow time yesterday," the agency reported a military source as saying.

The missile-carrying cruiser is expected to join its final destination in eastern Mediterranean on September 15 or 16.

Upon arrival, the command of the Russian Navy unit in the Mediterranean, currently stationed onboard the Admiral Panteleyev anti-submarine ship, will be relocated to the Moskva.

"The armaments and technical equipment of the missile cruiser are in working condition. The crew is ready to perform combat missions,” the source said. 
Another two vessels, the landing ship Nikolay Filchenkov and the guard ship Smetlivy, will join the Russian naval unit later. They will be pass through the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits by September 12-14 and will then head to the eastern Mediterranean. 

The recent deployments are aimed at “complex monitoring” of the situation around Syria, military sources told Interfax earlier.

Russia’s standing naval force in the Mediterranean now involves landing craft carriers “Aleksandr Shabalin,” “Admiral Nevelskoy,” “Peresvet,” “Novocherkassk” and “Minsk” of Russia’s Black and Baltic Sea Fleets, as well as escort vessel “Neustrashimy,” and the anti-submarine ship “Admiral Panteleyev.” 

• In August, Belgian teacher Pierre Piccinin and Italian journalist Domenico Quiric were reportedly abducted in Syria by armed men in pickup trucks, possibly with the Free Syrian Army.
• The men were released on Sunday and have been speaking out about their horrific experience.
• Both men claim they overheard an English-language Skype conversation suggesting Syrian rebels are behind chemical attack.
• 62-year-old journalist Domenico Quiric says radical Islamists want to topple Assad and extend global caliphate.

Two Europeans who were allegedly abducted and held hostage for several months in Syria claim they overheard a conversation between their captors suggesting the Syrian rebels were behind the deadly chemical attack in Damascus. The men were released on Sunday.
Belgian teacher Pierre Piccinin and Italian journalist Domenico Quiric both say they were able to eavesdrop on an English-language Skype session between their abductors in which they allegedly revealed that it was the Syrian rebels who perpetrated the attack so that the West would intervene.

“In this conversation, they said that the gas attack on two neighborhoods of Damascus was launched by the rebels as a provocation to lead the West to intervene militarily,” Quirico told the Italian daily newspaper La Stampa. “We were unaware of everything that was going on during our detention in Syria, and therefore also with the gas attack in Damascus.”
Piccinin said he has a “moral duty” to share what he heard. He also stressed that he and his fellow hostage were completely cut-off from the outside world and didn’t even know chemical weapons had been used in the first place.

“The government of Bashar al-Assad did not use sarin gas or other types of gas in the outskirts of Damascus,” Piccinin reportedly told Belgium’s RTL radio station.
The 62-year-old journalist was highly critical of the opposition in Syria in another interview, claiming that radical Islamic groups operating in Syria want to take down Assad and “create a caliphate and extend it to the entire Middle East and North Africa,” the Russia-friendly RT reports.
Peccinin agreed with Quirico, telling RTL that it would be “insane and suicidal for the West to support these people.”

The two men were reportedly kidnapped in Syria last April by a group of heavily armed men in pickup trucks. They were believed to be with the Free Syrian Army, though that has not been verified.
Their experiences in captivity were apparently as horrible as one might imagine.
“There was sometimes real violence…humiliation, bullying, mock executions…Domenico faced two mock executions, with a revolver,” Piccinin told RTL.
“These have been very tough months. We were beaten on a daily basis, we suffered two mock executions,” Quirico told reporters, according to AFP.

Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas has questioned the attempts to stir up outrage for the Syrian chemical weapon attack in August that killed hundreds of children, yet no such compassion is shown for the millions of aborted babies in the U.S. every year.
"Why is genocide in Syria intolerable while infanticide in our country is not only permissible but considered a constitutional right? By what moral authority do we deny the leader of another nation his 'freedom of choice' to exterminate his own people, yet empower our own citizenry to kill their children and even provide hundreds of millions of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood to carry out the executions?" Jeffress wrote in a column for Dallas News.

