Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Aftermath and God's Judgment

Now that Iran has been allowed to get their nuclear reactor up and running, the obvious question becomes "What's next"?

Below are some interesting perspectives:

"Secret US-Russian sanctions vs Bushehr deal tied Israel's hands"

The Obama administration and Netanyahu government greeted the start-up of Iran's first nuclear reactor at Bushehr with extraordinary meekness, given the grim military and strategic hazards it represents for the region and Israel in particular. Yet nary a squeak of protest came from Washington or Jerusalem when Russian technicians began loading 162 rods of 82 tons of fuel into Iran's nuclear reactor - a process that will take two weeks - Saturday, Aug. 21 - notwithstanding US-led sanctions, Israel's military preparations and international diplomatic posturing.

DEBKAfile reveals that both the Kremlin and the State Department have joined in concealing the secret deal whereby Russia votes for UN Security Council sanctions against Iran in return for US silent acquiescent to Moscow's activation of the Bushehr reactor.

The price the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government paid was prohibitive: Vladimir Putin was allowed to jump the Iranian nuclear drive miles forward toward a capacity for producing weapons-grade plutonium. (Moscow claims the rods will be returned, but Iran's capacity for deception and concealment in the entire last decide s well documented.)

The Netanyahu government was supposed to have all its worries swept away by the US assurance that the Iran threat is not imminent but eleven months away, as the New York Times reported Friday, Aug. 20. The next day the London Telegraph mocked this assertion by explaining that US officials were really saying that "the process of converting nuclear material into a weapon that worked would take at least 12 months" - a prospect hardly likely to ease Israel's concerns.

Omitting any comment on the Bushehr reactor, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated that Israel's security would be paramount in a deal with the Palestinians. He issued a list of stipulations, such as the demilitarization of territory handed to the Palestinians - only side arms for police; Israel would retain control of the Jordan Rift Valley bordering the Kingdom of Jordan and the mountain ridges forming the spine of the West Bank, they key to defending Jerusalem and Israel's coastal plain.

Many will recall the prime minister's solemn reiterations that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose an existential threat to Israel and noticed how fast they have faded.

His "security pledges" regarding a future Palestinian state on the West Bank should therefore be taken with a hefty grain of salt. Indeed, according to DEBKAfile's Washington sources, the prime minister may already be listening to a US proposal to assign the policing of the Jordan Valley and West Bank mountain peaks to NATO troops, most of them American.

"Israel says Iranian reactor use 'totally unacceptable'"

Israel on Saturday denounced Iran's fueling up of its first nuclear power plant as "totally unacceptable" and called for more international pressure to force Tehran to cease any uranium enrichment.

Israel, widely assumed to be the only Middle East country to have nuclear weapons, has said a nuclear-armed Iran would be a threat to its existence, raising concerns Israel could attack Iran's nuclear sites.

It looks like Iran isn't stopping with their nuclear ambitions, as their build-up for war (aka the battle of "Gog-MaGog") continues:

"Iran builds 'ambassador of death'"

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Sunday welcomed his country's first domestically-built, long-range, unmanned bomber aircraft, calling it an "ambassador of death" to Iran's enemies.

The goal of the aircraft is to "keep the enemy paralyzed in its bases," he said

The president championed the country's military self-sufficiency program, and said it will continue "until the enemies of humanity lose hope of ever attacking the Iranian nation."

The new development in Iran's long-rang strike capabilities comes a day after the Islamic regime began moving uranium fuel into the Bushehr reactor in preparation for activating the power plant.

"Ahmadinejad: Our response to attack would be worldwide"

As Iranian and Russian engineers began loading fuel into Iran's first nuclear power plant on Saturday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Qatari newspaper Al-Shark that if the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities were attacked, the response from Teheran would be "worldwide" in its scope.

Iran's hard-liners consider the completion of the plant to be a show of defiance against UN Security Council sanctions that seek to slow Iran's nuclear advances.

