Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Preparations and Baby Steps

Almost everything we see today -in relation to prophecy related news - can be reduced to one single item: Preparing to enter the Tribulation. After all, the draconian nature of the Tribulation, and a one-world governmental structure largely based on financial control via the "Mark of the Beast" isn't something that would occur overnight. Representing the ultimate in "biometric identification", we have watched the ongoing progress towards acceptance of the mandatory "Mark", which the antichrist will enforce and use to gain his complete control of the world's economy. It's really an ongoing process which will cumulate in the Tribulation. We continue to see this persistent march towards the Tribulation, with small baby steps having been taken throughout this entire generation.

More of the same today:

"Germany to roll out ID cards with embedded RFID"

The production of the RFID chips, an integral element of the new generation of German identity cards, has started after the government gave a 10 year contract to the chipmaker NXP in the Netherlands. Citizens will receive the mandatory new ID cards from the first of November.

The new ID card will contain all personal data on the security chip that can be accessed over a wireless connection.

The new card allows German authorities to identify people with speed and accuracy, the government said. These authorities include the police, customs and tax authorities and of course the local registration and passport granting authorities.

The new electronic ID card, which will gradually replace the old mandatory German ID cards, is one of the largest scale roll-outs of RFID cards with extended official and identification functionality.

The card will also have extended functionality, including the ability to enable citizens to identify themselves in the internet by using the ID card with a reading device at home. After registering an online account bonded to the ID card, are able to do secure online shopping, downloading music and most importantly interact with government authorities online, for example.

Biometric passports in a number of countries are equipped with RFID chips, containing a digital picture and fingerprints, and have been around for nearly 5 years after the United States required such passports for any person entering the country.

It doesn't seem like a huge leap to go from such ID cards to an implantable chip. After all, as much as these ID cards attempt to grant perfect security, there are flaws which inevitably result from such cards:

Early versions of the electronic passports, using RFID chips with a protocol called "basic access control" (BAC), where successfully hacked by university researchers and security experts.

The German ID card is using the BAC protocol as well, but only for the basic data which is printed on the front of the card, the picture and the name. Other fields are protected by a stronger proprietary protocol.

Illegal access to the stored data would be useful to create perfectly forged passports and for criminals to use hijacked identities for supposedly secure transactions online

These problems could be overcome quite easily by instituting the same technology with implantable RFID technology - technology which exists today. It will be rolled out as the perfect solution to biometric fraud. You can bet on that one.

"Biometric" is in vogue today and readily accepted - a condition that has to be in place prior to the "Mark" being rolled out:

"24 Hour Fitness rolls out finger scanners at gyms"

Members of the 24 Hour Fitness chain no longer need to worry about forgetting their membership cards and IDs when they go to the gym: All they need to bring are their fingers.

The San Ramon-based company is now using fingerprint scanners at its 60 San Francisco Bay area locations to verify members' identities. It also has started offering so-called "Cardless Check-In" this month at some gyms in other states.

It gets better. This article reflects on the same thing prophecy watchers have been noticing:

The scanners underscore the growing use of biometric technology, which uses unique physical features such as hands, eyes and faces to identify people.

The technology's increased accuracy and affordability has allowed it to move beyond police and military applications, with backers calling it a potential solution to identity theft.

Biometric devices are now used by companies to have employees clock in and out, by schools to restrict access to subsidized lunches and by Walt Disney World to identify pass-holders.

The conclusion to this seemingly innocuous article is stunning and highly germane to the last days of this generation:

Privacy experts say consumers should be certain that biometric scans are stored securely and not used for any other purpose.

"Technology is advancing at a furious rate," said attorney Michael Risher of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California. "Stuff that seems innocuous right now may end up as part of a bigger record — and used in ways we cannot even fathom."

Indeed. Only someone with knowledge of biblical prophecy DOES know how this technology will be used - in ways that we CAN fathom because the holy scriptures have informed us, in advance, of exactly where this technology will go.

It's all about preparing an ignorant public for the future - a future that seems to be approaching rapidly. The public is being conditioned to accept the Mark of the Beast, and it seems like a small step at this time in history. After all, it will increase security, and isn't that a good thing?

Baby steps towards the Tribulation. Preparations for the Tribulation. The antichrist must be licking his chops right now - the world is setting up perfectly for his arrival.

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