"We are understandably horrified by the pictures of endless rows of Syrian children's corpses. But if we laid side by side the remains of the millions of children who have been aborted in the last 40 years - many during the second and third trimesters with discernible features - I imagine there would be an even greater outcry from the American people."
Jeffress further questioned why progressives who insist that choice when it comes to abortion is a fundamental human right are not willing to give the same freedom of choice to Assad. He reminded readers that although the Geneva Conventions prohibits the use of chemical weapons, Assad "obviously does not believe" in those rules and follows his own moral code.

“Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.”–Sun Tzu, The Art of War
The definition of what makes an “enemy” may vary from person to person. But I would say that, generally, an enemy is one who has an active ability to do irreparable harm to you or your essential values. He is motivated by destruction, the destruction of all that you hold dear. He is capable and unrelenting. He is a legitimate threat. He will not compromise. He will not waver. He will do anything to wound you. He will not stop. He is possessed.

Americans have spent the better part of a century being told who their enemies are with very little explanation or substantiation. We have blindly rallied around our patriotic prerogative without knowing the root cause of the conflict or the nature of the target we are told to annihilate. We have been suckered into war after war, conjured by international interests in order to lure us into accepting greater centralization and concentrated globalism. As a culture, I’m sorry to say, we have been used. We are a tool of unmitigated doom. We are the loaded gun in the hand of the devil.
This paradigm has done irreparable harm to our standing in the eyes of the peoples of the world. But until recently, it has done very little harm to us as a society. We have allowed ourselves to be used like a bloody club, but we have not yet felt the true pain or the true cost. We have been insulated from consequence. However, this comfortable situation is quickly coming to an end.

When one applies the above definition of “the enemy” to Syria, one comes away with very little satisfaction. The Syrian government poses absolutely no immediate threat to the United States. In fact, the civil war that now rages within its borders has been completely fabricated by our own government. The insurgency has been funded, armed, trained and ultimately directed by the U.S. intelligence community. Without U.S. subversion, the civil war in Syria would not exist.

So, the question arises: If Syria is not the real enemy, who is?
I point back to the core issue. That is to say, I would examine who pose a legitimate threat to our country and our principles. The Syrian government under Bashar Assad clearly has no capability to threaten our freedom, our economic stability, our social stability, or our defensive capabilities. There is, though, a group of people out there who do, in fact, pose a significant threat to the American way of life on every conceivable level. These people do not live on the other side of the world. They do not wear foreign garb or speak another language. Most of them do not have pigmented skin or Asian features. They look just like you and I, and they live in Washington D.C.

So what have I observed so far?
If you want to know who has malicious intent toward our Constitutional values, simply move your eyes away from the Mideast and focus on our own capital. The ill will toward liberty held by the leadership of both the Democratic and Republican parties is obvious in the Congressional support of the banker bailouts, the Patriot Acts, the National Defense Authorization Act, the President’s domestic assassination directives, the hands-off approach to National Security Agency mass surveillance, etc. But even beyond these litmus tests, the Syrian debate has unveiled numerous enemies of the American people within our own government.

The catastrophe inherent in a Syrian strike is at least partially known to most of the public. We are fully aware that there will be blowback from any new strike in the Mideast (limited or unlimited), economically as well as internationally. So if the average American with little political experience understands the consequences of such an action, the average politician should be more than educated on the dangers. Any representative who blatantly ignores the calamity ahead is either very stupid or has an agenda.