Hard-line leader Hamid Reza Taraqi said the launch will boost Iran's international standing and "will show the failure of all sanctions" against Iran.

Iran says it plans to build other reactors and says designs for a second rector in southwestern Iran are taking shape.

"Iran hopes Russia's next step be delivery of S-300 missiles system"

Iranian lawmaker Alaeddin Boroujerdi hailed Russia's move on Bushehr nuclear plant fuelling and expressed hope Russia's next step would be the delivery of S-300 missile system to Iran, the semi-official ISNA news agency reported on Saturday.

Russia's move ensured Iranians that it abides by its commitments and public opinion in Iran, he said, adding that " Russia (should) implement its obligations on S-300 missile system as well."

"Al-Qaida prepares for Israel-Iran war"

Al-Qaida is ready to exploit a war "by the Jews against Iran," the Sunni group's second-in-command in Yemen, Saeed al-Shehri, said in an audio message this month, according to the Daily Beast.

According to the Daily Beast, Al-Qaida would benefit from an Israel-Iran war because if Israel attacked Iran's nuclear installations, Iran would use its proxies to lash back at Americans in the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

This story is a long way from being over. Israel can still attack the nuclear facilities in Iran; the clock hasn't stopped on this potential action.

More importantly, we see the ongoing alliance between Iran and Russia (and don't forget Turkey) - all sworn enemies of Israel - strengthening by the day. Exactly as foretold approximately 2,500 years ago by God's prophets, namely Ezekiel and Zechariah.

The build-up for this future war continues. Iranian president Ahmadinejad has made his intentions crystal clear - He intends to destroy Israel and, in turn, hasten the return of the Mahdi, so that the world can finally be brought under Sharia Law. But Israel must be dealt with first.

Everything that we are seeing in the Middle-East today - Hezbollah and Lebanon arming up. Syria and their rhetoric against Israel with their stockpiling of Chemical tipped missiles. Hamas and their missile build-up. Turkey and their alliance with both Russia and Iran. Egypt and Northern Africa with it's growing domination by radical Islam, also sworn to destroy Israel. Russia arming elements of Radical Islam via Syria and Iran.

All of this is being done for ONE CENTRAL PURPOSE: TO DESTROY ISRAEL.

That is the purpose of the arms build-up, the lies and manipulation of the UN and the international media. That is the purpose of the forming alliances in the region. That is the purpose of Iran's nuclear reactor and means to nuclear weapons. That is the purpose of the so-called "peace plan". That is the purpose of attempts to divide Israel.

Almost everything that we observe in the Middle East today is being done for that single goal - DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL.

Exactly as foretold in our Holy Bible.

And to enable this effort - the U.S. and the rest of the UN pretends that this won't happen. The U.S. does everything in it's power to aid and assist Israel's enemies - and there will be a heavy price to pay for this - a price that hasn't been paid yet, but will.

Because God is true to His word, and He has made it clear that He will deal with countries that oppose and attempt to divide Israel.

As stated:

"The day of the Lord is near for all nations.
As you have done, it will be done to you:
your deeds will return upon your own head" (Obadiah 1:15)

"I will bless those who bless you (Israel)
and whoever curses you I will curse" (Genesis 12:3)

On that day, when all nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations.
All who try to move it will injure themselves" (Zechariah 12:3)

After paving the way for Iran's nuclear reactors to get up and running - the U.S. now turns to the ever-present push for "peace".
Lets look at some key quotes and see how things line up with God's warnings:

"Clinton announces Israel-PA talks"

Clinton told a press conference in Washington that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas had been invited to the US capital in September 2 to officially relaunch direct talks, and that she believed the negotiations on a final status peace agreement could be "completed within a year."

Abbas' top aides sought to reassure his Palestinian critics by insisting that if Israel continued building new Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria (the so-called "West Bank"), Abbas would pull out of the talks. The threat included Jewish housing projects on the eastern side of Jerusalem, which, despite being home to hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews, the Palestinians claim as their capital.

"Even if Israel builds one house in the settlements," the negotiations will come to an end, declared Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee member Hanna Amireh.

