Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tensions Rising

It seems that everything in the Middle-East has been "taken up a notch" over the last 2-3 weeks, and it shows no sign of stopping.

With everything going on in Gaza and the northern Israeli border, now Iran raises tensions in the region:

""Iran vows to support Lebanon against Israeli aggression"

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said Sunday that the Islamic Republic will stand by Lebanon and Syria should Israel attack them.

"The Iranian government and nation are willing to support Lebanon and Syria against any possible Israeli aggression," Mottaki said in a joint press conference in Tehran with his Lebanese counterpart Ali Al Shami.

Referring to the border incident which killed Brigadier-General Dov Harari and five Lebanese citizens Mottaki stated that the three countries hold ongoing discussions on Israel's war threats and noted that Iran would offer any help required by Lebanon and Syria.

Following this statement, Iran extends their rhetoric and it's directed towards the U.S.:

"If attacked, Iran will annihilate U.S."

A top Iranian commander has warned that in the event of a US-led military attack on Iran, the Islamic Republic will go after the United States until its "annihilation."

"If Americans attempt to launch an attack against the sacred establishment of the Islamic Republic, they will encounter our firm and decisive defense and we will not let them off," commander of the anti-aircraft post of the Khatamolanbia Headquarters Brigadier General Ahmad Miqani said Saturday.

Ahmadinejad continues to stir the pot:

"Ahmadinejad to Visit Lebanon as Northern Axis tightens the Knot"

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will visit Lebanon next month and tighten the knot connecting Iran, Syria, Turkey, Hizbullah and Hamas.

It will Ahmadinejad's first trip to Lebanon and the first Iranian presidential visit there since 2003. Lebanese President Michael Sleiman visited Tehran nearly two years ago as the Hizbullah terrorist organization strengthened its political power in the Lebanese government.

The influence of Hizbullah and Syria on the Lebanese government, and Iran’s and Syria’s newfound friendship with the government of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, present a solid northern front against Israel.

Hmmm.....where have I read of such alliances forming? Psalm 83? Ezekiel 38-39?

"Iran offers Lebanon 'full support'"

Iran will offer full support to Lebanon and Syria in the event of an Israeli attack, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Sunday after meeting with his Lebanese counterpart Ali al-Shami in Teheran.

He added that Iran, Syria and Lebanon are in constant contact and share their opinions on the potential Israeli war threat.

"The government of the Islamic Republic and the Iranian people stand beside the governments and the people of Lebanon and Syria against the violence and the threats of the Zionist regime," said Mottaki.

The meeting between the Iranian and Lebanese foreign ministers came amid high tensions between Lebanon and Israel. The IDF fired at a Lebanese fishing boat that was sailing in a restricted zone Saturday night, after a warning to return to Lebanese waters was ignored.

The sad and disconcerting part of the whole escalation of tension around Israel isn't as much Iran's influence, but it is found in the U.S. support of these terrorists - terrorists who are committed to the destruction of Israel:

"Should The U.S. Continue Military Support To Lebanon?"

The U.S. Congress, however, is considering whether it should continue appropriating funds for American military aid to Lebanon, which has been more than $100 million a year.

There are now high level Hezb'allah terrorists operating within the ranks of the Lebanese army. In south Lebanon, it's estimated that as much as 60% of the Lebanese army may already have been infiltrated by Hezb'allah. Being a powerful force in the government of Lebanon, Hezb'allah has the potential of receiving highly classified intelligence information from Lebanese army officials on Israeli military positions.

The question that Americans should be asking now concerns the current foreign policy of the Obama Administration. Why should America be giving military support to a government that harbors terrorists within its ranks?

It is right for the U.S. Congress to reassess America's aid to Lebanon -- a country that is closely aligned with Iran and Syria. The Obama Administration should reassess its support for a country that is intent on terror and warfare against America's greatest ally in the Middle East... Israel.

So how is the U.S. any different than Iran, when it comes to Middle East policy?

The U.S. is supporting the same terrorist groups that Iran is supporting. In fact, one could argue that the U.S. - through its military training and vast amounts of money poured into Gaza (directly to Hamas) and Lebanon (directly to Hezbollah) - is partnering with Israel's enemies in a more robust fashion than Iran.

If we expect to see God to judge those nations who are attempting to destroy Israel - how could the U.S. be exempt from such judgment?

Now that is food for thought.


hartdawg said...

there is a holdback preventing psalm 83 and gog/magog. here it is: the inner ring of islamic nations (psalm 83/isaiah 17 nations) are absent from ezekiel 38&39 telling me psalm 83/isaiah precedes ezekiel 38&39. now here`s the holdup, saudi arabia is listed in psalm 83 BUT right now saudi arabia is more fearful of a nuclear iran so they need isreal.

hartdawg said...

so, psalm 83 is unlikely to occur til the nuclear threat is gone. its my opinion that all the nations (psalm 83, isaiah 17 and ezekiel 38&39) will continue to rattle the saber and tensions mount. for the time being til the threat is gone then the ENTIRE ARAB NATIONS come against isreal

Scott said...

I just don't know anymore Hart. Nothing in the ME makes any sense to me, and I really don;t understand what ultimately motivates everybody. Ultimately Iran-Russia are pushing the buttons IMO, and it then goes back to their motives.

I suspect Russia is actually holding things back right now (don't forget, they get pulled in by a "hook in their jaws" - implying that they get pulled in, almost against their will) - Russia likes where they are as far as energy etc - I don;t think they NEED a war right now.

So my guess is, Russia is holding things back now, and something will happen to trigger them having to get involved.

I am most interested in the trigger to whatever the sequence of events turns out to be.

Expected Imminently said...

Maybe losing 20% of Russia's crops to fire may have a hand in drawing them out. Especially if remaining crops are hit by hailstorms as the summer ends. Winter is coming, if its as bad as last year, and early, they may view Israel as a potential bread basket?

I wasn't aware that Saudi is in the 'inner ring'; I thought it was only the nations whose borders touched with Israel's?

hartdawg said...

actually, i just found out that saudi being involved in psalm 83 is debatable.

Scott said...

I agree Hart - I don't see strong evidence of Saudi involvement. Probably Egypt though.

hartdawg said...

actually scott-according to bill salus, definately egypt. according to jack kelly, egypt is doubtful. according to the way current events is shaping up and my own understanding, i think. it could go either way. 50/50.

Scott said...

Yea - its a tough one - but to me, we have all the other players and when I see that line up, I think we'll know it whether Egypt is in or out. (IOW, I wouldn't let Egypt's participation or non-participation determine my thoughts on the conflict being prophetic or not.

Also - its hard to look at Egypt now and see where they would go - they are a huge enigma. I could easily see them going either way at this point.

hartdawg said...

i think the possible upcoming regime change in egypt will tell the story. if its as some (secular and christian) annylysts are saying, they could easily be involved