The latest disinformation campaigns seem to be revolving around generating alternative motivations for a strike -

Obama's "red line" was crossed and we must strike in order to save face amongst our allies.
refusal to strike Syria will "embolden Iran" and lead them to use their own WMD's in terrorist acts (WMD's which are still not proven to exist).
And my favorite argument:  That refusing to strike would mean"abandoning" the Syrian rebels in their war on Assad.  You know, the same rebels permeated with psychopathic Al Qaeda operatives that our government trained and funded.
The mainstream media steamroller is barreling forward, searching for ANY talking point that will hook the American populace into rationalizing an attack.  I have to say, I don't think I've ever seen so many pencil-necked weaklings call for so much blood.  The strategy seems to be an attempt to shift America's attention away from the alleged chemical attack alone, and discombobulate us with multiple sales pitches of death in case Congressional support turns sour (which I doubt).

Now we get to the bottom line:

Our political leadership is devoted to the ideology of globalization, not sovereignty or U.S prosperity. A Syrian strike places the United States in tremendous peril, the likes of which have not been seen since the Cuban missile crisis. Syria itself is a vacuum of suffocating calamity; a black hole swirling in a void of economic and sociological interdependency. Where the United States enters, so follows Iran, so follows Israel, so follows Saudi Arabia, so follows Lebanon, so follows Jordan, so follows Egypt, so follows Russia, so follows China and on and on.

In my analysis of Syria over the years, I have exposed this domino effect of war as well as the possible calamities of an economic chain reaction. Escalating conflict in Syria will eventually lead to the end of the dollar’s world reserve status and the collapse of the U.S. financial system. Knowing that this is the ultimate result of a strike in the region, many people would ask WHY the White House and so many prominent figures in Congress would be so hell-bent on setting such wheels in motion. I would stand back from the chaos and ask what I always ask: Who gains the most from the disaster?

The demise of American currency dominance and the degradation of the American spirit do indeed benefit a select few. For the most part, central banks and globalists have taken a hands-off approach to the Syrian debacle. Perhaps that’s because doing so makes it easier for them to survey the inevitable collapse from a distance and swoop in later as our “saviors,” ready to rebuild the world according to their own ideals. Having a debased and desperate U.S. populace certainly makes the transition to total globalization and centralization much easier.
My original query was: Who is the real enemy? No matter what happens in the coming months and years, never forget that question. Who poses the greatest threat to our freedom: Syria or the political ghouls trying to convince us to decimate Syria?
Who claims the power to take everything we have? Who claims the power to take our liberty and our lives at a whim? Who claims the power to kill innocents in our name? Who disregards the checks and balances of Constitutionalism at every turn? Who truly threatens our future and the future of our children?
Do not be distracted by stories of foreign monsters far away when the real monsters lurk so quietly under your bed.  Even if we can find a successful strategy to pressure Congress into avoiding a Syrian conflict, I say remain vigilant. America is one global hiccup away from oblivion. And if this is what the establishment wants, they will find a way to make it happen. The threat of continuous U.S. catastrophe will only end when the poison is removed from our very veins, and that process of purification begins with the removal of the criminal political structures and banking structures in Washington.


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dow is closing in on record
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if we do not, then a number 3 down
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the MOMENT OF TRUTH has arrived,
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Today my friend sent me a picture of Sergei Lavrov, the Russian minister for foreign affairs.

In the background there is a picture of a rider on a white horse.
Why would it be there, anybody know?

Google his name and you will see the picture...

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Hi Stephen, this is a real question about the number 3 down, what do you mean by that? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I really don't understand.


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I googled but could not find the picture you are referring to. There is a painting with Napoleon riding a white horse...could this be a copy of that painting?

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Try Google images, there was a few photos of him that came up, its in at least two of them.

It is on one of their flags also, try Russian flags.

Could be Napoleon.. Did i just make myself look silly not knowing it could be Napoleon :)

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Ok, what is a number three down ??

It is a WAVE count in EWI theory.

RN Elliott postulated that markets
MOVE in waves. Sandra, can you possibly afford $19 a month for the
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I am NOT trying to sell any thing
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But basically a number three down
comes after waves 1 and 2.

go here >>>>>>>

you can see the ONE down from the
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from 28 AUG until now.

next wave is a three down....

asumming of course that this market
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we will see.

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