"Talks to Resume: US Wants Deal in One Year"

PA officials saying that they would not participate in the talks if the building freeze in Judea and Samaria was not extended, while the Netanyahu government has pledged numerous times not to extend the freeze when it expires in late September.

"New bid for peace to start on Sept 2"

The official’s comments came a day after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians were set to commence at the beginning of September. She said that the US believed these negotiations, aimed at resolving all final status issues, “can be completed within a year.” Clinton said she had invited Netanyahu and PA President Mahmoud Abbas to Washington on September 2 to meet and relaunch the direct negotiations.

Netanyahu and Abbas are expected to first meet separately with US President Barack Obama on September 1, when Obama will also hold bilateral meetings with King Abdullah of Jordan and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, topped off by a dinner for all five leaders that night.

The Mideast Quartet of the US, UN, EU and Russia, however, issued a statement on Friday that included some of the framework sought by the Palestinians.

In endorsing direct talks, the Quartet expressed support for “the pursuit of a just, lasting and comprehensive regional peace as envisaged in the Madrid terms of reference, Security Council resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.”

Those documents are filled with configurations that Israel has objected to. While Jerusalem embraced Clinton’s announcement, it has remained silent on the Quartet statement, with which it has reservations.

The U.S. is already on record as agreeing with the "Palestinians" on the "pre-1967" borders which would force Israel to divide their country (via the "land bridge" between Gaza and the West Bank) and divide or even give up Jerusalem completely.

God has expressly warned against such actions. This is unambiguous. These "peace talks", which begin soon, will solidify these actions by the U.S. in God's eyes. We will not escape God's judgment for this action. Period. God is true to His word EVERY TIME.

It is also interesting to continue seeing the "one-year" time frame proposed. The U.S. administration keeps stating that Iran is one year from having nuclear weapons and a peace-plan can be agreed in a one-year time frame.

Obviously the U.S. administration sees these two actions as linked: In the administration's naivety and vast ignorance, it seems apparent that they believe an agreed "peace plan", once implemented - will make Iran happy and suddenly (resulting from the peace plan) Iran will stop their war build-up and fall in love with Israel. That seems to be the current plan.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Please come quickly Lord.


hartdawg said...

you know, i`m reminded of the wicked king jehoram in 2chronicles 21 who during his reign his enemies were stirred against isreal. he died "to noones regret". i think of obama.

Scott said...

Indeed Hart...Good point

Olive Tree said...

This is my first visit to your blog. Wonderful to see such passion for Israel and God's plan

Scott said...

Are you from Jan Markell's group?
Regardless, many thanks - its a pleasure. And its all about the truth.
As you know!
God Bless

Anonymous said...

The 8:46 Campaign & Obama

The USA is presently under attack! Not by a plane flying into a building, but by a tyrant lying inside a building - the White House!
According to many sources, it was 8:46 in the morning on September 11, 2001 when 9-11 began in New York City.
The answer to the present national crisis will not be found in either an "Eric Rudolph" or in a "John Hinckley Jr."
It will be found when true American patriots collectively ask God to remove - or at least greatly slow down - the same national pestilence!
Each morning at 8:46 all genuine Americans, in their respective time zones, should fervently pray "God, Stop Obama!"
The more this collective prayer is sent to the "God" mentioned in all 50 state constitutions, the sooner this national cancer will be removed!
True, the Bible does say that some crimes are so unspeakable that Christians should pray that the offender will be "taken away" and delivered to "Satan for the destruction of the flesh."
Details of this are in I Corinthians (chap. 5), but patriots would be happy if Barack Hussein Obama, protector of the Ground Zero mosque, could merely be toppled from his throne!
For further light Google "Imam Bloomberg's Sharia Mosque," "Obama Supports Public Depravity," "Madam Nancy Pelosi's Brothel District" and the pdf version of Prof. F. Nigel Lee's "Islam in the Bible."

A Kansas Patriot

(ran into above on the net - Bob)